Through this article, we are going to discuss with you the advantages of hymenoplasty surgery. In this process, the first night of marriage restores the hymen's ability to bleed during intercourse.

Hymenoplasty – The Amazing Benefits You Need to Know

November 23, 2022 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Through this article, we are going to discuss with you the advantages of hymenoplasty surgery. In this process, the first night of marriage restores the hymen’s ability to bleed during intercourse. Rape victims can also use this process to recover from the traumatic event and its memories. Some women choose to undergo hymen rejuvenation to feel young again. So let us know with us what are the benefits of a hymenoplasty surgery.

Also coined as hymen restoration, virginity surgery, or surgical revirgination procedure, Hymenorrhaphy is a method to reconstruct the hymen surgically. During a hymenoplasty, doctors take a thin tissue layer from the wall of the vagina. It is then used to restore the hymenal ring by placing it in the location the hymen is torn. Professionals perform this surgery under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. It is not a complicated procedure. There are variants like surgical adhesion, flap technique, or suture only.

10 Amazing Benefits of Hymenoplasty

10 Amazing Benefits of Hymenoplasty

The choice of the Hymenoplasty method is made by the surgeon based on the outcome desired by the patient. The surgery leaves no visible signs except for the sutures, which stay for a few weeks until they get absorbed. Post Hymenorrhaphy, your hymen will look just like a natural one without any scars. There are multiple benefits of hymenoplasty. 

  1. Among conservative societies, women can regain control over their futures by getting a hymen reconstruction
  2. Assault victims can undergo this surgery to feel confident and heal psychologically.
  3. Some women also experience hymenoplasty to feel young again.
  4. Often women are sexually active, mostly during their adolescence. With time they might begin feeling guilty and desire to start life afresh from scratch. Hymenoplasty, in such a scenario, helps considerably reduce guilt.
  5. Women experience better sensations with more satisfying and pleasurable intercourse.
  6. It helps restore sexual enthusiasm for a couple as it was in the beginning years of their relationship.
  7. It helps regain vaginal tightness post-delivery as it was before.
  8. Hymenoplasty helps a woman feel young again.
  9. It helps restore a woman’s genital aesthetic appeal while dressing in a specific revealing manner or participating in sporting activities like swimming.
  10. It also helps ease physical relationship strains that arise from disturbing intimacy.

Significant benefits of a hymenoplasty are that the woman will be able to bleed upon having sexual intercourse for the first time after the surgery. 

How does hymenoplasty surgery allow you to live a happy married life?

Among the significant hymenoplasty surgery benefits is the fact that it gives women a chance to live a happy married life. It makes them feel confident again. The many reasons why women choose Hymenorrhaphy to include the following:

  • Cultural reasons – Since the hymen can rupture for many non-sexual reasons; hymen reconstruction surgery becomes essential to provide purity and virginity. This will save women from facing any cultural issues post-marriage.
  • Psychological healing – If the hymen is torn during rape or abuse, hymen restoration helps victims return to the period before the abuse.
  • Pre-marital sex – If a woman has engaged in pre-marital sexual intercourse and then wishes to start a relationship with another partner, she can undergo hymenoplasty surgery.
  • Blocked hymen – Sometimes, a blocked membrane creates problems in menstrual blood flow. A small hole is made in the hymen to solve the problem. Thus, hymenoplasty becomes necessary in such cases.
  • Muscle tightening – After giving birth to a child, women may experience that their vagina is not as tight. Flaccidity may occur in the vaginal muscles. Hymenoplasty does help tighten the vagina once again.

Hymenoplasty surgery helps lead a happy married life in many ways. Any couple who must rekindle things between them can consider undergoing the process.

Does hymenoplasty make you tighter?

Post-childbirth, the vaginal muscles may go flaccid. Thus, one may feel it is not tight enough. After the successful completion of the hymenoplasty, the vaginal opening will tighten. This will cause bleeding upon penetration on having sex for the first time after the surgery. A tighter vaginal opening is one of the vital Hymenorrhaphy benefits.

How long does hymenoplasty last?

The hymen repair procedure is about 30 minutes, with a light follow-up. Post-surgery, one may experience minor discomfort or pain. Oral painkillers can manage it. One can be discharged a few hours after the surgery. Light irrigation during irrigation and patting after defecation is suggested for the patients. For 15-30 days, one is advised not to indulge in strenuous activity, intense sports, or sexual intercourse. 

Patients are also advised against working for the next 72 hours following the surgery. One should also avoid entering swimming pools and sauna baths until the healing is complete. The operated tissue starts healing after 15 days. The repair is solid after 20-30 days post-op. After that, the woman may usually bleed, just like a typical hymen rupture during sexual intercourse. That is how long the hymenoplasty lasts.

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​​Does hymenoplasty restore virginity?

Virginity is a term used to depict something as pure, untouched, or unexposed. All along this time, a woman has been termed a virgin if and only if she:

  • She has never had sexual intercourse, and, 
  • She has her hymen intact.

Virginity has gained much moral, social, and religious importance. So much so that women undergo hymenoplasty surgery to maintain their cultural and religious beliefs and maintain social status and relationships.

Is hymenoplasty surgery successful?

Hymenoplasty is an easy surgery. It is not known to have significant post-op complications apart from the broken repair or no bleeding on penetration during sexual intercourse. Hence the hymenoplasty success rate is said to be high. It is around 98%, Although one must follow the gynecologist’s instructions accurately before, after, and during the operation to avoid unwanted problems.

Hence, a successful hymen repair seems to restore the women’s virginity. Surgical revirgination allows them to erase their sexual history, especially if they are about to get married and belong to a culture where virginity is valued.

Can hymenoplasty be permanent?

Hymenoplasty is not considered a permanent surgery. Its result may last until the first sexual intercourse after the procedure. This is because once the hymen reconstruction takes place, it is meant to tear upon penetration. 

Once again, one must be careful that sexual intercourse is not the sole cause of hymen rupture. Hence after the hymen repair surgery, if one engages in intense sports, vigorous exercise, or vaginal insertion using tampons, then there stands a chance that the hymen will get ruptured just as naturally as it did before. 

Thus, hymenoplasty is not permanent, and one must stay cautious of the activities performed post-surgery if one desires the hymen tear only upon sexual intercourse.

What does a hymen look like?

Before understanding everything about hymenoplasty, one should know what a hymen is. It is a thin, stretchy skin tissue formed as a layer just below the opening of the vagina. It may look like a thin translucent disk or a donut-shaped ring around the vagina. 

It is formed during embryonic development. It partially covers the vaginal opening. Sometimes, it may block the vaginal opening completely, later causing problems during menstruation. 

The biological function of the hymen is not clear, though if intact, it is considered a sign of virginity in women. Not all females are born with a hymen. The shape and size of these layers vary in each person and may also change over time and age.

Hymenoplasty Before and After Result

Hymenoplasty Before & After Photo

How do we benefit from Hymenoplasty surgery cost?

The virginity surgery varies from one person to another. Hence, a doctor can only determine the operation’s complexity and cost after consultation.

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Do you bleed after hymen repair?

There are infrequent complications with surgical revirgination. A few of these side effects include intense pain after the surgery, itching, irregular bleeding, or inflammation. 

If we talk about hymenoplasty surgery guarantee bleeding in it? even after a successful Hymenorrhaphy procedure and healing, one may not bleed during sexual intercourse. 

Although doctors can choose a course and time of surgery for hymen reconstruction after understanding the patient’s desires such that there is bleeding ensured upon sex or a hymen tear upon penetration.


Hymenoplasty has been shown to increase sensitivity in some women. It is a solution opted for by many women worldwide to overcome social embarrassment on the topic of virginity. Rape and abuse victims heal psychologically through a hymen repair surgery. Book your appointment now with a surgeon at Care Well Medical Centre for Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi. Our patient privacy is the main concern in this clinic. We do not share any patient information with anyone else. It is a safe and sure procedure for women.


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