An intact hymen is not at all a definite sign of virginity. Hymen can be ruptured by non-sexual activities like dancing, intense sports, vigorous exercise, sitting with a leg on each side of two-wheelers, tampon insertion, etc.

How Does Hymenoplasty Give Indian Girls a Chance to Live a Happy Marital Life?

February 19, 2020 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

An intact hymen is not at all a definite sign of virginity. Hymen can be ruptured by non-sexual activities like dancing, intense sports, vigorous exercise, sitting with a leg on each side of a two-wheelers, tampon insertion, etc. It is not at all mandatory that a virgin should bleed the first time when she has sex. Statistically, it is proven that only 42 percent of women do so.

Failure to bleed during sexual intercourse and the absence of a hymen is not mandatory signs of previous intercourse. Research studies reveal that around 40 percent of women did not bleed during their first intercourse. Same way, intact hymen had been reported in 52 percent of women with prior intercourse.

Even if an intact hymen is mandatory according to our Indian culture, the medical field has developed very well that a cosmetic surgeon can easily reconstruct a layer of tissue to resemble the hymen (Hymenoplasty).

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is defined as the surgical repair of the hymen, a thin pinkish membrane that partially closes the vaginal opening. It is located just about half an inch inside the vagina. Though its function is unknown, it is considered as the vaginal barrier against any infection until puberty. Hymenoplasty is otherwise termed hymenorrhaphy, hymen restoration, hymen reconstruction, and revirgination.

Hymenoplasty surgery is a safe procedure without any major complications. Repair breakdown and the failure to bleed during intercourse are the only surgical complications. There are no signs visible after surgery. There will be sutures for the initial few weeks till the sutures get absorbed. Then you will see an intact hymen like a natural one without any scar. Learn more about hymenoplasty surgery…

The most common procedures are surgical adhesion, flap technique, suture only, and luminal reduction techniques. The choice of procedure is confirmed by the cosmetic surgeon based on the desired outcome. It is a daycare procedure performed under local anesthesia with sedation or preferably under general anesthesia.

Timing to perform Hymenoplasty

The timing of anticipated coitus plays a significant role in selecting a surgical approach.

  • For patients who prefer an intact hymen on visual inspection, the surgery should be performed 3 months before the anticipated coitus.
  • Instead, if the patient prefers bleeding during coitus and visual integrity is not needed, surgery would be scheduled 3 weeks before the date.

Hymenoplasty Recovery:

Mild discomfort can be treated with oral pain medication for a few days. Gentle irrigation after urination and patting after defecation are suggested for a few days after the surgery. You can take a shower the next day, but the usage of pools and sauna baths is strictly avoided for a month. In the case of menstruation, you should avoid tampon usage for the next 1-2 cycles. It’s better to take rest for at least a couple of days after the surgery. Aggressive physical activities, exercises, dancing, etc., should be avoided for two weeks after the surgery. Avoid sexual intercourse for a month after your hymenoplasty surgery. Within one and a half months to two months, you will be recovered fully.

Why do women prefer hymenoplasty?

Nowadays many women are seeking Hymenoplasty for varied reasons.

  • Cultural reasons

    Since the hymen can tear for any reason, their restoration becomes a crucial factor in proving chastity and virginity for women.

  • Psychological healing especially for rape victims

    In case of sexual abuse or rape, there is a chance that the hymen might have torn. Hence, women opt for hymen surgery to restore it physically, by which they can psychologically get back to the time before the abuse.

  • Hymen injury due to vigorous activities

    Vigorous physical exercises, playing sports, use of tampons, dancing, two-wheeler driving, etc., can tear the hymen. This is where hymenoplasty offers a surgical solution to repair the torn hymen.

  • Pre-marital sex

    If a woman had already broken her hymen during pre-marital sex and if she wants to begin a relationship with a new partner, she may get her hymen surgically reconstructed.

Though hymenoplasty has given one a chance for Indian girls to lead a happy marital life, one should remember that virginity is not the only measure for a happy marriage. Trust and honesty are more important which both partners should possess for a successful happy married life.

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