Scalp Micropigmentation in Delhi, India

Scalp Micropigmentation

What is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation?

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation. It is a treatment for treating lost hair in males and females. It is a non-surgical procedure. In this surgeons insert colored pigments into the scalp thus forming a medical hairline tattoo.

Depending on the hair loss extent and the desired look of the candidate, professionals apply the colored pigments at the epidermal level of the scalp. They aim at replicating the natural appearance of hair strands or follicles.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a highly effective procedure. But, its effectiveness depends on two factors-

  1. Latest medical equipment
  2. Highly skilled practitioners

Advanced technology, a non-invasive approach, and convenience have it popular around the world. Today, men and women suffering from any hair loss pattern look up to this treatment. They enjoy its long-term results.

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    At first, surgeons use tiny needles to make small dots of pigment. They apply the pigment at the epidermal layer (the outermost layer of the scalp skin). The needle penetrates into the dermal layer. In this manner, they create thousands of other dots on the scalp. This produces an illusion of a head of shaved hair.

    This treatment lasts for 2-3 sessions with each session taking about 2-3 hours of time. However, that depends on the individual treatment goals. The entire procedure is repeated until the full achievement of the pre-determined results.

    After completion of the treatment, both surgeons and candidates ensure that the new hair appearance cannot be distinguished from the neighboring real hair.

    Benefits of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

    The cosmetic hair regaining procedure has functional and aesthetic benefits:

    Functional Benefits

    • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is an excellent treatment. It is for simulating a full-front side and/or real hairline
    • It effectively restores hairline on partly and fully bald heads
    • The treatment permanently conceals the symptoms of all alopecia levels
    • It also hides scarring that might have resulted from previous hair transplantation surgeries
    • Besides these, it minutely hides burns, scars, and birthmarks

    Aesthetic Benefits

    • Firstly, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is suitable for all stages and types of hair loss. It is a complete solution to any hair loss pattern and can easily grow natural hair, in due course of time.
    • Secondly, the treatment works for all skin colors and types. Irrespective of the color and tone of skin, it yields the same results for every candidate.
    • Thirdly, people of all ages can look forward to this medical procedure.
    • Besides these, it gives a completely youthful head of cropped hair.
    • Post-treatment, candidates also enhance the visual effect of hair transplants
    • Finally, they regain confidence, develop their personality and improve their image, with time.

    Other Benefits

    • Being a non-invasive procedure; Scalp Micro-Pigmentation has less pain and discomfort. A little amount of pain comes from the micro-pigment insertions.
    • There’s quick recovery time, usually within a week as the body succumbs to the skin inflammations caused by the insertions.

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    How to Get Instant Lush Looking Hair in a Short Time for Marriage?

    In India, marriage is a life-changing event. And men and women who are about to get married often find themselves in a dilemma about their hair. Increasing loss of hair affects their looks and lowers their confidence. They thus look for the instant benefit of having lush dense hair, especially for marriage. And, here are the ways:

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Crown Balding

    One of the most common types of degenerative hair thinning is crown balding. Those with bald crowns tend to look older than their age and this gives a hard blow to their self-confidence.

    In Micro-Scalp Pigmentation, the practitioners insert the colored pigments in the bald crown area. It produces a realistic hairline on the crown. They form real hair follicles, which gives rise to fine-quality crown hair, with time. The hair so formed remains undistinguished from other hair on the scalp. With this, people especially men can grow hair on the crown region. And gradually eliminate hair thinning and baldness.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Receding Hairline

    In most cases, men have receding hair loss. It means they lose hairs from various scalp regions, and not specifically the crown or the front line. In the end, they are left with uneven distribution of hair. This is with a substantial amount of hairs towards the sides and a little hair in the middle.

    Through Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, receding hair loss can also be treated. And, finally, men are sure to be gifted with complete hair, all over the head. The treatment camouflages the areas of deep concern. This forms a strong and attractive hairline.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Partial or Full Hair Loss

    Some other men face complete or partial hair loss. In this case, hair starts failing at an increasing rate from all regions of the scalp. As a result, after a certain period of time, there’s an incomplete or full loss of hair from all over the head.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is the best solution for this concern. It restores hair on the scalp and provides fine-quality hair that lasts longer. With this treatment, men can eliminate hair loss and grow hairs on the bald portions.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Alopecia

    Alopecia is another common hair loss disease. It occurs when the immune system of an individual mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and restricts further hair growth in the affected regions. Found in men and women, the hair loss pattern results in unpredictable loss of hairs from any region of the scalp.

    Although alopecia is a common phenomenon, it is non-permanent. Therefore, its effects are easily curable. And, of all hair restoration techniques, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation gives the best response to this problem. It effectively cures baldness and grows good-quality hair in bald areas.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Diffused Loss of Hair

    Due to emotional stress, mental anxiety, hormonal imbalance, or nutritional deficiency, men and women suffer from diffused hair loss patterns.

    There is increased loss of hair with subsequent hair thinning from all over the scalp. It mainly happens when certain metabolism activities interrupt the normal functioning of hair cycles.

    Just like the above hair loss issues, this too can be treated with Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. During the course of treatment, surgeons carefully identify the affected regions. They place natural pigments that successfully grow hairs from thinner regions.

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Women

    According to research, 5% of women are prone to some kind of hair loss problem. Regardless of any such issues, Scalp Micro-pigmentation provides an incredible solution with long-term effects.

    After completion of the treatment, women are sure to grow hairs on their bald or thinner regions. They develop lush dense hairs, in a short period of time.

    Thus, whatever might be the cause behind hair loss; Scalp Micro-Pigmentation has a solution for all. It works wonders for men and women. It helps them to develop the finest quality and bountiful hair, just before their marriage.

    Tenure of Treatment Effects

    Scalp Micro-Pigmentation effects last up to 2 years; if only done at the right place by an experienced surgeon. Depending on the condition of the hair, candidates are asked to go for maintenance sessions which are usually once every 8-9 months.

    Things to consider for choosing the Right Clinic/Surgeon for Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

    Before availing of the cosmetic procedure, candidates must consider the following factors:

    1. Experience of the Clinic – First of all, people must consider the experience of the clinic, i.e. how long the clinic has been conducting Scalp Micro-Pigment procedures and what the success rate is. It is always better to go with those, which have existed for a long time and have maintained good treatment records, over the years.
    2. Qualification of the Surgeons – The second most important factor is the expertise and skill set of the practitioners. Before getting into treatment, candidates must consult their shortlisted surgeons and discuss their problems, treatment procedure, and probable results. Talking with 4-5 doctors at an initial level will help people to choose the right one, for their hair treatment.
    3. Presence of the latest devices and instruments – That’s another significant factor for choosing the right place. In recent years, there have been massive developments in medical equipment and machines. To get the best quality treatment, people must always look for a clinic that is well-equipped with the latest devices and state-of-the-art facilities.
    4. Hospitality – The cosmetic hair restoration procedure has regular maintenance sessions, which signals good hospitality and after-treatment service of the clinics. Considering these reasons, candidates need to inquire about the hospitality and patient care services of the clinics.
    5. Cost – And finally it’s the cost. After analyzing all these factors, people must weigh the advantages against the price to be paid for the entire course of treatment. Based on their analysis and comfort zones, they can then take a firm decision and select the right place for their hair treatment.


    To conclude, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a revolutionary hair retrieval procedure. It aims at the complete restoration of lost hair, in a short period of time. It works for all skin types, colors, and ages and gives the desired look to the candidate.

    Based on individual requirements, it delivers customized solutions. It is convenient, flexible, and above all cost-efficient.

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    Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After Results

    scalp micropigmentation before and after Result
    scalp micropigmentation before and after Result

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    Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

    • How long will scalp micropigmentation last?
    • What is the scalp micropigmentation cost in Delhi NCR?
    • Is scalp micropigmentation a good idea?
    • Can you grow hair after scalp micropigmentation?
    • Does micropigmentation look natural?
    • How do you sleep with scalp micropigmentation?
    • Can I shave my head after SMP?
    • Can scalp micropigmentation be removed?
    • How many sessions are needed for scalp micropigmentation?
    • Can I wear a hat after SMP?
    • Do I have to shave my head before micropigmentation?
    • Can I shave my head 4 days after SMP?
    • Can I take a bath after SMP?
    • How many days after SMP can I shower?
    • Can I brush my hair after SMP?
    • Does sweating affect micropigmentation?
    • How long after SMP can I cut my hair?
    • Does SMP removal hurt?
    • What should be avoided after SMP?
    • Does SMP stop hair growth?
    • Does SMP look realistic?
    • Is Care Well Medical Centre a good clinic for SMP treatment?
    • Why is Care Well Medical Centre the best clinic for SMP treatment in Delhi NCR?
    How long will scalp micropigmentation last?

    Scalp micro pigmentation, a cosmetic tattooing procedure that mimics the appearance of hair follicles, typically lasts 1-4 years before fading. However, the longevity of the results can vary depending on factors such as skin type, sun exposure, and aftercare. It is recommended to undergo a touch-up every one to two years to maintain the desired look.

    What is the scalp micropigmentation cost in Delhi NCR?

    It is difficult to pen down the scalp micropigmentation cost in Delhi as the procedure can vary depending on the specific practitioner in Delhi. However, the cost of scalp micropigmentation in India ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 80,000. The price also depends on the extent and size of the treated area. Consult with a learned practitioner in Delhi to get a quote on the treatment.

    Is scalp micropigmentation a good idea?

    Absolutely! The scalp pigmentation procedure is an excellent idea for the ones looking for the treatment. If a skilled and experienced doctor performs it, many patients are satisfied with the scalp micropigmentation before and after the results. Since scalp micropigmentation uses pigments, the process is long-lasting and low-maintenance. Therefore, hair thinning or hair loss no more needs to cause hindrance to your self-confidence.

    Can you grow hair after scalp micropigmentation?

    Scalp micropigmentation is an effective cosmetic procedure that provides the appearance of fuller hair in a thinning or bald scalp, but it doesn’t promote hair growth. People often witness new hair growth due to supplements or treatments taken before or after undergoing scalp micropigmentation. While hair micropigmentation does not encourage hair growth, it would also not affect your existing hair follicles.

    Does micropigmentation look natural?

    Scalp micropigmentation, when performed by a trained expert, creates a natural-looking appearance of hair on a thinning or bald scalp. The techniques and pigments must mimic the natural density and color of the hair on the scalp. Therefore, it is essential to get treated by an experienced and learned professional to achieve the desired results.

    How do you sleep with scalp micropigmentation?

    Sleeping with an elevated head is recommended to ensure the best results and proper healing after a hair pigmentation treatment. Wear something soft and clean on the scalp, and avoid touching your scalp with your hands. Strictly avoid rubbing and scratching your scalp, and let it stay undisturbed. Also, do not take showers, and stay away from sweaty activities until the doctor permits.

    Can I shave my head after SMP?

    After getting a hair scalp pigmentation procedure, you must wait to completely heal before shaving your scalp. You should typically wait 4 or more days before shaving your scalp. This is because your scalp is sensitive and requires time for proper healing. Shaving your scalp just after your scalp micropigmentation procedure can cause loss or irritation of pigments.

    Can scalp micropigmentation be removed?

    Yes, scalp micropigmentation with hair can be removed. However, you may require multiple procedures and treatments to succeed. Typically, the micropigmentation removal process requires laser effects or the application of saline solutions that lighten the pigment effect. It is essential to note that micropigmentation removal depends on multiple factors, including the kind of pigmentation and the practitioner’s skill.

    How many sessions are needed for scalp micropigmentation?

    Typically, scalp micropigmentation is done in 2 to 3 sessions, spaced multiple weeks apart from one another. However, the count of sessions depends upon the desired results and requirements of the individual. The first session is usually the most sensitive and the longest. For scalp micropigmentation in Delhi, you can consult with a practitioner and learn more about the count of sessions required in your case.

    Can I wear a hat after SMP?

    You can wear a hat or cap after getting an SMP scalp micropigmentation treatment. It is normal to experience an itchy scalp while healing from the procedure. Therefore, ensure to wear something loose and soft to avoid promoting the itchy feel. You can choose something made out of a soft material.

    Do I have to shave my head before micropigmentation?

    Several experts recommend wet shaving the scalp using a razor before undergoing a hair pigmentation treatment. Wet shaving makes the scalp micropigmentation treatment look more realistic due to the resemblance to actual hair stubble. Plus, you would be shaving the scalp as closely as possible; therefore, there must be no bother about shaving the scalp daily.

    Can I shave my head 4 days after SMP?

    It is recommended to wait nearly 7 days before shaving your head after undergoing a scalp micropigmentation procedure. Shaving immediately can affect the pigments that take time to settle in. Your doctor can guide you on when to start shaving after the treatment. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you might require shaving your head nearly daily.

    Can I take a bath after SMP?

    You can take a quick shower after undergoing a scalp micropigmentation treatment. However, avoid hair care products containing sulfate, like sulfate shampoo. Shower using lukewarm water to avoid perspiration. If you feel like working out, keep it to a minimum. Do not indulge in activities that promote excessive sweating that might ask for heavy showers.

    How many days after SMP can I shower?

    After undergoing the treatment of scalp micropigmentation with hair, you must wait for 4 to 5 days to shower. After around five days, you can clean your scalp by washing it using lukewarm soapy water. Avoid using any chemical-induced products like anti-dandruff shampoos and sulfate shampoos. However, you can use such products on the scalp after ten days after the treatment.

    Can I brush my hair after SMP?

    No, you should not comb your hair immediately after SMP. You might be highly willing to run the chair brush on your scalp after getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure. However, you should wait 3 to 5 days before doing so, as the stiff comb bristles may cause irritation to your scalp. In addition, you must also stay at home during the morning hours to avoid sun exposure.

    Does sweating affect micropigmentation?

    Yes, sweating does affect scalp micropigmentation. It is recommended to avoid steam rooms, saunas, and activities that might cause excessive sweating. Typically, it is recommended for four to five days, but depending on how you feel during the heading period, you can decide. You may continue exercising and gymming but refrain from excess sweating.

    How long after SMP can I cut my hair?

    After the hair scalp pigmentation procedure, you can cut your hair after almost five days using a shaver or clippers, any of which is your preferred choice. Be gentle on your micropigmentation scalp, as it is sensitive and healing from the treatment. The scalp is healed after micro pigmentation in about 10 days.

    Does SMP removal hurt?

    SMP removal can be slightly uncomfortable, but the amount of pain differs from person to person and the technology used. Some people might experience slight stinging or mild discomfort, while others might feel more pain. Often, a local anesthetic is used to reduce the discomfort during the process. For in-depth information, you can consult with a professional and gain more information. 

    What should be avoided after SMP?

    You should avoid swimming in chlorine water for about a week after the treatment. Also, do not apply harsh chemicals or soap on the scalp for a few days. Do not indulge in activities or exercises that can cause excessive sweating for a minimum of 7 days. Lastly, do not apply lotions or solutions like minoxidil on your treated scalp for about a week post an SMP procedure.

    Does SMP stop hair growth?

    No, the SMP procedure does not stop hair growth. It just uses pigmented dots to create an appearance of hair follicles on the head. It is a non-medicated procedure and does not affect hair growth. The procedure exists to impart a fuller hair appearance to an individual’s head. It is a safe process that does not affect natural hair growth at all.

    Does SMP look realistic?

    Absolutely! When the process is delivered by a highly experienced and skilled expert, it looks like the real deal. If performed by a professional, scalp micropigmentation does not give the appearance of a tattoo. SMP looks like a stylish buzz cut both from far and close by. It gives the resemblance of a fuller head.

    Is Care Well Medical Centre a good clinic for SMP treatment?

    Yes! Care Well Medical Centre is an excellent clinic for hair micropigmentation in Delhi. It used high-quality types of equipment and pigments for the treatment. The practitioners here are highly trained and experienced. The scalp micropigmentation before and after pictures of Care Well Medical Centre reveal impressive and promising results. Last but not least, this clinic offers very reasonable prices for its treatments.

    Why is Care Well Medical Centre the best clinic for SMP treatment in Delhi NCR?

    Multiple reasons make Care Well Medical Centre the best clinic for treatment. Its customer-centric approach, trained and experienced doctors, well-maintained clinic, and positive customer feedback are some of such reasons. In addition, the way doctors offer consultation at the Care Well Medical Centre is detailed and honest.

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