Is hymenoplasty surgery painful? The answer is NO since it is performed under local or general anesthesia. However, research claims that women opt for hymenoplasty so that they can feel pain all over again during their sexual intercourse.

Is Hymenoplasty Surgery Painful?

November 23, 2020 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Is hymenoplasty surgery painful? The answer is NO since it is performed under local or general anesthesia. However, research claims that women opt for hymenoplasty so that they can feel pain all over again during their sexual intercourse.

Why Do India’s Girls Need Hymenoplasty?

In India, a bride’s virginity is considered the best wedding gift for the groom. Women who had sexual intercourse before marriage will not be accepted in this society. They will have to face serious consequences like shame, divorce, or even death to ‘cleanse the shame’. No wonder why females try all the available measures like kegel exercises, vagina tightening creams, etc.

To preserve and restore their virginity. Even medical science has shown a keen interest in this. This is where a cosmetic procedure named Hymenoplasty enters into recovering their purity and innocence.

Know the Benefits of Getting it Done

Well, this might be a surprise to hear that Hymenoplasty can restore your virginity, still, it is 100% true! They would like to be ‘reborn’ to avoid shame and receive social acceptance.

  • There are a good number of females who want to woo their partner and experience vaginal orgasms at all times during sexual intercourse.
  • The celebration of the bloody bed sheet, as shown in films, is based on strong religious and cultural beliefs.
  • When questioned about the reason for the desire for excess bleeding on the first sexual act, females said that they themselves wanted to feel the excitement of blood flow coming out.
  • And for such women, the hymenoplasty procedure is a boon [1]. Moreover, ethical, moral, and religious considerations also lead females to go for this operation.

With the continuous development in cosmetic surgery, everything is available from a new lip, nose, chiseled jawline, and perky breasts to a brand-new hymen surgically with negligible pain. All it takes is a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon. What is exactly Hymenoplasty? Despite having complications, what are the main things that you should keep in mind to experience an overall painless journey? Let’s discuss this.

What is hymenoplasty? How does it work?

The hymen consists of a thin membranous skin fold at the entrance of the vagina. It is not only a symbol of virginity but also protects the vagina from bacterial penetration. The hymen tends to break during the first sexual intercourse leading to a little bleeding.

However, physicians highlight that sexual intercourse is not the only cause where a hymen may be broken. Physical exercise that involves stretching, horse riding, or cycling may also tear the hymen. Even a fall or prolonged use of tampons can break the hymen.

Know About its Procedure

Here comes hymenoplasty, otherwise called hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction surgery, or virginity surgery, which helps in repairing the torn hymen. Mostly, an unmarried woman who has experienced pre-marital sex and is getting married soon will opt for Hymenoplasty. This surgery is performed only by a cosmetic surgeon and can be done months or years after losing the virginity.

  • Hymen repair is a simple, hassle-free operation that involves the excision of the torn edges, followed by stitching them with fine dissolvable sutures without fully covering the vaginal opening.
  • In several cases, a new hymen may also be constructed using the flap of skin in the vaginal lining. The entire procedure is often performed under local or general anesthesia where the patient can be discharged after 5-6 hours post-surgery.
  • Though this surgery does not take more than two hours, the patient at times should be monitored for the next 2-3 hours for any signs of complications like pain or discomfort.
  • The complete recovery may take up to eight weeks, and even the sutures used in the surgery get dissolved on their own.

In a research article published in the British Medical Journal, the scientists claim that all 20 patients who proceeded with hymen repair surgery were completely satisfied with the procedure[2].

Is There Any Pain During or After Hymenoplasty?

So far, Hymenoplasty is a safe procedure with no risk or complications. However, any surgery associated with anesthesia involves a small risk of infection or bleeding.

The major key factor is to select the best well experienced cosmetic surgeon to avoid such complications.

By selecting incompetent surgeons, you may face several issues such as –

  • Inability to undergo sexual intercourse by merging the entrance to the vagina,
  • Severe bleeding from the penis affects the large blood vessel
  • No blood flow since the imitation of the chaff remains without holes.

All these issues can be eliminated easily by choosing the right competent surgeon.

Moreover, it is better to follow the below listed precautionary steps to ensure a successful outcome during or after the surgery without any pain.


  • The eligible candidate should remain healthy and belong to the age above 18 years.
  • Hymenoplasty is not recommended for pregnant females as well as females with diabetes, infectious diseases, endometriosis, venereal diseases, poor blood clotting, and cancer.


  • Mild pain at/or around the surgical area may be felt as the anesthesia wears off, However, pain medications prescribed in the first 2-3 days will help you to get rid of the pain.
  • At times, there may be itchiness around the surgical part, which will take 4-6 weeks for complete healing.
  • Aspirin and other anti-coagulant drugs should be avoided at least 10-15 days before and after the scheduled surgery.
  • Patients can opt for Epsom salt baths (sitting on it) at least twice or thrice a week to speed up the healing procedure.
  • If the menstrual cycle starts, it is highly recommended to avoid tampon usage for 1-2 cycles.

Recovery Timeline

Day 1: Take rest and refrain from working. Use warm compresses and ice packs to reduce pain and swelling

Day 2: Initial discomfort and spotting should subside.

Day 3: Patients can take a bath. They may return to work.

Day 10: Patient can start doing moderate activities

Week 3: Patients can start performing aggressive physical activities

Week 4: Patients may be re-visitation by wearing straps.

Week 5: Patient can start using hot tubs, saunas, and pools

Week 6: Patients may continue sex. Likewise, patients are currently ready to return to utilizing tampons, instead of clean napkins.

Week 8: Complete recovery with no restrictions

Why Choose Care Well Medical Centre for Hymen Repair?

Now that the hymen repair is relatively safe, many women are opting for this solution. At the Care Well Medical Centre, our quality of care and safety are first class. All our patients have access to the same hi-tech surroundings and cutting-edge methods at an affordable price.

Our Head Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is a known surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery and has been performing hymen repair for many years. You have to decide why it is necessary to have hymenoplasty.


  1. Prakash V, and Garg N. Superhymenoplasty-technique for creation of superhymen.Global Surgery2015; 1(2): 29-30. doi: 10.15761/GOS.1000111
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