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Virginity Restoration in Delhi: Consult Counselor Reena Handa

Are you looking for the cheapest Hymenoplasty treatment and re-virginity surgery in Delhi? Talk to our counselor, Reena Handa, about how Hymenoplasty is done and how much it costs in Delhi, India. We know Hymenoplasty is a very personal topic, so we keep your data safe and confidential.

Hymenoplasty or re-virginity surgery at Care Well Medical Center can help you regain your confidence, move forward, and face the world and society with joy.

At Care Well Medical Centre, we offer comprehensive and confidential Hymenoplasty in Delhi. Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi is done by our team of trained and experienced professionals who use the latest tools and methods. The procedure involves repairing the hymen to restore its original form and structure. We understand that Hymen restoration surgery is a sensitive and personal issue. Our aim is to ensure that our patients receive the utmost care and comfort throughout the entire process, including virginity surgery in Delhi.

Have you broken your hymen? Many people may think that it grows back on its own. But that’s not true. At the same time, keep in mind that you can get your hymen back, which is a sign of being a virgin according to society. Yes, it’s not a lie. The only way to fix your hymen is through a medical process called Hymenorrhaphy.

Our Hymenoplasty Clinic in Delhi at Care Well Medical Centre is a private place where our patients can feel at ease. We are experts in Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi, and we offer an option that is both cheap and effective. Contact us right away to set up a meeting with one of our experts and take the first step toward putting your trust back in us.

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    Talk to Ms. Reena Handa at Care Well Medical Centre about the process of Hymenoplasty surgery. It’s very common for the hymen to break, and not after a girl has sex. It can also happen if she plays sports, does heavy work, rides a bike, or rides a horse.

    Consult Ms. Reena Handa for Hymenoplasty (hymen repair) also known as Virginity Surgery. All the information & discussion will remain confidential. We guarantee the best results. Having an intact hymen is always considered a token of virginity.

    Hymenoplasty is a surgery that fixes the hymen if it has been damaged. It is also called hymenorrhaphy, hymen replacement, or surgery to fix the hymen. Hymenoplasty can be done at a cheap price at the Care Well Medical Centre in Delhi, NCR, which is a famous center. Their board-certified plastic surgeon is very skilled and has a lot of experience, so you can be sure you’ll get good care. Let’s talk more about Hymenoplasty Surgery to restore virginity if you have questions about what it means and how it works. If you know how this works, you can make a quick, well-informed choice.

    What is Hymenoplasty?

    Hymenoplasty is a surgery that fixes the hymen, which is a thin, pinkish-colored, pliable layer at the opening of the vagina.
    The hymen acts as a barrier against infections until puberty. If the hymen tears, it can cause bleeding.

    The causes of hymen tears are always connected to sexual activities. But there is a list of many other activities, which may lead to hymen tears.

    • Tampon insertion
    • Strenuous stretching exercises
    • Insertion of many fingers inside the vagina during gynecological examination
    • Masturbation
    • Playing an intense sport
    • Accidental falls
    • Dancing
    • Bike-riding, horse riding, cycling
    • Natural deficiency

    Hymenoplasty can help fix the torn hymen by sewing the outer vaginal edges together tightly or rebuilding the new hymen tissue. But the main reason to get a hymenoplasty is to feel good about yourself and to make sure your soul mate feels good about you on a mental level so you can run your marriage life well.

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    Eligibility For Hymenoplasty Surgery

    In this section, we will tell you that women or girls who are eligible for the below conditions may undergo hymenoplasty surgery. Hymenoplasty is a surgery that rebuilds the hymen, which is a thin membrane that covers part of the opening to the uterus. Even though it’s important to talk to a doctor for a personalized assessment, here are some general qualifying criteria:

    • The age should be more than 18 years
    • Torn hymen due to the above-listed reasons
    • Absence of chronic illness or life-threatening diseases
    • No consumption of birth control pills and blood-thinning medicines10 days before the procedure
    • No smoking for a month before the surgery
    • No alcohol consumption for three days before the hymenoplasty surgery

    It’s important to talk to a skilled expert about your case. They can give you advice and figure out if you’re eligible based on your wants and situation.

    Timing for Hymenoplasty: Factors to Consider

    Depending on the timing of expected coitus, women should undergo hymenoplasty/hymenorrhaphy surgery. Hymenoplasty is a surgery that rebuilds the hymen. When it is done depends on each person’s tastes and circumstances. Here are some things to think about:

    1. Personal Choice: Hymenoplasty is a personal choice. Some people have it done to get ready for a big event, like a wedding.
    2. Recovery Period: The process usually needs some time to heal, so it’s best to plan it well ahead of any important events.
    3. Consultation: You need to talk to a skilled surgeon who can look at your case and talk with you about the best time to do the surgery based on your goals and health.
    4. Privacy: Many people want the surgery to be done in private and at a time that fits their needs for privacy.
    5. Psychological Preparedness: It’s important to be mentally ready for the process, so the time should match how you feel.
    6. Expectation of Visual Inspection: If the patient wants to be able to see if the hymen is still intact, the surgery should be done about 3 months before the planned date of coitus. This lets the hymen heal and makes sure it looks normal.
    7. Bleeding During Coitus: If bleeding during coitus is the main consideration, the treatment can be planned closer to the date of coitus, usually about 3 weeks before. This time frame gives enough time for healing to get the desired result.

    In the end, choosing when to get a Hymenoplasty should be a well-thought-out choice made with the help of a medical professional to make sure it fits your wants and situation.

    Hymenoplasty Procedure

    Hymenoplasty is a non-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. However, in serious conditions, this procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia. In this hymen reconstruction procedure, the surgery starts with the excision of the torn edges of the hymen. Following this excision step, the hymen can be reconstructed in any one of the three ways.

    • Stitching together the torn vaginal skin that forms the secondary hymen layer to make it look intact.
    • Keeping an artificial membrane as an artificial hymen without any blood supply.
    • Inserting a flap from the vaginal lining to form a new completely functional hymen with blood.

    Finally, in the hymenorrhaphy procedure, surgeons use dissolvable sutures. So, the patient need not go back to the doctor to get the sutures removed.

    Hymenoplasty Surgery Post-surgical Care & Recovery

    Getting the right care and attention during the healing time after Hymenoplasty surgery is important for a good result. Here, we’ll talk about the most important parts of post-surgery care to help you get through this time with ease. If the patient follows the tips below after surgery, he or she will be better in one and a half to two months.

    • There is no need to stay in the hospital, as it is a daycare procedure.
    • Mild discomfort can be treated with pain medications prescribed by the doctor.
    • The patient can begin going to the office on the next day of the procedure.
    • Gentle irrigation after urination and patting after defecation for a few days after the surgery.
    • Shower bathing can be started on the next day, but the pools and sauna baths are strictly prohibited for a month.
    • Using tampons should be avoided for the next 1-2 cycles during menstruation.
    • Various strenuous activities, dancing, and exercises must be stopped for two weeks after the surgery.
    • No sexual intercourse for a month after the hymenoplasty procedure.
    • No consumption of anticoagulant drugs for 10 days post-surgery.

    If you follow these post-surgery care instructions and give yourself enough time to heal, you can expect a smooth healing process and get the results you want from your Hymenoplasty surgery. Talk to your healthcare provider at every step of the way to get specific help and support.

    Hymenoplasty Surgery Risks & Side Effects

    Like any other medical treatment, hymenoplasty surgery has risks and possible side effects that patients should be aware of.
    It is also important for you to know what are the side effects of hymenoplasty surgery. Slight bleeding in the first 2-3 days after the procedure is quite normal. But if it continues along with the other side effects listed below, the patient should consult the surgeon at once.

    • Abnormal bleeding
    • Intense itching and inflammation
    • Pain even after three days
    • Swelling
    • Soreness
    • Discomfort while walking and sitting
    • Foul-smelling discharge
    • Dizziness
    • Numbness
    • Pain during menses and intercourse

    To make an informed choice about Hymenoplasty, it’s important to talk about these things in depth with a skilled surgeon during your appointment.

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    Benefits of Hymenoplasty:

    Undergoing hymenoplasty surgery, it’s not only repairing the torn hymen. But it is possible to revise before the wedding as required in Indian culture. Especially this procedure can provide psychological or emotional relief for rape victims. Hymenoplasty, a surgical procedure to reconstruct the hymen, offers several potential benefits, including:

    1. Restored Hymen: The hymen can be fixed, which can be important for cultural, personal, or social reasons.
    2. Boosted Confidence: Hymenoplasty can help some people feel better about themselves and less anxious about personal issues.
    3. Privacy and discretion: The process is done in secret, so people can make their choice in private.
    4. Personal Choice: Hymenoplasty gives people the power to make their own decisions about their bodies and lives.
    5. Mental Well-Being: For some people, it may help with their mental well-being and give them a sense of peace.
    6. Customized Results: Surgeons can change the process to meet the needs and goals of each person.
    7. Cultural and social factors: It can fit with cultural or social ideas about what it means to be a virgin.

    To figure out if Hymenoplasty is the right choice for you, you should talk to a skilled therapist about your unique wants and goals.

    Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost in Delhi

    In this section, you will know how much the cost of hymenoplasty is in Delhi, NCR. Patients who have hymenoplasty surgery without telling their families about it want it to be kept secret.

    So, it’s best to choose the best center that can give you the best, most specialized care. Also, the number of 20–30-year-old women in India who want hymenoplasty treatment goes up by 20–30% every year. So, there are a lot of people who want this surgery. The success rate of hymenoplasty surgery, but, usually varies on the age of the patient, the type of operation, and the surgeon’s experience.

    So, the cost of hymenoplasty changes from place to place in India. But hymenoplasty can cost anywhere from 25,000 INR to 40,000 INR in Delhi. This includes price, location, safety, infrastructure, sedation, the anesthesiologist, and the surgeon’s fee and experience, among other things.

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    Why Choose Us for Hymenoplasty?

    Our Care Well Medical Centre is known as the best place to get a hymenoplasty in Delhi, NCR. This is because it has a group of skilled cosmetic surgeons with a lot of experience, led by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, who is one of India’s most-awarded cosmetic doctors.

    We offer a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that takes the patient’s income and realistic goals into account. We also give personalized instructions before and after the process, as well as follow-ups. Call us at (+91) 9667977499 to set up a meeting right away with one of our skilled and experienced plastic doctors.

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    In conclusion, Hymenoplasty treatment is a safe, secure, and easy way for girls to fix their hymen. It works well and has few side effects or risks. It is a virginity treatment that doesn’t hurt, and the patient is relaxed while the surgery is going on.

    But before surgery, applicants must find an experienced doctor and a trustworthy center. They also need to make sure that the center or hospital has good services and the most up-to-date equipment. There is important care and upkeep that needs to be done after surgery that will help in the long run. Omit, it is a very helpful and open way to get your virginity back and go on with your life.

    Hymenoplasty Before and After Photos

    hymenoplasty before and after photo in Delhi
    hymenoplasty before and after photos

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    Hymenoplasty FAQs

    • Is Hymenoplasty surgery painful?
    • Is Hymenoplasty surgery safe?
    • Can virginity be repaired or can you get surgery to be a virgin again?
    • Can you get your hymen removed?
    • Does the hymen regenerate?
    • How long does it take to get your virginity back?
    • Does the hymen repair itself?
    • What does Rehymenated mean?
    • What kind of tissue is the hymen?
    • How do you know if your hymen is still there?
    • How painful is it when you lose your virginity?
    • Do you bleed the second time after losing your virginity?
    • What kind of hymen do I have?
    • Is it my period or did my hymen break?
    • How can virginity be tested?
    • What is the Process of Hymenoplasty?
    • Why is Hymenoplasty done?
    • Why are the Recovery times?
    • Why are the Post-Surgery Recommendations?
    • Who can perform Hymenoplasty?
    • What is the cost of Hymenoplasty Treatment?
    Is Hymenoplasty surgery painful?

    No, the Hymenoplasty surgery is not painful as it is performed under local anesthesia. Once the effect of anesthesia wears off you may feel slight discomfort during the initial week following the surgery. Painkillers will be given to relieve this discomfort.

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    Is Hymenoplasty surgery safe?

    Except for a few complications that are common with any operation, hymenoplasty is completely a safe procedure. A few risks and side effects that might be associated with this Revirginity surgery are infection and extended bleeding, apart from the risks associated with the anesthetic. The good part is that all these risks are extremely rare and you can go ahead with hymenoplasty without any worries. In fact, you should be more concerned about the surgeon than the surgery itself, as choosing the right surgeon is extremely important. A specialist with relevant experience and full knowledge of the hymenoplasty treatment procedure will carry out the entire surgery with no or minimal risks.

    • Hymenoplasty is a safe and secure procedure. Yet, in some cases, it might have certain risks and side effects. Patients might have small risks of infection, which may happen due to prolonged bleeding or anesthesia.
    • Soon after surgery, patients are more likely to experience slight pain and soreness. Surgeons provide painkillers to reduce pain in a few days.
    • Severe complications with this surgery are quite rare. In certain patients, the hymen might be sealed too tight to allow further intercourses. It is an over-correction problem, which hardly sustains the long run.
    • Problems associated with the suture can narrow the vaginal opening, and make future intercourses, difficult.
    Can virginity be repaired or can you get surgery to be a virgin again?

    No. Because having your hymen back doesn’t mean that you are a person who never had sex. Once you lose your virginity the first time you have vaginal intercourse, you cannot regain it back. Though, you can repair your hymen once it has been stretched out via a surgical procedure called hymenoplasty or Revirginity Surgery. For some women, hymen reconstruction surgery is important because it makes them feel virgin and intact again.

    Basically, Hymenoplasty Surgery has nothing to do with virginity, but, yes, it can have a great psychological and social impact on women who have a history of sexual abuse and are forced to prove their chastity.

    Can you get your hymen removed?

    In some medical conditions, it becomes necessary to remove the hymen. These medical conditions are basically related to structural problems of the hymen and may cause genital obstructions among several other conditions. In short, women with an imperforate hymen, a septate hymen, or a micro-perforated hymen are ideal candidates for hymenectomy. Patients who undergo hymenectomy will be discharged on the same day. They can resume their daily routine a few days after the surgical correction for the hymen wherein a part or all of the membrane is removed by the surgeon. Practically, this sort of surgery doesn’t carry any complications or risks except for inflammation or infection post-surgery.

    Does the hymen regenerate?

    No, the hymen cannot grow back once it is stretched wide open due to a number of activities including virginal intercourse. Besides sex, doing gymnastics, bicycling, using tampons, etc. There are some other reasons why a girl may have ruptured her hymen. However, there is a surgical procedure called hymenoplasty that can restore the hymen to normal by reconstructing the ruptured skin membrane at the vaginal opening. For this, a local anesthetic is used to numb the feelings in the genital area and calm the patient during surgery. The other names of hymenoplasty are hymenorrhaphy, hymenotomy, or hymen reconstruction surgery.

    How long does it take to get your virginity back?

    One’s you lose your virginity, it’s difficult to get it back. You can restore it through a surgical procedure called Hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore your hymen. A hymen is a thin pinkish membrane that partially blocks the vaginal entrance. Virginity restoration surgery is a daycare procedure & takes only 1 hour. After surgery, patients can go back home.

    Does the hymen repair itself?

    No, the hymen cannot repair itself once it is ruptured due to a number of activities other than sex. But yes, you can reconstruct your hymen via hymenoplasty; a surgical procedure that fixes the ruptures in the skin membrane that covers the vaginal opening. For this procedure, local anesthesia is used and the entire procedure doesn’t take more than an hour; allowing patients to go home on the same day.

    Though healing of the area may take two weeks, you can get back into your daily routine in a day or two post-surgery. So, the answer to this question is that hymen cannot grow back, but they can be repaired through a surgical procedure called Hymenoplasty.

    What does Rehymenated mean?

    Rehymenated means born again virgin. Even though some women have lost their virginity a long time ago, they can go for hymen repair surgery to feel like a virgin again. However, this doesn’t mean that they become someone who has never had sex. Rehymenated is a surgical procedure that has great social, emotional, and religious importance for some women.

    The aim of this sort of surgery is to bleed during first marital intercourse. In some cultures, bleeding during sex on the wedding night is considered a confirmation of chastity. Since the hymen can rupture due to several reasons other than vaginal intercourse, a woman may or may not bleed during her first relationship with her partner. Hence, to prove her virginity, she might need a hymenoplasty so that she can become rehymenated.

    What kind of tissue is the hymen?

    The hymen is mainly constructed of fibrous connective tissues which are partly collagenous and partly elastic fibers in nature. The surface of this membrane is covered by stratified squamous epithelium on both sides. Connective tissue papillae at the free edge of the hymen are denser. Nerve cells that supply oxygen and other nutrients to the hymen are only present at the side of the hymen that is attached to the vaginal surface.

    Though, the hymen is not richly supplied by the nerve cells. Besides this, there is no trace of glandular and muscle elements. Hymen can come in different shapes; crescent half-moon-shaped being the most common shapes of ladies’ hymen.

    How do you know if your hymen is still there?

    The answer to this question is a little tricky as some women are born without a hymen. But, in most women, the hymen is present as a necessary part of their genitals. Then again, the thickness of the hymen varies between women. To find out if your hymen is still there, you need to have a closer look at your vagina.

    If you see a few loose skin pieces around the vaginal opening, it means that your hymen is broken due to some reason. Mind that the hymen can rupture because of several reasons and vaginal sex is not the only reason for its rupture.

    How painful is it when you lose your virginity?

    Every girl has a different experience the first time she has vaginal sex. For some, it may be a painful process, but for others, it is quite a pleasurable experience. Basically, it all depends on the thickness of the hymen. The thicker your hymen is the most painful losing your virginity will be.

    It is because stretching a thicker hymen wide open will be difficult as compared to a thin hymen. Noticeable bleeding is also a common thing with this sort of hymen when you have sex on your first conjugal night. Using lube can help reduce pain during vaginal intercourse.

    Do you bleed the second time after losing your virginity?

    Normally, you don’t bleed the second time you get intimate with your partner. But, in some cases, women experience severe pain and vaginal bleeding each time they have sex. This happens because of a thicker hymen or if the vagina is not lubricated enough. If the thicker hymen is the main concern, then women are advised to stretch their hymen with the help of their fingers. If this doesn’t work, they should seek medical help to get their hymen opened through a small surgical process. In either case, using lubes during sex will ease penile-vaginal intercourse.

    What kind of hymen do I have?

    Check yourself well to find out the type of hymen you have. Normally, there are three types of hymen are observed. Also, it is important to note that some women are born without a hymen. If you are a virgin and can be able to insert the middlemost knuckle of your finger in your vagina, then chances are that you don’t have a hymen. Check for any torn skin pieces around the vaginal opening to be sure that you don’t have this membrane at your vaginal opening. You can also consult your gynecologist to find out what type of hymen you have.

    Is it my period or did my hymen break?

    Since the hymen is a very thin membrane that covers the part of the vaginal opening, when it gets ruptured due to some known or unknown reasons, it bleeds. But the bleeding is pretty nominal as compared to the menstrual blood. Mind that, it’s your uterine lining that also sheds with blood, hence its color is always darker than the blood oozing out of a torn hymen. Also, the blood coming from a ruptured hymen has been often bright red in color and looks fresh. What you should also be concerned about is that if it is excessive bleeding or prolonged bleeding that lasts more than three days. In either case, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

    How can virginity be tested?

    A virginity test is done to determine whether a person is a virgin. Usually, this test checks for the presence of an intact hymen which is considered proof of a woman’s chastity in many religions or cultures. An unbroken hymen means that the girl has never had sexual intercourse. But, this test is considered controversial many activities may result in a torn hymen other than vaginal intercourse.

    Hymen can rupture if the girl plays some sort of sport. It can also break while riding a bicycle or a horse. In short, the hymen has nothing to do with a girl’s virginity. Still, in many societies, this test is performed to check if the girl is a virgin. If her hymen is found unbroken, then she passes the test. And if it is torn, the girl fails the test. How much time before marriage should I get a hymenoplasty done? You can get a hymenoplasty done at any time as you would like, but it is advisable to get it done at least 2 or 3 months before marriage.

    What is the Process of Hymenoplasty?

    Process of Hymenoplasty

    • Hymen Repair or Hymenorrhaphy
    • Hymenoplasty for Natural-Looking Hymen

    In either case, it is a non-invasive surgery, which is performed under anesthesia.

    But, patients can also be sedated with general anesthesia. It is a simple procedure in which the torn edges of the hymen are cut out and removed. After which, the hymen is stitched with fine dissolvable sutures.

    The hymen has a secondary layer that gets one up, to cover the torn skin. As the torn skin grafts together again, the hymly becomes intact. In case this is not possible, a new hymen is created from the vagina lip. The entire process takes about 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the status of the hymen. It is more convenient, and flexible, and does not need patients to stay in the hospital overnight.

    Why is Hymenoplasty done?

    The hymen is a thick membranous layer of tissue. It surrounds the vaginal orifice and allows the flow of menstrual blood. Most women have a non-elastic hymen. It gets torn apart, especially if they have their first intercourse.

    Hymen rupture can also happen after inserting tampons. It ultimately leads to the loss of virginity.

    The virginity of a girl before marriage is a prime concern across various communities. This Hymenoplasty helps those with a broken hymen to repair it and regain their status of virginity.

    Often marriages are broken, on finding that the girl is non-virgin. Through hymen repair surgery, women and families find it easy to associate with their societal norms and live happily.

    Why are the Recovery times?

    Recovery takes around 4 to 6 weeks when the surgical wound heals. Proper care and maintenance are essential during this phase. Patients must also give time to themselves by climbing stairs.

    • Gently
    • Walking normally
    • Avoiding exhausting activities
    Why are the Post-Surgery Recommendations?

    After undergoing surgery, candidates must be very careful in maintaining their hymen and adjust their lifestyle accordingly. They must also abstain from the following:

    • Unhealthy & Dirty Habits: Unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits should be refrained, after surgery. Patients must keep themselves, neat, clean, and tidy and prevent any kind of damage to their hymen.
    • Sex: Sexual intercourse will only worsen the pain. It brings more soreness in the hymen and intimate areas. Patients must not involve in sex until their hymen has completely healed and the discharge and post-surgery irritation has cured. It is best to stay away from sexual activity unless a new hymen arrives.
    • Wearing tight underwear: Tight underwear will only increase the infection. It causes more discomfort and irritates the area. Candidates must thus avoid tight panties for at least 1 to 2 weeks, after treatment.
    • Using Tampons: Use sanitary towels instead of tampons. Until the first post-surgery sexual intercourse is strongly recommended.
    • Exertion: After Hymenoplasty, patients must avoid lifting heavy objects or doing heavy household work, for at least a week since the hymen is not ready to withstand any kind of pressure. Excess exertion on the hymen can break it again, create pain, and call for another surgery.
    • Stress: Stress and tensions are best kept away. Candidates should spend a week, just relaxing, watching TV, listening to music, or doing their hobbies without physically hurting the hymen.
    Who can perform Hymenoplasty?

    Gynecologists or cosmetic surgeon who has received specialized training and education in repairing and restoring hymen is eligible for conducting the surgery. Hymenoplasty demands expert knowledge and hands-on experience, thus only those gynecologists or cosmetic surgeon who has in-depth knowledge and practical experience must perform the treatment.

    What is the cost of Hymenoplasty Treatment?

    The cost of Hymenoplasty treatment varies from private clinics to public hospitals. Private nursing homes can charge for Hymenoplasty surgery anything between 40,000 Rupees to 60,000 Rupees. Public hospitals charge pretty low, ranging between 15,000 Rupees to 20,000 Rupees. The overall cost also depends on the setting, infrastructure, and experience of the surgeons and other medical staff.

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