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Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

Hair loss can be scary because it can affect not only how you look but also your confidence and sense of self-worth. At Care Well Medical Centre, Gurgaon, we know how hair loss can affect your emotions. That’s why we offer a full range of hair transplant in Gurgaon to help you get your natural hair back and feel confident again.

Are you looking for a safe way to get your natural hair back? Think about getting a hair replacement at Care Well Medical Center in Gurgaon. We offer great services using cutting-edge methods that promise a result that looks natural and healthy. We were the first in our field to come up with new ideas and do a study that led to the best answers for hair loss. Our skilled doctors guarantee good results. The hair transplant price ranges in Gurgaon from INR 65,000 to INR 350,000, depending on things like the name of the center and the skill of the operator. If you want a safe and effective way to naturally increase the thickness of your hair, choose us.

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    • Experienced and Qualified Surgeons: Our team of hair transplant doctors is very skilled and has done a huge number of successful procedures. They know how to use the newest tools and methods, so you can be sure you’ll get the best results that look natural.
    • Advanced Techniques: We offer different hair transplant methods, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), so that we can meet your specific wants and interests. We’ll talk about your particular case and tell you which method will work best for you.
    • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our center has the most up-to-date tools and technology to make sure that you are completely safe and comfortable during your hair transplant process.
    • Personalized Care: We think that each patient should get care that is just right for them. Our staff will take the time to learn about your worries and hopes so they can make a treatment plan that will help you get the results you want.
    • Affordable Cost: We know that getting a hair transplant can cost a lot of money. We make sure that everyone can get a good hair transplant in Gurgaon by offering reasonable prices and payment plans.

    Expertise That Speaks Volumes

    Care Well Medical Centre isn’t just building a name for itself; we’re also making sure you have the best experience possible. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin and his skilled team perform top-notch hair grafts with consistently positive results.

    Gurgaon: A City on the Rise

    Gurugram does very well in the NCR. It is a center for business and IT. People want the best places to shop, eat, and get medical care in Delhi because they can get there easily.

    Your Dream Hair Awaits in Delhi

    Find your dream hair at Care Well Medical Center’s well-known hair replacement center in Delhi. Dr. Bhasin is in charge of a team that is known all over the world for providing customized, all-around answers.

    Hair Transplant in Gurgaon vs. Delhi

    While Gurgaon offers popularity, Delhi’s Care Well provides affordability without compromising quality. Your hair transplant success lies with the surgeon and clinic, not just the cost.

    Care Well Medical Centre: Transforming Lives, One Consult at a Time

    Make an appointment at the Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi to get honest help and see amazing changes to your hair. Find out how much it costs and get custom quotes.

    The Care Well Advantage

    • 7,000+ successful transplants
    • 100% natural-looking hairline
    • Assured permanent results
    • Maximum hair density

    Start the process of getting your “dream come true” hair transplant. Our commitment makes sure that all our processes are excellent, safe, and secure for everyone, from regular people to famous people. Get back the courage you lost today!

    Understanding Hair Transplant Surgery: A Simple Explanation

    Moving hair from one part of your body to another is what hair transplant surgery is all about. The goal is to move hairs so that they continue to grow in their new spot the same way they did before.

    The process is mostly about head hairs, which grow naturally alone or in groups called follicular units. Usually, these follicular groups have two to four hairs in them. Modern hair transplants work by moving these follicular units to different places on the head. The results look amazingly realistic.

    Common Donor Sites: Where Your Hair Journey Begins

    People often choose the sides and lower back of the head as donation spots. Even in cases of androgenic alopecia (AGA), the loss has less of an effect on hair cells in these places.

    In short, hair transplant surgery is a smart way to move your hair to places where it’s needed while still making the new hair look natural and last.


    About Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic: Your Path to Confidence

    Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic is located in CR Park, Delhi, and is easy to get to by car or metro. You can easily find our office using Google Maps, which will make your trip to us easy and stress-free.

    Leading the Hair Transplant Industry

    People in India know us as the best hair replacement company because we provide services that are among the best in the world. The hardworking people who work for us have been professionally and thoroughly trained to make sure you have a great time.

    Meet Dr. Sandeep Bhasin: A Visionary Surgeon

    Dr. Sandeep Bhasin and our team have been doing hair transplants for over 20 years and have a very good background (M.B.B.S., M.S. General Surgery). They have a success rate of over 98% with less than 1% loss. We offer complete treatments for hair loss, such as:

    • Male/Female Hair transplant
    • Facial Hair Transplant (Beard, Moustache, and Eyebrow)
    • Hairline Reconstruction
    • Scalp Micropigmentation
    • PRP Hair Treatment
    • Body Hair Transplant
    • Complete Hair and Skin SolutionsΒ Β 

    Our Approach: Rooted in Understanding

    We don’t push hair implants on people quickly at Care Well Medical Centre. Instead, we look into why you’re losing your hair and offer options that are specifically made for you. To keep costs down, our method relies on high graft mortality rates, which cut down on the need for many grafts.

    Transform Your Life: Book Your Consultation

    It’s sad to lose your hair, but Care Well Medical Center can help you get it back and feel better about yourself at the same time. As long as it’s not genetic, organic, or caused by a life event, we can figure out why you’re losing your hair and treat it so that you look and feel like yourself again.

    Exceptional Hair Transplants: Your Permanent Solution

    Under the direction of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, we use exact, cutting-edge hair replacement methods that ensure the best results. A hair transplant doesn’t grow back hair cells that have been lost, but it does restore hair permanently. The Care Well Medical Center is different from others in its field because it uses many cutting-edge methods.

    Embrace Confidence: Choose Hair Transplant

    Are you ready to stop losing your hair and feel good about yourself again with the best hair growth? Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic is the place for you. Be one of the many people whose lives have changed. Decide to change your life for the better by getting a hair transplant. You can now make time for a meeting!

    Revolutionize Your Look with FUT+FUE Hair Transplant at Care Well Medical Centre

    Are you thinking about getting a hair transplant? We use a cutting-edge method at Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic that combines FUT and FUE in a single visit. The steps are broken down below:

    1. Provisional Drawing: Sketching the hairline before the transplant.
    2. Trimming: Adjusting hair length as per technique requirements.
    3. Local Anesthesia: Administering anesthesia at both donor and recipient sites.
    4. Graft Harvesting: Collect hair grafts from areas like the head, chest, axilla, beard, or pubic regions.
    5. Slit Preparation: Creating slits at the transplantation site.
    6. Follicle Implantation: Placing hair follicles in the transplantation area.
    7. Post-Op Instructions: Guiding aftercare.
    8. Follow-Up Scheduling: Planning for post-operative follow-up sessions.

    Experience the blend of FUT and FUE for a comprehensive hair transplant. Your journey to a renewed look begins at the Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic!

    Hair Transplant Techniques We Offer:

    At our clinic, we pride ourselves on offering diverse and effective hair transplant techniques. Each method is tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. Discover the range of options we provide to help you achieve the hair transformation you desire.

    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This minimally invasive technique involves extracting individual hair follicles directly from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient area. FUE leaves no linear scar, making it ideal for patients who want to keep their hair short.
    • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This traditional technique involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and then dissecting it into individual hair follicles for transplantation. FUT is generally less expensive than FUE, but it may leave a linear scar.

    What to Expect During a Hair Transplant:

    • Consultation: During your initial consultation, our hair transplant surgeon will discuss your medical history, hair loss pattern, and treatment goals. They will also perform a scalp examination to determine your suitability for hair transplant surgery.
    • Procedure: The hair transplant procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon will extract hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them to the recipient area. The entire procedure usually takes a few hours.
    • Recovery: After the procedure, you may experience some mild swelling and discomfort. However, most patients recover quickly and can return to their normal activities within a few days.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant:

    • Natural-looking results: Our hair transplant procedures are designed to achieve natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with your existing hair.
    • Permanent hair growth: Hair transplanted from the donor area will grow naturally and permanently, just like your existing hair.
    • Improved confidence: Hair transplantation can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem by restoring your natural hair and hairline.
    • Minimally invasive: Hair transplant procedures are minimally invasive with minimal scarring.

    Affordable Hair Transplants Cost in Gurgaon

    Seeking budget-friendly hair transplants in Gurgaon? Costs range from INR 80,000 to INR 500,000, varying based on factors like hair loss extent and technique. Remember, individual costs differ.

    Factors influencing costs include baldness extent, transplant type, technique, patient gender, surgeon credentials, and needed grafts. Clinics often quote based on graft quantity.

    Prioritize quality over cost. Cheaper clinics may compromise on trained staff and sterile protocols, risking poor outcomes. For an affordable and successful hair transplant, contact our team at the Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Clinic. Book now to discover your procedure’s final cost.

    Schedule a Consultation Today!

    If you are considering hair transplant surgery, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Care Well Medical Centre, Gurgaon. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

    Contact us today to take the first step towards regaining your hair and your confidence!

    Additional Information:

    • In addition to hair transplant surgery, we also offer a variety of other hair loss treatments, such as PRP therapy and laser hair therapy.
    • We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care and the most advanced hair transplant techniques.
    • We are confident that we can help you achieve the natural-looking hair you desire.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Hair Transplant Before and After Results Photos

    hair transplant in Gurgaon before and after result
    hair transplant in Gurgaon before and after result

    See More Results

    Hair Transplant Gurgaon Video


    • Who Might Benefit from a Hair Transplant?
    • Who Is a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?
    • Do I Need a Hair Transplant?
    • How Does a Hair Transplant Work?
    • What Are the Different Types of Hair Transplants at Care Well Medical Centre?
    • What Is the Procedure for a Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?
    • What to Expect After a Hair Transplant?
    • What are the Success Rates of Hair Transplant at Care Well Medical Centre?
    • Why Choose Care Well Medical Centre for Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?
    • Why Is Hair Transplant a Good Option for You?
    • Why Choose Care Well Medical Centre for Your Hair Transplant Surgery?
    Who Might Benefit from a Hair Transplant?

    Many individuals can benefit from a hair transplant if they have permanent hair thinning or loss due to various reasons, including:

    • Androgenetic alopecia
    • Medications and chemotherapy
    • Aging
    • Heredity and genetic factors
    • Trauma or injury
    • Environmental factors
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Thyroid problems
    • Male and female-pattern hair loss
    • Scarring and non-scarring alopecia
    Who Is a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

    You may be a good candidate if:

    • You are over 25 with halted hair loss.
    • You are medically healthy with no life-threatening conditions.
    • You are a non-smoker or committed to quitting before surgery.
    Do I Need a Hair Transplant?

    Whether you need a hair transplant depends on how unhappy you are with your baldness. At the visit, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin checks the head’s overall health, the reason for the hair loss, how bad it is, how thick it is, and if any donation areas can be used.

    How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

    A hair transplant rearranges hair by transferring healthy follicles from one part of the scalp to damaged areas. It doesn’t grow new hair but redistributes existing follicles. Techniques include FUE (individual follicle extraction) and FUT (strip method).

    What Are the Different Types of Hair Transplants at Care Well Medical Centre?

    Care Well Medical Centre offers FUE and FUT methods. FUE involves extracting individual follicles, providing a natural hairline. FUT removes a strip from a donor location and implants individual grafts on bald spots. Costs vary for each.

    What Is the Procedure for a Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?

    A daycare treatment with local anesthesia includes cleaning the head, giving anesthesia, and using FUE or FUT to harvest hair follicles. The receiving site is cleaned up, and then the grafts are put in. Treatment lasts between 4 and 8 hours, and its success depends on how well the surgery is planned.

    What to Expect After a Hair Transplant?

    Expect a tender scalp, pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Pain relievers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications help. Bandages are worn for a few days, and most people can return to work in 6-7 days.

    What are the Success Rates of Hair Transplant at Care Well Medical Centre?

    Care Well Medical Centre boasts a high success rate due to high-quality grafts, skilled surgeons, and cutting-edge technology.

    Why Choose Care Well Medical Centre for Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?

    If you want modern facilities, cutting-edge tools, skilled doctors, a cost-effective team, top-notch treatment, and a calm atmosphere, choose Care Well.

    Why Is Hair Transplant a Good Option for You?

    Hair transplant addresses bald patches, receding hairlines, pattern baldness, and more. It provides near-permanent, natural-looking results with minimal downtime and scarring.

    Why Choose Care Well Medical Centre for Your Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Care Well provides affordable, high-quality treatments by skilled professionals, including discussions before and after surgery and the most up-to-date technology for precise and accurate procedures.

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    Care Well Medical Centre offers cosmetic surgery services with a focus on safety and natural-looking results. Trust our experienced team for your desired transformation.


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