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Buccal Fat Removal Surgery in Delhi

Care Well Medical Centre is one of the best Cosmetic Surgery Center & offer the best cost for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery in Delhi (South Delhi). Buccal Fat Removal is also known as Cheek Fat Reduction in simple terms. Cheek fat removal gives a well-sculpted face to an otherwise chubby looking face. Book your consultation now with a Sr. Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin.

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    Just like excessive fat on any part of the body is not good physically or psychologically, similarly face fat or cheek fat is not an exception. In our childhood, we all have had huge fat pads in our cheeks that form rounded, chubbier “babyfaces. However, as we grow up, if these fat pads do not dissipate and instead remain into adulthood, will give a bulky, unhealthy look.

    It is a normal process for childhood chubby faces to transform into the more chiseled appearance of the adult face with cheekbone illustrations and a defined jawline. This does not happen with everyone and in some people, the chubby cheeks remain into adulthood. The issue thus requires a cosmetic intervention to metamorphose the childlike chubby face into a charming, chiseled face form.


    Causes of Face Fat in Adulthood

    One of the main causes of face fat in adulthood is heredity. Because of this, some people may never lose the childhood “chubby” appearance in their cheeks, neck, and other facial features that make them look “overweight” and less mesmeric in adulthood.

    Best Way to Get Rid of Face Fat or Cheek Fat?

    Buccal Fat Pad Removal is presently one of the promising technologies to help get rid of cheek pads and face fat. Buccal fat pad removal in Delhi is a dignified yet uncomplicated procedure that is created to aid patients that have fuller, rounded, or “chubby” cheeks in achieving a more chiseled, strappy facial appearance.

    How does It help?

    How Cheek Fat Removal Helps in Removing Face Fat?

    The buccal fat pads are situated under the lower portion of the face and when they are oversized they can give an individual the appearance of “chubby” cheeks. During the buccal fat removal procedure, these large buccal fat pads are taken off for the purpose of giving the patient a more alluring, sculpted facial appearance with the enhanced contour of the lower face and improvement of the cheek hollow.

    The final complete look is one of a recipient that seems to have lost weight as well as a more sculpted face with highlighted cheekbones. The alteration afterward is a subtle, graceful thinning of the cheeks and not an unusual, unnatural, or dramatic change in appearance. It is quite likely that most people would simply ask if you have done something to naturally “lose weight.” The procedure itself is non-invasive, scar-less, painless, and quick to heal.

    The non-invasive, scarless procedure of Face Fat Removal is done in order to:

    • To remove excess fat on both cheeks that typically make the face look protruded and disproportionate.
    • To take off those odd-looking bulged-out curves in both cheeks while smiling
    • To create a slimmer face without making your cheeks sag after losing extra fat.
    • As an alternative correction technique of facial liposuction which gave you nearly negligible face slimming.

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    Everything Important about the Face Fat Removal Procedure

    Important Facts

    The buccal fat removal surgery in Delhi is performed in an outpatient setting under general or local anesthesia. The whole procedure usually takes about an hour. At Care Well Medical Centre, all operations are carried out in fully credentialed and leading-edge surgical facilities. The oversized buccal fat from the patient is conveniently accessed from small incisions within the mouth, exterminated, and then sealed with self-absorbing small sutures.


    Comprehensive In-Clinic Procedure of Buccal Fat Removal

    The operation is conducted under general or local anesthesia, recommended according to the patient’s condition. After the direction of anesthesia, an incision of about ½ cm is made at the buccal mucosa, which is located inside the patient’s oral cavity. This incision plays a part in the removal of excess fat from the cheeks.

    Your doctor will then exert pressure on the cheeks’ outer surface, pushing the buccal fat pad to overhaul inside the mouth. The needed tissue is now removed from this overhung pad, leaving the cheek size evidently decreased and in symmetry to the face. The incision is then sealed with sutures and left to heal on its own, which generally takes place in just a few days.

    Can Cheek Fat Reduction Procedure be Performed with other Cosmetic Procedures?

    Although periodically conducted as an isolated procedure, buccal fat removal can also be carried out in combination with other procedures such as a facelift, facial liposuction, facial fillers, a cheek implant or chin implant, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) in order to amplify your overall aesthetic result.

    Keep in mind there are no adverse effects of getting buccal fat pad removal in a combination with the aforementioned procedures. Buccal fat removal can also be teamed with other chin removal techniques if you seek to also get rid of the double chin.

    Preparation for Buccal Fat Removal

    • Consult a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon
    • Be prepared for some prescription blood tests, medications
    • Your plastic surgeon might adjust your current medications
    • Avoid any medication not prescribed or being asked to be terminated by the doctor, like aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs. They can cause bleeding during the procedure
    • Stop taking cocaine or any recreational drugs
    • Put a pause on smoking
    • Arrange for a driver to take you back home after the procedure is done
    Ideal Candidates

    Ideal Candidates for Face Fat Removal

    A cheek or facial fat reduction surgery is largely customized as per the need and expectations of individual patients (both women and men). This safe cosmetic correction procedure is appropriate for any healthy adult with chubby cheeks or a disproportionate facial appearance. A consultation with the surgeon will significantly help identify if you qualify to be the candidate for cheek reduction treatment.

    However, usually, you should:

    • Be physically healthy and mentally prepared
    • Is close to your ideal weight?
    • I lost a lot of weight but was still bothered about the full-face appearance.
    • Not consuming drugs or tobacco products
    • Is not a smoker
    • Bears realistic expectations about what the treatment can do

    After arranging a consultation appointment for buccal fat removal, ask your plastic surgeon to take a look at before and after pictures of previous patients, and ensure you understand what to expect during the operation.

    Who Should Avoid?

    Who Should Give a Miss to Cheek Reduction Procedure?

    You should strictly avoid considering buccal fat pad removal if you:

    • Are dealing with any serious health issues?
    • Are obese or have unstable body weight?
    • Have a lean, narrow facial structure

    This treatment can cause narrow faces to look gaunt, particularly with increasing age.


    Expectations After Cheek Fat Reduction Procedure

    After your surgery, you’ll be discharged home with small dressings. Patients can anticipate mild to moderate swelling for several days, similar to having any oral procedure performed. Head elevation is encouraged for the first few days after surgery to help decrease swelling.


    Risks Associated With Face Fat Removal

    When performed by a board-certified, qualified plastic surgeon, the risk of adverse effects post-op of cheek reduction or buccal fat removal surgery is rare and highly unlikely. Most complications of cheek reduction are temporary, nominal, and can be easily dissolved imparting time and conservative treatment.

    Particular risks and appropriateness though for a given individual can be identified during the consultation. You can minimize your risk of complications by rigorously following your doctor’s guidelines both before and after surgery consultation. While buccal fat removal is usually safe and most patients experience no serious or lasting adverse complications, the following are possible due to unskilled execution:

    • Bleeding, bruising swelling
    • Cardiac/pulmonary complexities
    • Asymmetry
    • Anesthetic risks
    • Weakness in facial muscle
    • Facial nerve injury
    • Infection, numbness, or hematoma
    • Deep vein thrombosis (formation of blood clots in deep veins)

    Prolonged inflammation, Persistent pain, poor healing, and seroma (fluid retention) are also likely.


    Recovery Time after Cheek Fat Reduction or Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

    Most patients recover from this surgery quickly and just with mild-to-moderate pain and swelling. However, on the day of getting buccal fat pad removal, you need to ensure someone’s availability to drive you home after the procedure since you will still be influenced by the sedatives and anesthesia you received. Buccal fat pad removal surgery demands only little downtime in most patients.

    Most of its patients report resuming to work the day after the procedure. Of course, this is not applicable to those with strenuous-physical jobs. Most people experience a nearly pain-free experience with cheek reduction surgery. After 5-7 days, you can resume routine activities.


    Results of Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

    The procedure offers instant results that can be observed immediately after the surgery, However, complete outcomes will be materialized only after dies out the swelling and redness. Although most patients heal excellently within 7 days afterward, some people may require up to 4 months to get complete healing from it. In very rare cases, more than one surgery may be needed to obtain the desired outcomes.

    Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Delhi

    The average cost for a buccal fat removal surgery in Delhi procedure will vary based on the following aspects:

    • Operational costs of the chosen clinic
    • Standard of clinical facilities offered
    • Fee for a medical board-certified, a qualified plastic surgeon
    • Fee for anesthesia type
    • X Rays or other medical tests are required to be conducted before the procedure
    • Any prescriptions required post-op


    Individuals looking to lean down their chubby cheeks and achieve a slimmer facial profile find great success with buccal fat removal.

    Buccal Fat Removal Video

    Buccal Fat Removal Before and After Results

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    buccal fat removal before and after photo

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    Buccal Fat Removal FAQs

    • Is it OK to remove buccal fat?
    • Why would you remove buccal fat?
    • Does buccal fat shrink with weight loss?
    • Does buccal fat removal change your smile?
    • What age is best for buccal fat removal?
    • Can buccal fat grow back?
    • Is buccal fat removal painful?
    • Does buccal fat removal lift the face?
    • Why is my face still fat after buccal fat removal?
    • How can I reduce my face and cheek fat?
    • How can I slim my face like a model?
    • How do you lose cheek fat in a week?
    • Will chewing gum reduce cheek fat?
    • How can I slim my face in 24 hours?
    • How do you lose cheek fat and jawline?
    • How to get a better jawline?
    • Which jawline is the best for females?
    • What should you not do after buccal fat removal?
    • How long does buccal fat removal recovery last?
    • Does buccal fat return after removal?
    • Do you need stitches after buccal fat removal?
    • How do you sleep after buccal fat removal?
    • Is buccal fat removal difficult?
    • Is it normal to have a lump after buccal fat removal?
    • How much swelling after buccal fat removal?
    • What happens to dimples after buccal fat removal?
    • Does weight loss affect buccal fat?
    • How long after buccal fat removal do you see results?
    • Is Care Well Medical Centre a good clinic for buccal fat removal treatment in Delhi?
    • Why is Care Well Medical Centre the best clinic for buccal fat removal treatment in Delhi NCR?
    Is it OK to remove buccal fat?

    Yes, it is ok to remove buccal fat. The procedure is a standard and simple one. It is administered by a medical professional. They take adequate precautions to ensure the procedure is carried out safely, causing no adverse side effects.

    Why would you remove buccal fat?

    Simply put, buccal fat pads are removed to eliminate chubby cheeks. If you dislike having a plump, full and chubby face and thus want to remove the fat stored in the cheek, you can opt for the buccal fat removal process. Removal of buccal fat gives a sharp cheekbone, a narrow face, and a chiseled jawline. These features are considered desirable by most people.

    Does buccal fat shrink with weight loss?

    When you lose weight, your buccal fat reduces very little. A fat reserve on the cheek is called buccal fat. Exercise and diet won’t help you lose or shrink the buccal fat. According to research, only extreme situations of famine or malnutrition can impact buccal fat pads. Losing weight can result in less face fat but does not impact the buccal fat.

    Does buccal fat removal change your smile?

    The buccal fat removal cannot change your natural smile. The procedure removes the fat tissue inside your cheek and leaves a cavity. The surgery will make your face less chubby and more chiseled. The post-surgery swelling lasts a couple of weeks. As the swelling persists, it may be slightly challenging to smile the usual way.

    What age is best for buccal fat removal?

    If you have chubby cheeks, buccal fat removal surgery must be administered to you. Post puberty and in your 20s, if you possess a lot of buccal fat, the surgery might be appropriate for you. The amount of buccal fat, the individual’s general health, and other facial features must determine the best age for undergoing the buccal fat removal procedure.

    Can buccal fat grow back?

    No. After the procedure to remove the buccal fat, it never grows back. Removing the buccal fat will permanently reduce excessive cheek fullness. The surgery leaves a cavity in the cheek when the buccal fat is removed. It’s important to remember that if weight gain is significant, the face may appear naturally plumper. However, this is not the buccal fat growing back.

    Is buccal fat removal painful?

    No, buccal fat removal procedures do not cause pain. It is a procedure done after injecting a local anesthetic into the surgery area. The anesthesia numbs the face/cheese area, resulting in a loss of sensation. This means you will feel no pain during the removal surgery. You might experience slight discomfort and significant swelling during and after the procedure.

    Does buccal fat removal lift the face?

    The elimination of buccal fat will lift your face, yes. The buccal fat removal procedure slims the lower cheek and highlights facial features. Due to the widening of the mid-facial, this typically distorts the V-line face form. Cheek reduction surgery helps define the cheekbone and makes a face chiseled.

    Why is my face still fat after buccal fat removal?

    The results of the buccal fat removal are not seen immediately after the surgery. Your face is not fat after the buccal fat pad removal. Post the surgery; your face is fully swollen. This swelling takes a couple of weeks to settle. As the skin heals and cells fill the cavity created by the surgery, the swelling will reduce.

    How can I reduce my face and cheek fat?

    You must do facial exercises every day to lose cheek fat in a week. It would help if you slept adequately at night to avoid any puffiness. You should drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. Eating a fiber-rich diet and doing cardio helps tone the face. You should limit the amount of alcohol, sodium, and carbohydrates consumed.

    How can I slim my face like a model?

    It would help if you did a lot of facial exercises to obtain a slim face like a model. A chipmunk cheek squeeze is an exercise that can help in slimming the face. It requires you to tilt your head backward as you push your chin to the front. You must suck your cheeks and hold the position for 8-10 seconds.

    How do you lose cheek fat in a week?

    There is no guaranteed way of losing cheek fat in a week. However, “X” and “O” can be said back-to-back. You can tone your cheek muscles and give yourself a thinner face by making these noises repeatedly. You can also try sucking your cheeks inward, dragging them into your mouth. After around 3 seconds, release the position you have your cheeks in.

    Will chewing gum reduce cheek fat?

    The gum chewing does not help with face fat loss. It is a widely held misconception that chewing gum helps reduce facial fat. You cannot eliminate fat from one area of the body, plain and simple. Chewing gum would need to transport fat from one place to another. Gum chewing can work your facial muscles hard, but it won’t help you lose face fat.

    How can I slim my face in 24 hours?

    You cannot slim your face down in 24 hours. At best, you can reduce any swelling or puffiness on the face. You should drink a lot of water and remain hydrated. You should sleep for 5-8 hours and be well rested. You should cut down on sodium and alcohol for 24 hours. You should also perform facial exercises. This could repeatedly be saying “X” and “O.”

    How do you lose cheek fat and jawline?

    Facial yoga is an effective way to lose the cheek far and have a toned jawline. Facial yoga helps improve blood circulation. This means that all cells and muscles in the face are better nourished. Hence, they appear less swollen or puffy. Besides this, a buccal fat removal surgery and a facelift help lose the fat and have a slimmer face.

    How to get a better jawline?

    You can do many facial and jawline-specific exercises to get a better jawline. Weight loss continued by a healthy diet and regular exercise tones facial muscles and jawline. The buccal fat removal surgery also results in a narrow face with chiseled jawlines.

    Which jawline is the best for females?

    The ideal jawline is very different for men and women. The difference lies in the angle at which the male and female jawlines occur. It differs by 3-4 degrees based on the individual jawline. Females have a jawline with an average angle of 126-127 degrees. The contour of the jaw varies from female to female; thus, even the same degree of jawline appears different.

    What should you not do after buccal fat removal?

    The patient must rest till each part where surgery has taken place heals completely. Therefore, any form of strenuous activity or exercise is not allowed post-surgery. However, you are advised to do light movement and short walks to maintain mobility. You should refrain from heavy activities and limit your walking to short distances to lower your risk of problems and hasten your recovery.

    How long does buccal fat removal recovery last?

    The recovery time for the buccal fat removal procedure is about 2-4 weeks. Post the recovery period, see the results of the buccal pad removal; it can take up to several months. Following buccal pad surgery, you are instructed to sleep in an elevated position and use mouthwash as needed for the healing process.

    Does buccal fat return after removal?

    No. Buccal fat does not return after the buccal fat surgery. The excision of buccal fat is thought to be a long-term remedy for excessive cheek fullness. The buccal fat is removed from the cheek leaving behind a cavity. However, it is crucial to note that the face can naturally appear plumper in case of excessive weight gain.

    Do you need stitches after buccal fat removal?

    Yes, stitches are required after the buccal fat removal. The procedure is when the surgeon cuts or makes incisions inside your cheek. Once the buccal fat pad lays bare, the surgeon extracts the fat from there and removes it. The surgeon will stitch up your cheek incision with dissolvable stitches.

    How do you sleep after buccal fat removal?

    After the surgery, your cheeks and face are sore, so sleeping on them is painful. It would help if you slept in a reclined position to avoid putting pressure on surgery areas. You can sleep on your back and ensure that your face is not being pressed against anything. It is advised to keep your head in an elevated position to avoid any discomfort.

    Is buccal fat removal difficult?

    Buccal fat removal is a simple process. The buccal fat removal process has advanced with technology over the years. This made the procedure incredibly safe. The doctor will carefully remove your buccal fat pads by making a tiny incision on the inside of your cheek, close to your upper molars. After that, stitches will be used to close the wound.

    Is it normal to have a lump after buccal fat removal?

    You will see lumps where the buccal fat was removed on your cheeks. This is a typical side effect of the procedure. Within a few weeks, these lumps disappear. A condition known as perioral subcutaneous fat collection affects some patients. A buccal fat reduction does not affect them. They require cannula liposuction to be treated.

    How much swelling after buccal fat removal?

    Swelling is the most common effect of buccal fat removal surgery. There is intense swelling immediately post the surgery. The swelling is both internal and external. Thus, the swelling and puffiness persist for two weeks into recovery. While some patients experience more or less swelling than others, all patients will have some swelling.

    What happens to dimples after buccal fat removal?

    Your dimples remain intact for the most part after buccal fat removal. The surgery only alters the buccal fat pad and creates a cavity without the fat. Your dimples may undergo minor appearance changes. They are not connected to the buccal fat pad. Thus, the dimples are not affected as such. They continue to appear due as the facial muscles move.

    Does weight loss affect buccal fat?

    No. Typical weight loss does not affect buccal fat. Buccal fat is a reservoir of fat on the cheek. It cannot be slimmed down by exercising or dieting. Based on reports, only extreme cases of malnutrition or starvation can have some effect on buccal fat pads. Generally, weight loss can cause facial fat to be reduced.

    How long after buccal fat removal do you see results?

    The best results of buccal fat removal are seen anywhere between 4-6 months post-surgery. The initial recovery is 2-4 weeks. Post this, swelling of the face/cheeks continues to remain. This is due to the cavity the fat removal has created. The little and toned cheeks are seen once the body has filled the cavity and healed the scars.

    Is Care Well Medical Centre a good clinic for buccal fat removal treatment in Delhi?

    Yes, Care Well Medical Centre is an excellent clinic for the buccal fat removal procedure. It features a great portfolio with impressive results. A good clinic runs with experienced and learned professionals, and Care Well Medical Centre features it all. The professionals here believe in a customer-centric approach making patients their priority. Thus, there isn’t a better medical facility than Care Well Medical Center in Delhi.

    Why is Care Well Medical Centre the best clinic for buccal fat removal treatment in Delhi NCR?

    Care Well Medical Centre is the leading clinic for buccal fat removal treatment. It features the best medical equipment to treat its customers. The prices offered are reasonable and competitive. With Care Well Medical Centre, you need not worry about the system and cleanliness of the clinic. In addition, doctors here are highly qualified and experienced.

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