Hello friends!!!! In today's modern and competitive world everyone wants to be ahead of each other not only in terms of career but also in looks. People want to groom themselves with the help of modern technology.

How to Get the Dense & Natural Looking Beard with Beard Transplant?

April 27, 2019 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin0

Hello friends!!!! In today’s modern and competitive world, everyone wants to be ahead of each other not only in terms of career but also in looks. People want to groom themselves with the help of modern technology.

Friends like hair transplants and beard transplants are also getting lots of popularity nowadays. Many men now wanted to have a perfect-looking beard.

This could be done by beard transplant.

What is a Beard transplant?

A Beard transplant is the process of hair restoration. In this, we take hair from other parts of your body, mainly the back of the scalp. After taking hair we then transplant grafts to your face.

Why a beard transplant?

Many patients have thin hair and the user wants thick hair or the user may want to hide their scars, then also beard transplant comes into the picture.

A Beard transplant can give a fuller look to the face by creating a dense beard.

Am I the right candidate?

You are the right candidate if:

  • You are healthy.
  • You have thin hairs in the beard.
  • You have good and thick hair in the donor area i.e. Back of your scalp.

What is the procedure for a beard transplant?

They said that the beard that is growing after the transplant is growing very awkwardly. The hair that is coming out after the transplant is at 90 degrees. It gives them a spike look or the hair of a porcupine.

Friends, the angle and direction of hair that we implant in beard transplant are very important. It should not be more than 10 to 15 degrees.

Today I am going to tell you about the procedure of a Beard transplant in Delhi. How it’s done and how it’s important to make holes correctly?

The holes are important because if the direction is more than 15 degrees or at 90 degrees, then you are not getting a good beard. The hair will grow from the awkward position and it will not look good. It is also difficult to correct it also.

How the procedure is done?

So friends, in the above video after giving general anesthesia to the patient we are making holes. We are making the right direction of the holes with the special needle. The needle is at 0 degrees bent. At first, we make the direction downwards. Then, the next direction we make is below the jaw. The direction is backward on the jawline. Next direction of the holes we make in the front towards the face. The direction of the holes in this is slanted at 40-45 degrees forward.

The holes we make have different directions in different areas of the face. One thing that is very important to keep in mind the Posterior Beard Line is 2 cm away from the ears. The beard line is finishing below the junction of the lips.

If, we have to keep in mind these things, i.e. How important is the direction of the holes in beard transplant? The correct angle at which we have to make the direction is not more than 15 degrees. Friends you can have a clear view of the directions on the face that I make in the above video.

Now the holes are parallel to the hairs present in the beard. All the holes are at a 10 to a 15-degree angle. We are using an L-shaped bend zeroes degree needle so that we can make a 10 to 15-degree angle hole. The holes are making such a way that it looks natural. We also take good care of the density of the holes.

Friends, the beard transplant procedure took longer time than a hair transplant. This is because in beard transplant we have to take special care while making the direction of the holes and also the density. If we do not take proper care, then the desired result will not come. The beard will not look good and natural.

There are certain areas where we will not make holes to match the hairs. There are certain areas under the lips where hair is not present. We keep them empty. We do not make holes there. Now we are making holes into the rest of the areas.

After carefully making holes, we will now give local anesthesia on the back of the head. After giving anesthesia, we now punch or extract the grafts with a 7mm burr. It is the smallest burr possible to get the fine hairs.

After extraction, we put the grafts on the wooden spatula for an exact count. Each strip has at least 150 grafts. We hydrated them well so that they will not get dry.

Now we will implant them.

The implantation of grafts is more difficult as the angle is very less like 0 to 10 degrees. Therefore, it takes much more time and is much slower than hair transplantation. For more clear view you can see in the above video how carefully, we are putting grafts in the holes.


A Beard transplant is a much longer and more difficult procedure in comparison to a hair transplant. In this, we have to keep our patience because we have to make different holes at different angles in different areas. If we keep our patience and follow proper techniques, we can get very good results. Hope I am able to answer all your queries about beard transplant. For more results kindly watch the above video.

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Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon and the owner of Care Well Medical Centre in Delhi. With extensive expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery, he is dedicated to providing exceptional care and transformative results to his patients. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin obtained his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and served as a consultant at Bhaktshreshtha Kamalakarpant Laxman Walawalkar Hospital, Diagnostic & Research Centre. Specializing in various procedures such as face-lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, hair transplant and many others, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is committed to enhancing his patients' natural beauty and self-confidence.

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