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Beard, Mustache and Sideburns Transplant

Beard, Mustache and Sideburns Transplant

Best Cost of Sideburns, Mustache and Beard Transplant in Delhi


Get the best treatment for facial transplant like Sideburns, Mustache & Beard Growth transplant in Delhi by an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandeep Bhasin.

There is no doubt that advancement in science and technology has given us better options to groom ourselves. Talking of which, just like hair transplant even facial transplant is trending these days. If you have seen amazing looking men out there in television having a perfect beard or the bushy hair like hipster type then probably, you don’t know the fact that it is because of facial hair transplantation.

Facial hair transplantation is a process to restore the hair at the areas where the growth of facial hair is less or extremely thin. Mostly men do this process for a goatee or mustache areas but it is also performed on the other areas like cheeks, sideburns and beards to name a few. Some surgeons have also advised this option for the patients who want to hide their scars or acne that affects the look to a great extent.

There are number of reasons which can cause a problem of facial hair loss. Talking of which genetics, electrolysis, and even minor surgery to name a few are some common ones. The focus of such process can vary from huge covering to minor filing on the particular area. Usually such type of process is performed on the areas where the hair growth is almost zero.
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Beard Transplant (Before & After Images)

Beard Transplant Before & After image


Beard Transplant Before & After Image


Beard Transplant Before & After Image


Why Facial Transplant (Sideburns, Mustache and Beard Transplant) is in demand?

Often people who want to undergo such type of treatment or have decided to opt for it hesitate as they don’t really know the results. But the fact is, such type of treatment is so popular now days that in spite of the bad economy, patients do invest in such costly treatment to look good. As per the research made, it has been found that 87% of the males around the world prefer to go with this option. No doubt that scalp hair transplant is still on the top in terms of popularity but other trends like mustache, facial and even beard transplantations are growing these days.

It is just not the trend that has made its demand growing but few patients have also given their opinion on it saying that such transplantation coves the scars on the chon. This eventually boosts up their confidence level to approach a woman.

It also has a great success rate provided patients have enough hair to donate and have good money to spend on making a great change in the look.


No. of grafts required for each requirement like for Beard (Goatee), Mustache etc.

Depending on the situation of the hair loss, your surgeon will perform the process of grafts. As said earlier there is no exact reason behind why the problem of facial hair loss occurs. But possible reason is:

  • Scars due to accident, burn or surgical process
  • Medical reason like cancer or traction alopecia
  • Standing conditions like alopecia areata

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Usually the average grafts that is required for full goatee is 600-700, for mustache it can be 350-500 grafts, for side burn it is possibly 200-250, while for cheek beard it can be 300-700. Sometimes, if the situation is quite worst, some patients might have to also undergo another process of transplantation to put some extra grafts for better thickness. Besides, it is also important to understand the area from where the donor hair will be taken that can match the facial hair.


Why Facial Transplant (Sideburns, Mustache and Beard Transplant) is difficult in comparison to Hair Transplant?

The process of beard transplantation is similar to that of hair transplantation. Usually the extraction of donor hair is done from the back or side of the hair depending on the closest match available. Although hair and facial transplantation process is same but in terms of recovery facial transplantation takes quite a long time. Besides, the process to get accomplished is also time- taking which can possibly be 2-5 hours. If you want to focus on temples or front restoration then it can be a challenging task and may not get the desired results. That is why, such process over regular hair transplantation is challenging. Other than this, the surgeon’s needs to focus on giving a more natural look and also ensure that grey hair are well taken care. If you don’t choose an experienced surgeon then probably you are making a wrong decision.


Where the donor hair comes from?

The donor hair that is good in the areas like back, side or even scalp which are similar to facial hair in terms of texture are usually used for facial hair transplantation. The surgeon will look for the closest match to transplant. The focus of the treatment is to offer the natural appearance. Other than this, to enhance the naturalness, the careful grafts placement is done in a right manner in the right direction. But you have to keep in mind that the hair once transplanted to face cannot be again used for transplanting it to the scalp areas.


Know the Complete Procedure

As compared to traditional process, beard and facial transplantation is quite challenging. Robotic and automated techniques are used for scalp hair transplantation but that does not necessarily mean it is perfect for facial hair transplantation. The most versatile solution is manual hair extraction. During this process, your surgeon will give you a local anesthesia that lasts for 5 hours at least. Few cuts are made for the grafts and then donor hair is put in it. After the process, you may notice few cuts but that gets recovered pretty soon. After 2 weeks, the transplanted hair fall down and the new ones start growing in 3 months or so.


Know About the Recovery

No doubt that it is a painless treatment and the recovery period is quite less. Soon after the procedure a patient can get back to normal work. But there are some things which a surgeon might advise for better recovery.


Risks & Results

Possible risks that a patient is likely to face are redness, scars, swelling, ingrown hairs and sometimes infection. But these things don’t stay for long and if you notice any of it for more than 5 days then visits doctor immediately. The results are of course pretty good and can be noticed for quite a long time. The good part is Thick hair shaft of beard hair offers good volume to the area where transplantation was done.


After care

You need to be careful when going out as the procedure is at the recovery stage. Make sure you take care of your diet and follow the medicine routine as your doctor advises.

Once the process is over, you will be able to shave and style your beard without any hassle.
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