It is a custom in India that a bride must bleed during the marriage night. This is because many sects of people believe that it is a sign of virginity. However, these people do not know a hymen can break naturally without indulging in sexual intercourse.

Deprived of Virginity Issue? Hymenoplasty & Vaginoplasty is the Solution!

September 5, 2019 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Deprived of Virginity Issue? Here is the solution!

It is a custom in India that a bride must bleed during the marriage night. This is because many sects of people believe that it is a sign of virginity. However, these people do not know a hymen can break naturally without indulging in sexual intercourse. Present-generation women are more active than men in sports, physical work, and making their desire come true. Here, there is a possibility of breaking their hymen naturalist. This can be by birth defects, riding a bicycle, use of pleasuring objects, lifting heavy weights, congenital disorders, and speed running.

Those unmarried women do not worry as Hymenoplasty or Vaginoplasty can reconstruct their secret part before entering into marital life. This is plastic surgery, which is also a daycare treatment. In India, one can get this kind of female genital aesthetics from a private clinic. Hymenoplasty is legal in India. Therefore, a girl or a woman who lost their virginity before marriage need not worry about their marriage. India has one of the best Hymenoplasty surgeons. They are doing the best medical practices in their private clinics. Here, we discuss three procedures.

Hymenoplasty or Vaginoplasty related Medical and General Terms

  • Artificial hymen
  • Born-again virgin
  • Genital modification and mutilation
  • Genitoplasty
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Hymenorrhaphy
  • Hymenotomy
  • imperforate hymen
  • Kyoko Aizome
  • Vaginal construction
  • Vaginectomy
  • Vaginoplasty

There is a wrong notion that this kind of surgery was considered for transgender people only. However, they are in practice for the trauma, sexual assault, and rape victim. However, this field of medical practice is known as cosmetic surgery. In medical terms, it is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment. In the present world, the internet is available and handy and women know how to find the best Hymenoplasty surgery clinic in Delhi.

The Legality of Hymenoplasty or Vaginoplasty in India

Plastic surgery is an approved medical study and practice in India. There are many certified and experienced plastic surgeons in India. They have certification in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery from India and abroad. They do have work experience from abroad too. They work with government hospitals, private hospitals, specialty or cosmetic clinics, and their registered private clinics. Yet, anyone seeking Vaginoplasty must approach a registered clinic, which is having a good reputation.

They do the vaginal rejuvenation procedure for female members of any religion and sect. They keep your detail confidential. Few medical health insurance companies do provide vaginoplasty reimbursement in case of trauma. In such a case, government hospitals do refer to private clinics for multiple Vaginoplasty surgery in Delhi, India. In this way, rape victims, trauma cases, and others can bring back their vaginal health to normalcy. So far there are no protests against this medical practice in India from a sect of people or any religion.

1. Surgery

Vaginoplasty or Hymenoplasty is a daycare invasive procedure. This can be done to any sexual assault girl or woman as a vaginal reconstructive approach. This type of plastic surgery will benefit the below-mentioned ways.

  • Forced copulation can tear the hymen. In such a case, there will be more loss of blood through bleeding. In this case, a girl or a woman can approach a nearby plastic surgeon and stop the bleeding and give healing treatment.
  • A woman nearing her marriage date can keep an artificial bleeding method in her vaginal value. She must approach a cosmetic surgeon to place a gelatine capsule. This capsule contains the red color solution, which is imitated as blood. In this way, she can bleed while on marriage night caution.
  • A flap was used by a plastic surgeon as a hymen reconstruction. However, a woman must do this three months before the marriage date. In this surgical procedure, a new hymen is reconstructed on the vaginal lining. She must not indulge in intercourse or use a dildo for three months after this hymen reconstruction cosmetic surgery.

These are done as same-day surgery and the patient can go home too. However, they may have to come in multiple sections as recommended by the vaginoplasty surgeon.

2. C02 laser in Vaginoplasty

This is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure with an approved laser treatment. Here the carbon dioxide laser is used. That is why it is called C02 laser treatment. In this procedure, the vaginal mucosa strength is increased through the Co2 laser. This will make them thicker in such a way that it can cause tightness during the marriage night lovemaking act. The laser vaginal treatment will help to maintain the vaginal pH level too. A woman taking this surgery before marriage can see her vaginal tissues are better now to get married soon. The CO2 laser treatment is also eligible for any woman, who has reached menopause. It will be better to take this treatment three weeks before marriage. Your partner can experience a thigh vagina while in copulation.

This is a daycare surgery. It is advisable to do this from a modern clinic or a clinic with excellent medical infrastructure.

3. PRP in Vaginoplasty

This is a simple surgery or a vulvovaginal reconstruction procedure in vaginoplasty. Lipofilling is the main procedure. Here vaginal trophicity is improved through platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This invasive procedure uses general anesthesia and is a daycare surgery. After this procedure, the patient can feel vaginal tightening naturally. This will help her to satisfy her partner during the marriage night.

It is advisable to do the PRP from a reputed plastic surgeon. It is advisable to do this surgery a few months before your marriage.

Hymenoplasty Reclaim Your Virginity or Vaginoplasty is the only solution for your vaginal well-being. These are cosmetic procedures on the female genitalia. This will bring back your defective vagina to normalcy. Therefore a deprived woman need not worry about vaginal damage or defects of birth. They can lead a happy married life after consulting with a famous plastic surgeon in your area. The popular clinic in vaginal cosmetic surgery will give free consolation with a female doctor. There is no need to be shy and they will not ask how what and when it happened.

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