Aging is natural and one can look forever young by availing the treatment. You can find this service from a modern dermatology clinic in Delhi. His or her skin health will get worse after reaching 40+ ages.

It’s beautiful you after HIFU Treatment in Delhi

September 13, 2019 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Aging is natural and one can look forever young by availing of the treatment. You can find this service from a modern dermatology clinic in Delhi. His or her skin health will get worse after reaching 40+ ages. But, one can see looking older due to the side effects of beauty care cosmetics too. This can be the wrinkle formations, loosening, or swelling of facial skin. And skin diseases and eventually look older. The beauty concerned men and women must approach a reputed dermatologist in Delhi. They use the latest high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to bring back the musculoskeletal beauty of your face. In simple words, this is a treatment for skin tightening. This can be due to trauma, birth defect, and aging too. Here, we discuss some of the frequently asked questions on HIFU treatment.

What is HIFU?

HIFU or high-intensity focused ultrasound is applied to various skin tightening treatments. This can be on vaginal and facial too. HIFU is a non-invasive procedure. But, it is a popular non-surgical way to treat the aging process of facial skin for men and women. Here, HIFU is applied by a dermatologist in a cosmetic clinic. Since 2008, it has been popular for skin tightening treatments. The HIFU device is approved globally. It does have other functions apart from beauty care treatment in a private cosmetic clinic.

What is the role of HIFU in facelifts?

HIFU is applied to the necessary skin area. It focuses to heat up the under-skin cells. It will destroy them to help new collagen form. They are essential to maintain healthy musculoskeletal health.

  • The HIFU technique reduces the excess skin without making an incision.
  • It does lift the skin by making way to form new collagen.
  • It helps to tighten the saggy skin on your face and neck areas.
  • The facial skin fats are reduced through the HIFU method for obese people.


There are many advantages of the HIFU (non-surgical) way to treat the aging process in the facial areas in men and women. These are mentioned below.

  • This non-invasive procedure is cheaper than surgical ways to treat aging in men and women their facial skin.
  • Since it is a non-invasive procedure; it is painless for the people undergoing the HIFU procedure.
  • HIFU is best for busy people to enhance facial beauty when they are in their 40s.
  • HIFU treatment can help men and women working in the hospitality industry, air-hostess, media professionals, film industry artists, and TV artists can look younger when they are growing old.
  • HIFU is a daycare procedure for facial skin tightening.
  • He or she can see the best result after taking the HIFU treatment.
  • There is no necessity to take treatment medications after HIFU taking procedure.
  • He or she can take a bath or cleanse their face on the same day as the HIFU procedure is over.

Hence, HIFU is popular in the present world with beautiful conscious people. It is advisable to approach the best dermatology clinic in Delhi for HIFU treatment. They will give free consultations. After examining your facial skin and past medical history. They will suggest you take this skin-friendly skin-tightening treatment.

Comparison with Thermage

The advancement in medical technology has brought many new medical devices for dermatitis treatments. When it comes to a non-surgical facelift, the Thermage, and HIFU are used by a dermatologist. As per the patient’s skin condition, lifestyle, past medical history, and or present age. Here, are a few common comparisons ever beauty-conscious people may look for.

Medical Device and Technology

  • Thermage uses radiofrequency (RF).
  • HIFU uses ultrasound frequency (US).

Medical Device Certification and Approval

Both are approved by the FDA. But, these devices are imported into India. As per medical devices, safety norms, and the best practices followed in dermatology globally. Thus, both technology and medical devices are used devices, for safe skin diagnoses.

Aging Styling and Suitability

Therma Styling is best for people with sinker style. It is also the best to vanish away wrinkles on the face.

HIFU is the best for swagger, and style skin. It will also clear the wrinkles of this skin type.

Depth of Treatment

  • Thermage can penetrate RF up to 3mm from the surface skin.
  • HIFU device can focus the US from 1.5mm to 4.5mm.

Thus HIFU is better for deeper skin tissue than through the Thermage.

Facial Skin Treatment Areas

  • Thermage can effetely treat sinker style skin and wrinkle.
  • HIFU can treat excess fats under the fascia skin, jowls, and saggy skin.

Side Effects

The side effects are less with the HIFU treatment than with the Thermage.


HIFU is more effective than Thermage. However, he or she can take this treatment as and when they see the signs of aging later on.

But, your dermatologist will determine what treatment to take according to your skin type and style.

Age Group

  • Thermage dermal therapy is recommended for people in-between their 30s and 60s only.
  • HIFU dermal therapy is recommended for people in-between 35s to 75s only.

Once again, your dermatologist can only recommend the therapy side.

India has one of the proven dermatologists for skin care procedures. Most of them have privately owned clinics. They are popular with their cosmetic clinic name and by their dermatologist’s name. They import and use the latest in skin care medical devices. The following best practice in dermatology. They do give you free treatment if you are not satisfied with their therapy.

It will be better to look at HIFU treatment before and after photos and videos online. This will make you confident to take this painless facial aesthetic treatment. He or she can compare the cost of HIFU treatment in Delhi. In this way, you can find the 👉 best clinic for HIFU treatment in Delhi. You can also read that clinic’s dermatologist review only. They will be a popular one in Delhi with their own modern clinic for aesthetic needs or cosmetic clinics. It is advisable to take treatment from a dermatologist, who is having more than 5 years of practicing HIFU procedures.

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