The men with androgenic alopecia do hair transplantation to get a natural and permanent result. Yet, you have to follow what your hair transplant doctors say to do before and after hair transplantation.

How to Get Best Results In Hair Transplantation?

July 25, 2019 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Men with androgenic alopecia do hair transplantation to get a natural and permanent result. Yet, you have to follow what your hair transplant doctors say to do before and after hair transplantation. A hair transplant surgeon with more than 10 years of experience will use his techniques for the patients. This may be his expertise after performing FUT/FUE methods. We have discussed the ways here to get better results in hair transplantation.

Hair Care Before and After Hair Transplantation

Apply Minoxidil

Your scalp health counts for hair loss. The moment you feel hair loss, you must use Minoxidil for hair care. This is a generic medicine, which is available over the counter globally. You can buy them online too without any prescription.

Minoxidil is a topical solution that is also available in gel, foam, and spray types. You must buy this medicine as per your doctor’s advice. They may recommend you to use below 5% Minoxidil if you are under androgenic alopecia. If you have complete alopecia, he may recommend you use more than 5% Minoxidil solution for topical application only.

You must apply this solution directly on the scalp to see a better result. Then, do a mild massage with a hand glove. This will make the solution go in deep and stimulate hair follicles. They do improve blood circulation under the scalp. They widen the blood vessels. They stimulate new hair growth by nourishing your damaged hair root.

You must use this medicine at least for 3-6 months to see better hair growth results. After hair transplantation, you can find new hair growth within 3-months. This medicine will help to regain your thick and dense hair. You must use a Minoxidil solution to seek faster hair growth results. This topical application solution has shown better improvement with hair transplant patients globally.

Microblade or Needle Punches Surgical Instrument

It is advisable to ask your doctor as they use a microblade or needle punch to make holes in your scalp. This is because needle punches make a triangular hole. This is not sufficient to hold a healthy graft. On the other hand, the latest micro blades make rectangular holes; this will enable sufficient space to place grafts. This type of hole does not make any damage to the hair root.

Angel & Alignment of Placing Grafts

While placing the grafts, they must be placed at a 30-degree angle. A hair transplant surgeon with excellent experience will maintain this technique for his patient. By maintaining the right angle, your hair re-grows like your natural hair as it was before. This will make your new hair look as if they are grown naturally. When they grow dense, you will look as when you were in your younger years. This will not happen when the angle and alignment of hair are not taken care of. This kind of bad practice can happen when a technician does the punches. It will be better to see the hair transplant surgeon make the holes than any other technician. If not, you cannot comb and make your hairstyle in a hair pattern. They do look ugly as your hair will grow on all angles.


An experienced hair transplant surgeon will take care of your frontline first. They will measure and draw the line to get the exact shape of your hairstyle. By doing this, there will be more hair growth and look dense. They also place more hair grafts in this region. This will make your hair density look good.

Holes and Graft Placement Time

The best hair transplantation doctor will make the holes first. This is because; the grafts must be placed within an hour time to maintain their health. The more they take time, there is chance to make them die or use them in an unhygienic manner. This will not bring the desired result. If the holes are made first, a surgeon can place them as soon as the technicians have prepared them. This will maintain their health and you can see the better result as they do not implant the dead one.

Hair Root Touching

The grafts are taken care of by technicians when a surgeon removes them for transplantation. Touching the hair root by a surgeon and their technicians will not bring better results. Therefore, you must approach a clinic, where its surgeon is having more experience and use trained and qualified technicians.

Lifestyle Changes one must make after Hair Transplantation

Cigarette Smoking

The hair transplant patient must not smoke cigarettes if they wish to see seek better results. This is because smoking will increase the toxicity in the blood. Your hair needs good blood to regain new hair.


The hair transplant patients must try to sleep in the night for at least for 8-hours minimum daily. Good sleep will increase the blood flow towards your head and nourish them to re-grow at a faster rate. This will help to regain your overall immunity too.

Control Blood Sugar Level

People with diabetes must control their blood sugar level after hair transplant surgery. You must do this at least for a year to get better hair growth results. This is because a prolonged presence of high blood sugar will cause thinning of your hair. This will ultimately result in hair loss. Later, you will come under alopecia due to diabetes. Diabetic people must not smoke cigarettes too. This will also affect your new hair growth in the transplanted area.

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