If Hollywood does something, then Bollywood is not too far behind in catching up with it – whether it is technology, acting, fashion statements, beauty and looks.  Now a days, Botox, Liposuction and Plastic Surgery have become a rage in Bollywood. Famous and not so famous celebrities from the past and present have decided to go under the knife to present their fans with prettier versions of themselves.

Looking glamorous, happy, and perfect before the camera can be a tiring job unless there is support. Thankfully, Most of our Bollywood stars have the cerebral matter to understand the demands of the time. They are well aware of the rapid advances made by medical technology, tools and treatments that contribute to human beauty and appearance. Education helps and urban exposure means they know all about Botox, Liposuction, breast enhancement, body contouring, facelifts, chin and cheekbone enhancement, etc.,

It was Shilpa Shetty who first raised a few eyebrows when she transformed herself from a dark damsel from the South to an elegant beauty fit for Bollywood. Rhinoplasty? Doesn’t ring a bell, does it? How about nose job? Yes! She was the first notable celebrity who get herself a nose job with the help of a reputed plastic surgeon. And she admitted it publicly, thus making modern treatments no more a taboo topic in the world of glamour and movies.

Some Celebrities Names Before And After Plastic Surgery Jobs

Let us take a look at some of the other famous Bollywood celebrities who got themselves a makeover without drawing too much attention. The dancer-par-excellence Madhuri Dixit has always been a glamorous beauty queen. Age has tried to catch up with her and she beat it with a good dose of Botox Treatment. Sometimes the treatment goes wrong! She looks a little puffy in this below picture, doesn’t she?

Madhuri Dixit Botox

And then there is Bipasha Basu. The Bengali woman did not have the necessary ingredients to make a stereotypical Bollywood heroine. She was dark, tall, and not very impressive to look at. So she went for the whole package – nose job, face job, and a few other trendy cosmetic Botox treatments and Liposuction. She added a few rigorous exercise routines to stay fit and slim, and made it big in the dreamy world of movies, on her own steam.

Who hasn’t heard of Priyanka Chopra yet? She is not only big in Bollywood, but also Hollywood nowadays. The Punjabi beauty queen had seen ups and downs, but one thing was certain – She was star material from the very beginning. Liposuction, nose job, and Botox played their part along with abundant talent, flair for acting, and natural vivacity.

Preity zinta Before And After Plastic Surgery Jobs

Preity Zinta was fat and her face showed it in the beginning. Back in ‘Dil Se’ days she managed to catch attention of big stars with the help of her dimples and smiles. But it was Botox which ensured that her face transformed in a noticeable manner. Losing a few pounds also made the fitness generation sit up and take notice.

Kareena Kapoor Before And After Plastic Surgery Jobs

Kareena Kapoor is the natural heir to the oldest movie family in Bollywood. But talent does not suffice when the demands of the time have rapidly changed.  Youthful India aspired for global beauty standards and she obliged. Her face has definitely transformed with a sharper nose, higher cheekbones, and an overall improvement in her glamorous appearance. She definitely had a nose job along with some latest cosmetic and plastic surgeries to remove facial weariness and tiredness. Successful Botox can make the facial skin look wrinkle free and gives a youthful appearance. Take a look at her old and new pictures.

What do you think of those high cheek bones?

kareena kapoor Botox kareena kapoor botox plastic surgery

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Bollywood Celebrities Who Use Botox, Liposuction & Plastic surgery
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Bollywood Celebrities Who Use Botox, Liposuction & Plastic surgery
If Hollywood does something, then Bollywood is not too far behind in catching up with it - whether it is technology, acting, fashion statements, beauty and looks.
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