Having bright eyes, high cheekbones, long eyelashes, plump lips, and sharp, non-wrinkled, well-defined jawlines are the signs of youthfulness. How about you? Is your jawline sharp and well-defined without any wrinkles? Are you having jowls and loose skin despite performing exercise and consuming a healthy diet?

5 Best Non-Surgical Treatments to Improve the Jawline and Neck

September 17, 2020 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Having bright eyes, high cheekbones, long eyelashes, plump lips, and sharp, non-wrinkled, well-defined jawlines are the signs of youthfulness. How about you? Is your jawline sharp and well-defined without any wrinkles? Are you having jowls and loose skin despite performing exercise and consuming a healthy diet?

I am sure many of you want to know how to tighten the jawline nonsurgical to restore your youthful appearance. No worries! Thanks to the medical field, we have many nonsurgical options available in our Care Well Medical Centre, the best nonsurgical jawline treatment in Delhi.

Before going through the various non-surgical treatment methods, let us first understand why and how a jowl forms.

How do the jowls form?

Jowls, saggy necks, and double chins occur due to an accumulation of fat on your lower face. Jowls form due to the loss of collagen followed by the downward migration of fat in your facial part. As you age, fat deposits migrate to the lower face. The network of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid breaks down, as you lose volume in your face.

Hence, the facial muscles lose their support, and everything starts sagging. These fatty deposits add weight to your loose skin which remains along the jawline.

The appearance of jowls is frustrating and makes you look aged. Even if you are healthy and fit, the presence of jowls can give a tired look to your face. Mostly everyone gets jowl as they age. If you are fit enough, you might develop jowls later. But there is no one stop-solution to prevent the formation of jowls. If you have jowls, it’s possible to tighten your loose facial skin by following non-surgical or surgical methods.

Our medical team at Care Well Medical Centre providehttp://test.carewellmedicalcentre.com/facial-rejuvenation-for-flawless-skin/s five non-surgical anti-aging skin tightening methods to improve your jawline and neck, which will ultimately make you look young. There is no downtime for all these methods. People can resume their routine activities immediately after the treatment.

5 non-surgical skin tightening methods

  1. Dermal fillers

Based on your anatomy and expectations, you will have one to four syringes of dermal fillers directly along your jawline. This treatment will enhance the edge of your mandible as well as your bony angle. This non-surgical therapy works best on those who are almost there. Depending on the dermal filler you use, the results will be immediate and should last for 12 to 18 months.

  1. Botox injections

Botox, otherwise called botulinum toxin, is usually used to treat spasms, eye problems, migraines, muscle stiffness, and sagging skin. Botox treatment works by preventing a chemical that allows the injection areas to relax. This will in turn soften wrinkles and fine lines. The results of this Botox therapy last for around three to six months.

You can feel the masseter muscle by gritting your teeth and feeling a swelling at the end of the jaw. You need more Botox to thin out this masseter muscle. Botox will be injected directly into your masseter muscles, which will slim the overall facial shape into a “V” shape

  1. Thread lift technique

This daycare procedure is simple and takes one hour to complete, without anesthesia. In this procedure, a dissolvable medical thread is inserted into the target part through a small needle to pull the underlying muscles tightly to give a lifting and tightening effect. This medical thread stimulates fibroblasts to secrete more collagen, which produces a rejuvenating effect. By doing so, you will get rid of facial wrinkles and sagging skin.

  • To lift the chin and cheeks, you require 20-30 threads to attain a V-line face shape with a pointed chin and well-defined jawlines.
  • To lift the sagging skin neck, you require 5-15 threads in combination with dermal filler to amplify the outcome.

The results of this thread lift technique last between 18 to 24 months. To get the desired look, you may require repeating this treatment after 1-2 years. People in the age group between the 30s to 50s with minimal aging signs are the best candidates for a thread facelift.

  1. HIFU treatment

HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) treatment is a painless treatment that uses ultrasound energy to increase the production of elastin and collagen, which helps in developing firmer skin. It strengthens the connective tissue of the skin from its interior layers by generating a thermal effect. You can see the final result within three to six months after the treatment. HIFU treatment can last for one year.

  1. Nefertiti lift

This non-surgical procedure can be performed along with Botox injections in the lower part of your neck, jaw, and face. The term ‘Nefertiti’ refers to the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti. She had an elongated thin neck. This procedure aims at the platysma band of muscles which run vertically from underneath the face to your collarbone.

This procedure is then followed by a Botox injection to reduce or erase the sagging or folds from the lower portion of your face. You may require repeated procedures in order to attain the desired results. This method usually lasts for around 8-10 months.

There are several scientific pieces of evidence to back up the efficacy of the Nefertiti lift. A 2007 research article published in the journal of cosmetic and laser therapy revealed that the ‘Nefertiti lift’ is an effective and acceptable surgical alternative with a low incidence of adverse effects followed by extremely higher patient satisfaction. Another research article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, dated 2018 revealed that the ‘Nefertiti lift’ followed by Botox injection is an effective treatment of platysma bands in neck rejuvenation.


Anyway, you should get your neck and jawline examined properly before opting for the type of non-surgical method. This is where our medical experts in Care Well Clinic will recommend the right procedure only if it works out for you in the long run without any side effects. You are always welcome for further check-ups, ongoing support, or any other procedures to prevent further issues.

When you are ready to discuss options for redefining your jawline or tightening your neck, give us a call at(+91) 9667977499 or drop us a quick email so we can get you scheduled for an immediate consultation with one of our facial rejuvenation experts in Care Well Medical Centre in Delhi.

At the Care Well Medical Centre, we provide a number of anti-aging treatment options for our patients. Our skincare medical experts will also offer you a tour of our hi-tech facilities.


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