In an age that rightfully requires the individual to stay fit and healthy, the major importance must be given to the internal organs that regulate the entire system of the body. But, along with regular exercises, drinking water is mandatory. From regulating the flow of urine to blood pressure, a good 8 glasses of water everyday do it all.

Precautions to maintain Kidney


A careful take on maintaining Kidneys: A sequence to maintain proper health and various diseases related to it.

In an age that rightfully requires the individual to stay fit and healthy, major importance must be given to the internal organs that regulate the entire system of the body. But, along with regular exercise, drinking water is mandatory. From regulating the flow of urine to blood pressure, a good 8 glasses of water every day do it all.

Due to lots of reasons, there are several diseases that are associated with the kidneys and one such is the formation of uric acid crystals in the urine. Kidneys function by producing and regulating the flow of urine through the entire urinary tract. It is the kidneys that maintain the temperature in the body. It makes all the functions more stable and stronger. But various abnormal conditions might occur if the body is unable to regulate its fluids properly. This may affect the kidneys as well.

The doctor must surely be consulted if any sort of problem is being faced in relation to the kidneys. Since so much is associated with the system, it is important to maintain the health of all the internal organs, especially the kidneys. It is regarded to be the main organ for all sorts of intestinal regulations.

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Stating the basic function of the kidneys:
Kidneys are considered to be one of the most vital organs of the body. And because of its versatility, the organ has certain exquisite functions. Some of them are:

Temperature control
Ever wondered what is the main reason for having an optimal body temperature? It is the kidneys that absorb all the sweat and make the skin cooler and effectively make one lighter.

Water regulation and urine regulation
The kidneys are known to regulate the flow of urine in the body. As one drinks water, it reaches the kidneys and gets rid of all the harmful chemicals so that the urine can flow out.

Hormonal control
The kidneys are also known to control extra hormones in the body. Many individuals might face certain issues with hormones in the body. The kidneys can help to lower the production of excessive hormones so as to maintain the proper balance in the body.

What are the common kidney diseases that individuals face?

The common causes of the diseases:

The most common disease that one encounters in the kidneys is the formation of uric acid crystals. This affects the urinary bladder as well. These acid crystals are small. Its structure disturbs the regular flow of urine in the body, because of which the person might not be able to walk in extreme cases.

The formation of acid crystals can very much disturb the natural balance in the body and therefore, might lead to a condition where excess crystals might also get formed. In such a state the kidneys are unable to function properly to regulate the flow of urine. And in extreme cases, kidney failures are also reported. But, a look at some of the causes will give us a quick guide about what causes uric acid crystals in the urine.

Lack of enough water intakes
Dehydration is one of the key reasons why the urine in the body is unbaled to let go properly. The lack of enough intake of water disturbs the natural balance of the body and therefore, it becomes impossible for some to regain a healthy body once again.

The PH level in the urine drastically changes
Urine is basically alkaline in nature. The actual correspondence of urine helps to maintain body temperatures as well. The right condition of urine is its PH level which is balanced at 7. A higher PH is not good and this can only be improved through more and more water intake.

Stones in the bladder
All the above problems of kidneys can occur if the body is not given the right treatment it deserves. In extreme conditions, small crystals can be formed in the urine and this might affect the kidneys drastically. It is therefore high time to look after the welfare of the body so as to keep the kidneys and other organs working properly.

Poor diet
Too high protein foods can also lead to the formation of crystals in the kidneys. This actually densifies the urine, making it too acidic or alkaline. The kidney might also not function and in such a case, extreme medication is required.

Remedies to cure uric acid crystals and other diseases that are formed in the kidneys

Every problem has a solution and one needs to look for it to understand how to prevent the disease in near future. Some of the most obvious solutions are listed below:

  • In extreme conditions where the kidney is unable to function properly, a doctor can fix the condition through various surgeries.
  • Any disturbance while urinating should be reported and the PH level of urine must be kept in check.
  • An essential step is to drink lots and lots of water daily so that the body is able to continue with its natural system of regulation.
  • Too much protein like red meat or beef is not good for the health and eventually for the kidneys too.
  • Foods that contain too much acid must also be taken in moderate amounts.
  • All foods that contain too much salt must be avoided.

Keeping a healthy check on all the organs of the body

Since kidneys are one of the most vital organs in the body, it is essential to understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. The only ailment that strikes the kidney first is a urinary tract infection that generally takes a longer time to cure. There is essential to prevent all sorts of urinary diseases. This is because it causes other symptoms like swelling of the legs and joints, nausea, discoloration of the skin, etc.

One of the most effective ways to keep the kidneys in good condition is to have a good diet that replenishes the body from all sides. Even one must drink lots of water and other juices so that the kidneys are able to conduct the regular flow of minerals and other essential vitamins.

Additionally, the kidneys must also be maintained through regular exercise and yoga so as to assure lifelong sustenance. Every part of the body should be assessed and made sure of its proper functioning so as to stop diseases from springing up.

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