Today I will confer with you a really necessary topic. It is not only related with medical issues but social also. Virgin, though a six letter word but has a thousand word impacts on the mind of our conservative society.

Hymenoplasty – Reclaim Your Virginity

January 23, 2019 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin0

Today I will confer with you on a really necessary topic. It is not only related to medical issues but social also.

Virgin, though a six-letter word but has a thousand-word impact on the mind of our conservative society.

In our culture, women’s virginity is valued highly. And, losing one’s virginity before the wedding could be a big-big taboo.

The association of virginity loss with a penetrative epithelial duct sexual act is problematic. It makes heterosexual sex the quality by which we know virginity.

But virginity and hymens continue to be a matter of life and death for women in our conservative culture.

In religions like Islam, Hinduism, and numerous sects of Christianity and Judaism, sex before marriage is often forbidden.

Bleeding throughout the initial marital intercourse becomes proof of virginity. And some cultural ceremonies involve a bride showing her blood-stained bed sheets to her in-laws.

Friends this is the kind of pressure that women have to face for their virginity.

But friends, many times people have been misinformed biologically that a woman bleeds during first-time sex. How do we eradicate this untrue belief? Science has proven that the hymen explains it all.

First, for this, we need to understand

What is a Hymen?

The hymen is a membrane that covers part of the vaginal opening. It doesn’t always block or cover the whole vagina. If it did, girls wouldn’t be able to menstruate.

The hymnal tissue wears away with time and the opening widens as a result of exercise or the use of tampons.

Hymens appear in different shapes and sizes; some women are even born without a hymen. Human hymens have no clear biological purpose.

Now friends if a woman for any reason

  • has been sexually active before marriage


  • her hymen has been damaged because of excessive exercise or physical activities

The Hymenoplasty procedure allows her to safeguard her future in the conservative society. She can still attempt to opt for a traditional wedding without the fear of social stigma and enjoy their married life.

Hymenoplasty in layman’s words suggests obtaining a woman’s virginity back with cosmetic surgery of the Hymen!


With modern advancements friends, the medical system has been armed with cosmetic solutions for women today. Plastic surgeons across the country are recreating female virginity with a simple procedure.

What is a hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is plastic surgery of the hymen. It is a surgery without pain that reconstructs the hymen which tears throughout sexual intercourse, or trauma.

Hymenoplasty is also known as hymenorrhaphy. Surgeons would use a flap of vaginal lining for cosmetic restoration or construction of the hymen.

Restoration of the hymen is also known as revirginization. It holds considerable significance across many countries and cultures.

Sometimes, the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation is also performed along with the restoration of the hymen as the vagina may become lax with age.

Why do women go through hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a growing trend today. But it holds significant value for women – both physically and psychologically.

It is not just about sexual activity, but even with strenuous athletic activities the hymen may break. There are varied reasons women cite to go through this procedure:

  • Sexual assault: In this case, the hymenoplasty doesn’t just physically restore the hymen, but also provides psychological comfort to the woman. The woman feels that with this procedure she may lose her virginity to the person of her choice.
  • Wrong choice of sexual partner: When a woman feels strongly about her wish to bury the past, she may opt for hymenoplasty. She feels that certain bad decisions were made in the past which can be rectified through this procedure. Many women see their revirginization as an opportunity to start over.
  • Cultural beliefs: For some women, their culture is too important to be true. They want to give this virginal gift of an intact hymen to their husbands which will cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse.
  • A more satisfying sexual experience: Hymenoplasty along with vaginal rejuvenation also tightens muscles that may have become flaccid with age or childbirth. Some women consider hymenoplasty a tool for the enhancement of sexual pleasure.
  • Medical reasons: The hymen is a ring-shaped membrane that can be thin and flexible or thick and rigid. Sometimes it is too thick and covers the entire vaginal opening. For such imperf orated hymens, a small hole is made in the membrane to allow blood flow.

The numbers have undoubtedly accrued over the last 5 years. But I wouldn’t call it a dramatic increase.

It’s generally unmarried, young women, at least 60 percent of whom are college students. They are so much worried about what their families and also prospective grooms can say, so they insist on getting the procedure done.

Can virginity be restored? Is hymenoplasty helpful in regaining virginity? Here is my answer

Yes, of course! Once a Hymenoplasty is performed, it bleeds normally on having sex like the vagina usually does. It looks 100% natural with absolutely no traces of any surgery being detected.

What is the procedure of hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty could be a short surgery, usually performed under local anesthesia. We stitch up the torn edges of the hymen with fine dis solvable sutures, leaving no signs of any surgery being done. The sutures dissolve and also the recovery takes a couple of weeks. There might be slight bleeding for 2 to 3 days.

We recommend the patients use some pads and antibiotics to use outside.

There are many techniques used in hymenoplasty. The most common are the flap techniques, luminal reduction, surgical adhesion, and suture-only technique.

Whatever technique is used, the ultimate goal is forming between hymen remnants and narrowing the introitus. If the surgery is completed correctly and with success, the touched-up hymen becomes as good as new and it bleeds on sexual penetration.

In case of any discomfort, the patient should directly inform the doctor to avoid any attainable risks and complications.

When should it be done?

You can get a hymenoplasty done at any time you would like. If you are unmarried, it is advisable at least two or three months before marriage. Once the surgery is completed, it is as normal as the original, and won’t break until sexual intercourse is resumed again.

Who are the ideal or eligible candidates for Hymenoplasty?

Women choose the hymenoplasty procedure because of cultural and religious beliefs. The eligible candidates may include as such below:

  • Women who have ruptured their hymen due to pre-marital sex.
  • Women who are 18 years of age.
  • Women who do not have any major health problems and are physically fit.

What are the risks and complications of Hymenoplasty?

There is no evident risk concern throughout or after the surgery, as well as there is no complication either.

There might be mild bleeding happen from the surgical wound. It is possibly caused by walking or other activities, due to the use of small dissolving sutures.

Usually, the discomfort or swellings in the outer part of the vagina will apparently be subsidies within 24 to 48 hours.

While a woman may resume working the next day, any kind of stressful activity should be avoided. She should rest assured that doctors these days do their best to make the woman feel comfortable and confident in a way she feels right!

Well, most of my hymenoplasty patients ask me about

How it will affect their future pregnancy? Or will there be any future problems during pregnancy?

I have told my patients and I am also telling your friends that there are no risks with regard to future pregnancy. You will get pregnant normally.

How fast will be the recovery?

The recovery and complete healing from hymenoplasty may take up to 4-6 weeks. However, the patient can resume work in a day or 2 after the operation.

The patient is usually recommended to see the doctor right away if any unforeseen conditions like fever, bleeding, and abdominal pain occur.

You should refrain from active sex till you’re absolutely recovered from the surgery.

Is it safe?

Hymenoplasty could be a safe procedure because it does not involve any foreign material getting used. The sutures that we have a tendency to use are made of dissolvable material.

The natural membrane grows over the sutures covering it and forms a new natural mucosal membrane like the original hymen.

Can it be done more than once?

Yes. Hymen reconstruction is a tiny stitch procedure. It can be done more than once and is also safe.

Some useful and important information

Friends, there is some useful information I want to share with you apart from hymenoplasty. They are

Labiaplasty: External folds of genitalia are called labia. Sometimes they become very large and asymmetrical.

So reshaping the external skin folds of the vagina is called Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty changes the dimensions or form of the labia, typically making them smaller or correcting an asymmetry between them.
This is not only done in younger women but also in older women to give an aesthetic look to their genitalia.

Vaginoplasty: The vagina in young women is usually tight. It gets loose with traditional delivery, age, or obesity. If you want to get a vaginal tightened, and if your doctor also advises the same, it calls for a surgery called vaginoplasty.

It is a procedure that does “tighten up” the vagina that’s become slack or loose from childbirth or aging. It is a scarless and undetectable procedure.

Clitoridectomy: Sometimes informally called cutting. Clitoridectomy is the surgical removal of the clitoris.

It is a highly sensitive button-like part of the female reproductive system used mainly to heighten sexual pleasure.

It is also called circumcision of the female.

G-Spot Enhancement: the G-Spot is an area inside the vagina that is composed of erectile tissue.

It plays a major role in intercourse since it leads to strong sexual arousal. In this procedure, we put some filler inside the G-Spot.

So friends there is every kind of patient that I usually come across for hymenoplasty. And, they are:

  • Women who have children, but want to give a surprise to their partners
  • Women whose hymens have been damaged over the course of their lifetime
  • Women who belong to more orthodox backgrounds consider an intact hymen to be proof of virginity
  • Victims of rape
  • To be brides
  • Women who wish to feel young again.

We assured our patients of being professionally confidential with our clients. As most of our clients are young women who are afraid of their families and society.

We respect our patient’s privacy and kept it confidential.


So friends, through Hymenoplasty women are re-organized. It is a simple and painless procedure in which the hymen is surgically repaired.

Women can actually become virgins again.

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