Is Breast Implant Surgery Painful all women are curious to know about that and search on different platforms for more, so let's start the blog and clear all doubts.

How Painful Is Breast Implant Surgery? Things to Know Before

October 17, 2022 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Is Breast Implant Surgery Painful all women are curious to know about that and search on different platforms for more, so let’s start the blog and clear all doubts.

The procedure to enhance breast size is called breast augmentation or mammoplasty. The breast implant is inserting artificial breast fillers or silicone implants beneath the breast tissue or chest muscles.

One way that some women boost their self-esteem is by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The surgery can also enhance women’s breast size, help shape breasts, or repair volume lost due to weight loss or pregnancy. Consult a plastic surgeon if you’re thinking about getting breast implants.

Learn as much as possible about the surgery and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. The procedure can be performed in a hospital.

For this procedure, most women choose to have general anesthesia. The anesthesia will put you to sleep, removing discomfort during the procedure.

How Painful Is Breast Implant Surgery 

A. Immediately After Surgery 

Now is the time in your rehabilitation that you will feel minimum pain after the boob transplant. You may have slight soreness or stiffness in the breasts and chest when you come out of the general anesthesia used chiefly for your procedure. However, general anesthesia typically causes patients to feel sluggish and confused.

B. Hours after Surgery 

Mild aching or discomfort in the breast region does persist for a few hours following silicone surgery. Having silicone implants inserted below the muscle has been equated by certain women to the sensation of pulling a muscle.

C. Days after Surgery 

Maximum discomfort exists for the patient in the first three to five days post the silicone implant surgery. It is only natural for that to happen as the body experiences inflammation.

Such inflammation causes pain in areas where incisions are made, and implantation is done. In other words, the pain suggests that the healing process has started. The pain does disappear in a week with pain medications that are available over–the–counter to suppress the pain after the breast transplant surgery.

D. Weeks after Surgery 

Aches and pains experienced after silicone implantation typically lessens over the subsequent weeks. Within 2–3 weeks, most women report having either minor soreness or no pain.

Most postoperative pain should have subsided by the end of the first month. However, a few women liken the pain to the sensitivity they feel in their breasts with their periods approaching (PMS). The natural-looking implants will give the individual a morale boost.

How Long Is Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Period? 

It usually takes 6-8 weeks to recuperate after breast augmentation fully. Several factors, including your general health, rate of recovery, and the precise location of the implants, will combine to establish your expected full recovery time. The speed at which the recovery happens does tend to change with age.

Most women are cleared to resume their regular exercise routines and sexual activities approximately two months post-surgery. You can differentiate the fat transfer breast augmentation before and after, visibly after recovery.

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What Can You Expect During Your Recovery? 

Even though you’ll need to rest for a while (likely weeks), getting back on your feet isn’t too difficult after a breast implant surgery. You will be given easy-to-follow postoperative instructions as you progress through the various stages of your healing. Following surgery, you should follow these instructions:

  • Get some shut-eye
  • Rest and recuperate instead of pushing yourself to the limit
  • Try to rest and do easy things like walking
  • Avoid sleeping on your belly
  • Avoid bathing
  • Keep away from saunas and bathtubs with hot water, as they produce dangerously high temperatures

The doctors would also advise you on the following to facilitate your recovery after the boob transplant:

  • When you may take a shower
  • What kind of soaps to use, and 
  • What clothes to wear (such as cotton ones that don’t have to be pulled over your head)?
  • Apart from the above, they would also provide the patient with essentials that helps speedy and complete recovery. Such supplies include  the following:
  • Medicine,
  • Supportive bra, etc.
  • Incision care

What Factors Determine How Much Pain You Should Expect During Breast Implant Surgery? 

The pain you experience following silicone boob surgery depends on several factors. The most important among all these is your pain tolerance. In addition, there are various elements to consider, including the size, the type of implant used, its placement, and even whether or not the woman has previously given birth.

Implant Size

The following factors determine implant size: 

  • The number of cup sizes one can anticipate gaining after the augmentation procedure
  • The silicone implant’s weight

Implant Type

Since different implant types often correspond with weight, the degree to which you feel discomfort throughout recovery may also depend on your chosen implant type. For example, saline implants could be slightly easier on the body during recovery than silicone implants as they tend to weigh less.

Implant Position

Implant placement determines the level of discomfort one may expect to experience.

Where the implant is placed may be the best predictor of how much it will hurt. Breast augmentation can be performed as follows:

  1. submuscular (or) 
  2. sub-glandular

Sub-muscular implants:

Regarding breast augmentation, sub-muscular implants are the most uncomfortable to recover from since the muscle is straining to support the implant while it heals. 

Sub-glandular implants

Sub-glandular implants, implanted beneath the breast tissue but above the chest muscle, are associated with less postoperative discomfort.

Previous Pregnancy

It is a universal truth that women who undergo boobs operation would feel pain following the procedure. But it is also a fact that many women who have delivered and carried out breastfeeding experience less pain than those who have not.

Breast engorgement plays an essential role in this. The same experience or discomfort is felt by mothers who undergo breast transplant surgery after giving birth to a child.

While learning as much as possible about silicone implantation surgery beforehand is crucial, there are a few essentials you should be aware of before deciding to get the procedure. 

How Much Pain You Should Expect During Breast Implant Surgery
What Factors Determine How Much Pain You Should Expect During Breast Implant

Things you should know before you have Breast Implant Surgery 

While learning as much as possible about silicone implantation surgery beforehand is crucial, there are a few essentials you should be aware of before deciding to get the procedure. 

A. Plan your recovery period without any interference

  • A comfortable place to rest 
  • All medicines required to be stored 
  • Plan children’s activities so that they do not disturb you. 
  • Keep someone who can help you

B. Have confidence in your surgeon

Choosing a board-certified best breast implant surgeon in Delhi who is a proven breast augmentation expert is the most crucial aspect of this procedure. To do so, you need to:

  • Referrals from people 
  • Conducting online research 
  • Choose the surgeon who gives you choices

C. Patience

Cosmetic Surgery such as a breast operation results is not too quick as one may expect them to be. Things do change slowly but surely. The person would witness changes weekly, but the result would emerge after six to nine months. So, it’s best to be patient.

D. Thought process post-surgery

The human mind is filled with high expectations. Likewise, the person who has undergone breast augmentation has their expectations, which need not necessarily happen in full. The healing process is just necessary and one m for the best results to emerge.

E. Results are not universal

Even though the principal focus is on implant size, shape, and type, there are plenty of questions to consider. For example, lifestyles differ for women to take precautions, and so do breast augmentation results! In addition, the shape of the breasts tends to differ from woman to woman due to this factor. The before and after boob surgery will vary from one person to another.

Breast Implant Before And After Result
Breast Implant Before And After Result

Why opt for breast augmentation? 

If you are considering a boob transplant, you should know that it could:

Improve your looks.

  • If you feel self-conscious about your appearance because you have small breasts
  • One breast is smaller than the other due to pregnancy and delivery
  • If you have just given birth 
  • Lost a lot of weight
  • Even out the breasts after they have been operated on for something else
  • To gain self-confidence
Why Opt For Breast Augmentation, breast augmentation surgery
Why Opt For Breast Augmentation

These are the reasons one should opt for a breast transplant

Talk to your plastic surgeon about your expectations and the breast augmentation surgery cost in India so you can be realistic about the results.

What are breast implants? 

Saline implants 

Regarding breast augmentation, saline implants were the first type to be used and remain so to this day. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of saline implants:


  • Smaller incisions are possible
  • Saline occupies a more extensive part


• High Chances of Rupturing & Rippling

Silicone gel-filled implants 

The most common types of implants used nowadays are made of silicone gel, and this is because it gives the breasts a fuller appearance after augmentation while still maintaining a more natural feel, weight, and appearance.

Silicone implants are less likely to ripple. They are also found to be more durable. However, they do require relatively more significant incisions for implantation.

And there are alternative composite implants too.

What to expect During Breast Implant Surgery?

The process begins with a meeting with the plastic surgeon for a preliminary consultation. Talk about what you hope to achieve with the operation and any worries you have. Topics for discussion during this consultation are

Breast implant incision placement

  • Implant type
  • Implant form 

A customized bra will allow you to “test on” various breast filler sizes and forms. These measurements will give you a better idea of what shape and size will work best for you.

If you decide to proceed with a breast enhancement, you will finish your consultation with a thorough understanding of the procedure and an exact estimate of the associated costs.

If you have made up your mind to have the operation, you can schedule it right away. Alternatively, you can always phone the medical center and reschedule your operation for a later date if you need additional time. When scheduling, a deposit may be required to hold the surgical date. You can check out the breast augmentation surgery cost and the hospitals that offer breast implant surgery in Delhi to go ahead with your decision.

Incision options 

As there are multiple options available for breast augmentation, the surgeon is bound to choose one which he feels the patient would be comfortable with. The options are as follows: 

  • Inframammary incision.
  • Periareolar incision
  • Transaxillary incision
  • Transumbilical Approach

Inserting and placing an implant 

Incisions are placed in less-noticeable places to lessen the appearance of scarring as much as possible. Your surgeon will make correct incision choices after they have discussed the objectives with you in detail. There are a few choices of places an incision can be made:

  • Along the areolar border (peri-areolar incision),
  • The Inframammary fold, or 
  • The armpit (axillary incision)

There is more risk of complications when using a belly button incision. Breast augmentation incisions can range from minimal skin creases to more complex patterns depending on the patient’s anatomy. Apart from that, it is the surgeon’s personal preference.

Breast implants can be placed in two pockets once the incision is done. They are as follows:

  • Below the ‘pectoral’ muscle (or)
  • Above the pectoral muscle but below the breast tissue

Closing the incisions

Closing incisions post-breast augmentation follows a layered suture method. The first suture is on the breast tissue. It would follow by closing the skin with sutures again. However, a surgeon may opt to close it with either. 

  • Surgical tape 
  • Skin adhesive

Assessing the results 

To assess breast implants, there are three types of Diagnostic imaging studies are used. They are as follows:

  • Ultrasonography
  • Mammography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging

Through these three studies, one can determine

  • Implant integrity
  • Implant abnormalities 
  • Implant’s abnormalities of the capsules which surround it &
  • Condition of the breast, which has no bearing on the implant

Risks and Complications during Breast Implant Surgery

The breast implant surgery side effects are as follows: 

  • Abnormality in the form, size, or placement of one or both breasts.
  • A diminishing thickness of skin on the breasts.
  • Hardened deposits of calcium accumulate surrounding the implant underneath the skin.
  • Firming and contracting the breast in response to scar tissue forming around an implant
  • Malformation of the sternum, ribs, or chest wall
  • A loss in size because of a tear, cut, or leak
  • Slow or improper healing of cut
  • A breast implant exposed due to skin deterioration or breakdown
  • Painful swells and bruises due to the accumulation of blood around the area of the incision 
  • Accidental damage to tissue or implant during surgical procedures
  • Infections that arise as a result of toxic shock syndrome
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes
  • Improper placement of breast implant 
  • Complete decay of either skin or tissue as a result of an infection in breast surrounding areas
  • Development of a hole or perhaps tear after the implantation is made

The complications are as follows:

  • Breast redness
  • Abnormal, persistent swelling
  • Heat sensation
Risk And Complications During Breast Implant Surgery
Risk And Complications During Breast Implant Surgery

Choosing a Surgeon 

Do your research and select a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering breast augmentation. Check out the best breast implant surgeon in Delhi. There are potentially severe consequences to this operation. Choosing an experienced surgeon might reduce the dangers associated with breast augmentation. You can use this guide to help you choose a surgeon.

  1. Enquire About Experience – The most crucial factor is the experience of the surgeon. The longer the experience the better would be the choice. It is not that every doctor is perfect. But crucial or damaging mistakes made by the surgeon should rule him out.
  1. Check the Facility – The clinic or hospital should be fully equipped.
  1. Track down past patients – Have small conversations with patients treated in the past at the facility and with the doctor. It is information from the horse’s mouth.

Why choose Care Well Medical Centre?

When it comes to medical concerns, we choose a reliable professional. Someone who is not just proficient in their field but also cares for the healthy recovery of their patients. At Care Well Medical Centre, professionals are dedicated to offering quality services and serving them until they are completely healthy and happy to return home. Suppose you are in or around Delhi looking for breast augmentation surgery or consultation. In that case, you must make an appointment at the Care Well Medical Centre and evaluate your chances with the best professionals in the city.


Breast augmentation can alter the contour and size of the breasts. Your confidence and satisfaction with your appearance could arise after surgery. Yet, remember to maintain a level of realism and not anticipate perfection.

It is important to remember that your breasts will still age normally, even after a breast transplant. The appearance of your breasts may also alter if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight.

You may require additional breast surgery to address your dissatisfaction with the results of your initial procedure. In extreme cases of breast sagging, breast augmentation is not practical. 

Breast transplant surgery is an option for women who want to change their breasts for cosmetic reasons, such as increasing their size or changing their shape. A woman should make an educated decision about breast implants by first learning as much as possible about the surgeon, the surgery, and the hazards involved. You can have breast lifting performed concurrently with breast augmentation or later. 

FAQs about Breast Implant Surgery

Q1. How Long Before I Can Bath or Shower?

Ans: Precautions to be taken by the patient after silicone surgery are listed below: 

• Do not wet the bandage 

• Do not shower within the first 48 hours 

• In case the necessity to shower arises, consult your doctor

• Post-surgery, it is best to avoid any water area which, includes swimming pools, for a minimum of six – weeks 

• Never use a lotion or a deodorant in areas where incisions have been made.

Q2. How Soon Can I Go Back to Work?

Ans: The time it takes to get back to work after a silicone implant surgery depends on several different things, such as:

  • A complicated operation may lengthen the recovery time after the surgery. 
  • Submuscular implant insertion typically requires more recovery time because of the resulting muscle discomfort
  • Natural healing processes in your body – Pain tolerance differs, and so does the speed at which we recover

It is dependent on the physical demands of your profession.

Q3. When can I drive?

Ans: The driving routine can start earlier than any other activity after breast implant surgery. However, bear the following conditions in mind:

• Never try it within a week

• If your medication causes drowsiness, never drive till you finish the dosage 

• Stitches and sutures allow limited movement. Be aware of it while driving

• It is best to start driving after two weeks, so as not to endanger one

Q4. How Soon Will I Be Able to Sleep on My Belly?

Ans: It is important to remember that sleeping on your stomach has to be avoided following a breast operation. 

If there have been no complications, you may do so after two to four weeks for a few women.

However, most women need several more weeks or months to feel completely at ease lying on their bellies as they need more acclimatization.

Q5. How Soon Will I See The Results?

Ans: It usually takes three months for women to see their full results. However, it depends upon the following types of breast fillers. It would take longer to see results if 

• The implant is done under the chest muscles

• In case it is a silicone implant

• In case it is a saline implant

• In case one does not have muscular chest muscles

Q6. Will breast augmentation increase my risk of breast cancer? 

Ans: According to research, the chances of developing breast cancer are reduced in women who receive breast implants. Nonetheless, this decreased danger is probably attributable to characteristics shared by women who opted for breast implants. Thinner women have a reduced chance of developing breast cancer. Cosmetic breast augmentation with either saline or silicone implants has not been proven to raise the risk of breast cancer. One study found that the rate of breast cancer among women after breast implant surgery was from one in 3,800 to one in 30,000.

Q7. How Soon Can I Travel After Breast Augmentation?

Ans: While opinions on how soon you can travel following breast surgery vary widely among specialists, most surgeons agree that it is best to wait at least a week.

Most significant issues after breast operation occur during this period; therefore, staying in touch with your surgeon is essential. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is the greatest danger of flying after cosmetic surgery, and it happens when life-threatening blood clots form in the legs. Therefore, waiting at least two weeks for shorter flights and four weeks for long-duration flights is often recommended.

Q8. How Soon Will My Implants Drop into Place?

Ans: Do not worry if it takes more time than you thought for your breast implants to firm up. Multiple factors could cause this to take more time. Some of these are 

• Heavy implants take lesser time than the lighter ones

• Smooth implants take lesser time compared to textured implants due to friction

• Generally, it takes a minimum of three months and six months for normalcy

Q9. How Soon Can I Wear a Normal Bra?

Ans: Compared to regular bras, a compression garment or supportive bra is the best to wear as they make your life easier after breast augmentation. They will also shield your incisions from irritation to minimize oedema and pain and maximize your outcomes. 

You can go back to wearing a “regular” bra after four to six weeks of your silicone implant surgery. Your surgeon may provide some specific advice during your follow-up visits. Such advice encourages you to wait until your breasts are fully developed before switching to a regular bra.

Q10. How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Have Sex?

Ans: Generally, women can indulge in sexual intercourse after two to three weeks have elapsed post-breast augmentation. However, it is not advisable to start if you:

• Feel soreness

• Medication nausea

• Lack freshness

• feel uncomfortable

One can seek the doctor’s advice, who may ask you to resume it if he finds the healing process satisfactory. Even then, it’s best to avoid the following:

• Allowing up & down movements of the breasts

• Allowing your partner to touch the area of incisions

Q11. How Soon After Surgery Can I Resume Exercising?

Ans: Generally, if you were a fitness-prone person before the boobs surgery, you can return to it after a week. Resuming workouts depends entirely on the kind of breast augmentation one has had. However, it is best to follow the rules found below: 

• Choosing exercises that are moderate

• Exercises that do not impact the incision areas

• Make a slow start and increase intensity but control that too

• Protect oneself with innerwear

• Follow the physician’s advice

Q12. How Soon Can I Swim After Breast Augmentation?

Ans: Most patients are cleared to gradually resume activity on dry-land three to six weeks after a breast transplant surgery. However, waiting four weeks before entering the swimming pool is best. The reasons for this advice are as follows:

• Pools, despite chlorination, have microbes that may cause infection

• The chances are that one may exert their chest muscles swimming 

• Accidental touches of your incision area by others in the pool

Q13. Can I Massage My Breasts After Surgery?

Ans: Among many pieces of advice that a doctor renders on caring for one’s breasts after surgery is a regular massage. There are certain benefits in doing so. They are as follows:

• Prevents setting in of capsular contracture

• Quickens recovery time

• Regular or daily massage promotes the natural setting of implants

Q14. How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After Breast Augmentation?

Ans: No proper answer exists on how breast implants would shape up if the patient becomes pregnant. Generally, the breasts are found to sag and droop, and the size does decrease. Hence it is better to get pregnant and deliver before undergoing breast augmentation. However, experts ask the patient to delay pregnancy for six months and twelve at the maximum.

Q15. When Will I Recover Normal Sensations In My Breasts After Surgery?

Ans: The sensation does take time to return to the breasts after implant surgery. Patients have reported two months at the minimum and three at the maximum for such normal feelings to return. The worst scenario is six months; the nipples feel the first sensations.

Q16. When Should I Schedule A Breast Surgery Consultation To Discuss the Next Step?

Ans: Once you have understood the whole process of a breast transplant, you can consult the best breast implant surgeon in Delhi to discuss the further steps. They can also give you a fair idea of breast augmentation surgery costs in India.

Q17. Can I breastfeed with breast augmentation?

Ans: One can generally breastfeed her child despite the implant surgery. However, the milk supply through the breasts may sometimes be short. Therefore, it is wrong to conclude that any abnormality is due to breast augmentation, as there might be issues before such silicone surgery. However, the more significant concern is that the size and shape of the breasts may change upon breastfeeding.


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