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Breast Implant Augmentation in Delhi

Breast Implant Augmentation in Delhi

Get a latest Dual Plane method for breasts implant surgery, breast augmentation and enlargement procedure in Delhi, India with best cost/prices by an experienced cosmetic surgeon at Care Well Medical Centre.

Breast Enlargement/Augmentation and Breast Implant is not about looks and cosmetic reshaping. It is more of self-esteem and confidence

Get the best Breast Enlargement Surgery / Breast Implant Surgery in Delhi by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre. It is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in South Delhi, CR Park.

Breast Augmentation is done by Fat Transfer technique (Autologous Fat). This gives the best results with no complications.

Breast enlargement, Augmentation or mammoplasty is a surgical procedure. In this with the help of breast implant women can have symmetry and fullness to small breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery is to restore the breast volume to women who have small breasts or weight loss after pregnancy.

This is a primary mechanism used for reconstruction of the breasts. It is applied to affect the special post known as mastectomy breast reconstruction.

The repair of wounded breast is consequent to a cancerous breast. This is done for correction of congenital defects of the breasts. It is even done for correction of congenital defects of chest wall.

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It is an elective cosmetic surgery in which primary augmentation changes the following aesthetics of the healthy breasts:

  • Size of breasts
  • Shape of the breasts
  • Alteration of texture of breasts

The three types are done for breasts augmentation and they may be discussed as following:
breast implant,

Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implantation

In this type of implantation the breasts are filled with silicone gel. The gel is more likely a natural breast tissue. On few situations the gel may leak out and it may remain with the implanted shell or it may escape in the implanted pocket of the breast. If the implant is leaking somehow it will never collapse.

If a woman is choosing silicone gel implantation, she needs to visit her surgeon on regular basis to assure that her implantation is functioning normally and properly. Surgeon secures the decision with a procedure of ultrasound or MRI screening through which the condition of breast implantation can be accessed.

Saline Filled Breast Implantation

In this type of breasts implantation the breasts are filled with sterile salt water. The implantation is carried out by filling the shells with a plastic gel which is nothing but saline. In case of leakage of the filled sterile salt water, implantation of saline will collapse.

The saline will be absorbed by the body and it will be expelled by the body through natural processes. It is not of any danger to the patient and do not cause any type of defect or injury to the body. This does not cause any risk to the patient.

Saline water implantation provides a uniform shape to the breasts. They become firm less and feel soft and smooth in touch and shape. They are been advised by the doctors for women of age 18 or older. This implantation is not expected to last lifetime. They may or may not collapse in short term duration or long term durations.

Shaped Implants like Pear Shaped

breast implant in delhi

These types of implantations are carried out in pear shaped body to go with a breast augmentation which will enhance the shape of your body. The body will appear to look curvy, balanced and the waist will appear to be narrower. The body shape will turn out to be elegant, shaped and classy.

Once the implantation is done in the body, an individual starts to look graceful. Women find it that the clothes are fitting in their bodies with more eases and grace. This develops the confidence level of a woman. This raises the bar of the patient confidence.

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Dual Plane Procedure for Breast Augmentation


If you are researching or contemplating having Breast implant surgery there are many other decisions that you need to consider when you choose to have Breast Augmentation surgery. The question of whether to place the implant under the muscle, partial or over is the subject of consultation.

Until recently we knew of only two techniques of breast augmentation.

  • The sub-glandular
  • Sub-muscular implant placement techniques

Now the latest treatment is there; Dual Implant placement. This is a combination of sub-glandular and sub-muscular.

Now combining the advantages from both sub-glandular and sub-muscular placement, dual plane breast augmentation provides a slight breast lift and a natural breast appearance.

Dual Plane Breast Implant Placement for Breast Augmentation client presents a technique that allow two pocket planes (dual plane) to be developed in a single patient, adjusting the implant and tissue relationships to ensure adequate soft-tissue coverage while optimizing implant–soft-tissue dynamics, to offer increased benefits and fewer tradeoffs compared with a single pocket location in a wide range of breast types.

It is best if you look at the image at the top. Here you will see the above part of the breast implant is covered by the pectoralis major muscle and the lower part of the muscle fascia (a thin tissue that covers the muscle)

How Dual Plane Implant Placement Works?

During a dual plane breast augmentation, the pectoralis major muscle is released onto two planes.

  • First, the bottom of the muscle is released from the chest wall.
  • Second, the overlying breast tissue is partially released from the muscle.

This allows the top portion of the implant to be covered by both breast tissue and pectoral muscle. The rest of the implant is covered by breast tissue only.

The exact degree to which the muscle is released from the breast tissue is determined on a

  • Case-by-case basis
  • Depending on the patient’s anatomy
  • Esthetic goals

The fact that the dual plane technique can be adjusted to achieve optimal implant placement for each individual makes it a superior choice for most breast augmentation patients.

Why Should I opt for a Dual Plane technique?

  • Fewer complications, such as the formation of capsular contracture. A complication that concerns 1-20% of women who have been submitted to breast augmentation surgery. By placing the implant below the muscle and the fascia you can cut the implant’s contact with the mammary gland. This is a manoeuvre that can possibly cut the formation of capsular contracture
  • A natural result particular for thin patients with very small breasts. This can be achieved as the upper part of the implant is then covered by the muscle.
  • The possibility of implant dropping is reduced. The muscle and fascia secure the implant and keep it in the right position
  • You will avoid malformations to the implant due to the strength exercised by the pectoralis major (as is the case in the sub muscular technique). The so-called “open breast” abnormality.
  • The possibility of palpating the implant’s borders is reduced.
  • No wrinkles are formed on the upper part of the body.

Time Frame required for Breast Implantation

The surgeon will do the implantation either above or below the chest muscle which is common. Implantations which are done above the muscle; time of recovery is less i.e. it heels up faster and it is less painful. These surgeries can cause a bit of pain and swell up the implanted area for few weeks.

These surgeries take a recovery time about for a month. Now, the implantation which is done below the muscle can cause severe pain. And, for these surgeries medication is required at least for two weeks.

Below the muscle impartations, take a heeling period of minimum six months. This is with complete precautions and needs complete care. Visiting the doctor in both the cases is mandatory. Prescribed meditation should be taken time to time.

Side Effects of Breast Implantation

There is no major side effect of breast implantation or breast argumentation. Few effects such as pain, swellings, bruising, stiffness in the chest muscle with recovery and sensitivity of the nipples may matter as a regard of effect in this case. These effects are very minimal and eradicate within few weeks causing no other side effect.

But there is an only risk of getting infected for which the surgeon prescribes the regular antibiotics to the patient. If any other side effect is been recognized by the patient, she should immediately visit the doctor and get the prescription.

Few Considerations

Implantation of the breasts can be done in many surgical ways which includes few varieties. It may include the surgeries around the belly button, armpits and around the nipples.

Few scarring may takes place depending upon where the surgery is been made on body of the patient. Armpits incisions are merely visible until the arm is been raised high. In the belly area the scarring caused is minimal where incisions are made.

Comparatively to both the incisions made on the nipple cause the greatest amount of scarring of all three. This should be taken care of through the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Prevention during Breast Implantation

The side effects of breast implantation can be minimized by taking few necessary precautions. Complete bed rest is been advised after the surgery by the surgeon, which should be taken care of. On the swollen breasts, ice packs should be used to reduce the swelling and pain.

Few antibiotics should be taken regularly as prescribed by the surgeon until reduction in the breast pain and swelling. The patient is strictly advised not to take shower during the course of surgery. He should not even raise arms even that will lead to pain and swelling up in the breasts.

What is the cost of breast augmentation surgery?

The average cost of breast implant augmentation surgery is $1,099 (75000 Rupee ) to $1,466 ( 1 Lakh ).

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