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PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

Best PRP Treatment for Hair Fall in Delhi, India

Cost of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Delhi : Get best procedure for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy in Delhi. We offers best Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi, India at Care Well Medical Centre.

PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment which incorporates technique of drawing out a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injected it into the scalp in the areas which suffer from hair loss. This plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is pretty beneficial in healing and tissue regeneration. PRP Therapy Hair Loss holds vital proteins that promote natural hair growth.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has also come up with a latest technique for the treatment of different kinds of alopecia. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair re-growth is a non-surgical, in-office treatment extracted from the patient’s own blood that can be performed in about an hour.
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Usefulness of PRP in hair loss has been demonstrated in a potential study of revamped PRP therapy, where, safety, reliability, feasibility and efficacy of PRP injections in treating androgenic alopecia were assessed. 11 patients subjected to androgenic alopecia type of hair loss and not positively retorting to 6 months treatment with Finasteride and Minoxidil were covered in this abstract. A hair pull test was conducted prior to each treatment session.

A total number of 2-3 cc PRP was injected in the head by using an insulin syringe. The treatment was repeated in every 2 weeks, for a total of four times. The final result was assessed after 3 months by hair pull test, clinical evaluation, macroscopic images, and patient’s overall satisfaction.

PRP Therapy Hair Loss Results

A noteworthy decrease in hair loss was seen between 1st and 4th injection. Number of Hair increased from average number of 71 hair follicular units to 93 follicular units. Therefore, average mean gain obtained is 22.09 follicular units per cm2. After the 4th session, the hair pull test came out to be negative in 9 patients.


PRP injection is a safe, feasible, effective and easy treatment option for androgenic alopecia, with significant overall patient’s satisfaction.

How does PRP Therapy work?

PRP Therapy treatment in Delhi

After the area of concern is recognized, gauged and assessed, standardized medical images are taken in the images entourage. Specific gentle and sterile tools and techniques are used to set apart and concentrate the plasma and platelets from a small sample of peripheral blood.

PRP and a small sample of the blood are tested in a hematology analyzer to count and record the improved platelet concentration. PRP consist of growth factors and cytokines that have been documented to be responsible for prompting and enhancing hair follicle function. The PRP Therapy Hair Loss may be merged Extracellular Matrix (like ACell or BioD) or ECM for a healthier and longer hair growth outcome.

It has been reported by some patients and doctors that when Extracellular Matrix or ECM products such as ACell (porcine bladder-extracted) or BioD (human amniotic placenta-extracted) are added to PRP in correct amount, a longer and stronger duration of hair growth improvement has been noticed.
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The scalp is prepared with antiseptic lotion and anesthetic (a “ring block,” not just a local anesthetic solution) is applied to fully numb the scalp for a 100% painless process. Small PRP injections supply the influential platelet-derived growth factors into the skin at the degree of the weak follicles. Mechanical, Electronic microneedling is performed. A session of Low Level Laser Therapy is performed by the doctor before the patient leaves the office.

Who should opt for PRP?

Though PRP treatment produces potential results for people suffering from various types of hair loss, it is not for everyone. People who have already lost all hair, means they have gone completely bald. Here cannot opt for PRP treatment as it does not help to grow new hair on a bald scalp. It can only effective in making the existing thinning hair thicker by reinforcing the hair follicles.

People who are suffering from thinning hair, androgenetic alopecia(male pattern baldness)- hair loss at the temples, top of the scalp and a receding hairline, females with male pattern alopecia can all potentially benefit from it.

PRP Hair Restoration is otherwise appropriate for both males and females. It is thought to be a world-class, completely natural, non surgical, alternative clinical procedure performed for the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning.

Expected results

You may soon observe a fuzz of hair after the fourth session. PRP Therapy Hair Loss treatment studies and evidences indicates that the therapy not just stimulate hair growth but also strengthens hair follicles. It is a pretty safe, non-surgical procedure without any side-effects. Since it engages deriving out blood and numerous needle pricks. It may appear uneasy and spine-chilling process but a numbing gel is applied before starting the procedure to eliminate any sort of discomfort.


Cost for PRP varies from doctor’s experience and skills, clinic to clinic and usage of upgraded techniques. It begins from Rs 5,000 and can go up to Rs 15,000 per sitting and is relatively low from other alternatives.


PRP Therapy Hair Loss can be used in conjunction with some hair transplant procedures.
As of current time, there is not yet medical proof that PRP works effectively for hair loss. But the results are undeniably quite promising.

There is no risk associated with PRP therapy because the enriched plasma has been generated from the patient’s own blood. Allergic reaction and infections are extremely rare because a concentrated count of white blood cells produce a part of the PRP which are the body’s natural protector against infections.
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