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Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi

Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi

Best Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Breast reduction is one of the most important cosmetic procedures for women to have. When a women has large and disproportional breasts it can cause back and neck problem to them, also it may seem having large breasts is a sign of beauty but it can also take its emotional toll. Breast reduction surgery is a very serious decision for women to make and at Care Well Medical Centre for Holistic Health and plastic surgery we insure total secrecy and believe in sharing all information to our patients.

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin who is chief of plastic surgery at Care Well Medical center first would take a comprehensive interview of the patient before deciding to go ahead with the surgery.

All aspect of the patient’s physical and mental health is discussed and various medical checkups are conducted to see if the candidate is suitable to have the surgery. Also it is important for patient to disclose any current medication which they are taking to avoid complications.
The patients are required to take the following tests:

  • Mammogram test (if necessary)
  • Specific blood test

Also all aspect of the procedure is fully disclosed to the patient so that she can make a informed choice. This is a fundamental practice which we take very seriously.

Instruction to patient post and after Surgery

It is imperative the patient follows all the instructions given to her by the doctor because it will have bearing on the surgery and the end result itself.
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  • Patient must refrain from smoking cigarettes and consume alcohol one week minimum before the surgery and the moratorium also must extend to six to eight weeks after the surgery.
  • Patient must wear a special surgical bra for a period of time day and night to help maintain shape
  • Patient must not lift any heavy weights or do physical activity for a prescribed period of time.

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How the breast size is reduced?

The plastic surgeon will make a precise incision around your nipple then move downward on the breast to remove extra skin, tissue and fat from your breasts. After that the doctor will re-position your nipple.

How much time will the Breast reduction surgery take?

The time it might take for the surgeon to finish the surgery is usually two to five hours but it might differ on a case by case basis.

What type of anesthetic will be used?

In breast reduction surgery general anesthetic is used and during the entire operation patient will be asleep and feel no pain.

Will I have to stay in the clinic after the operation?

In most cases patient can leave after the effect of the anesthesia wore of. However in some cases, we prefer to keep the patient under observation for just one day. Also it is important to bring a close friend or relative to take you safely back to your place.

How soon I can get back to work?

If you are working professional it is important for you to take a week off so plan ahead. If you are a house wife then make sure you are not doing any heavy lifting or any household work which can cause stress.

When the bandages and stitches will be removed?

This happens after the follow up appointment.

Will I be in pain and have discomfort after the surgery?

It is only natural to have some pain and discomfort which can be do away with some medication which the doctor will prescribe.

What side effect I may encounter?

In most cases where patients follow all the instructions given by the doctor do not encounter any side effect. However in some rare cases

  • A patient’s nipple might not heal properly and skin grafts are required.


Will all the scars go away?

That is not possible but during the surgery every effort is made to minimize scarring and in most cases it is barely visible after some time.

We at Care Well Medical Centre believe this is a very important life decision so if you have any more questions fell free to contact us or book an appointment.
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