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Inner Thighs Liposuction

Inner Thighs Liposuction

Top-class Inner Thighs Liposuction: Get the best consultation and the best package for inner thighs liposuction at our medical center.

Fat formation on the inner side of the thighs can be quite discomforting due to the abrasion between the fat deposits. The inner thighs are the hardest to keep in shape with diet and exercise alone, and thus women can put on weight on the lower side of the body This makes the inner thighs liposuction procedure a very common one as it significantly improves the contours, that reduces abrasion making it more easier for women to walk confidently as well as deliver nicely contoured thighs.
With liposuction of the inner thighs women can wear a bathing suit on the beach. Liposuction of the inner thighs requires a microcannula that has a diameter of about 3mm. Tumescent liposuction is a procedure that is used for the inner thighs, but if the skin on your thighs is wrinkled, flabby or inelastic then laser assisted liposuction should be a preferred choice. The advanced laser technique gives a firm and improved contour, it is a very common practice to have nicely contoured thighs with proportionate knees*.

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Eventually, if the knees are fat and not proportionate, there is a good probability of getting a knee liposuction too. The cost of this procedure completely depends on whether the surgery is performed on the inner thighs or a knee liposuction is required as well. The procedure takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. The inner thigh lipo gives a stable result, but patients need to maintain a suitable diet and exercise regime.
Patients are required to wear 2nd level compressive stockings for a period of 30 days and thereafter 1st level compressive stockings. Some bruising is expected for a few days and the pain is minimal. Excellent results can be expected for women whose thigh contours are smooth and elastic*.
Contact us to know more for Inner Thighs Liposuction procedure you would require. We would brief you on each and every aspect of this procedure that includes the type of procedure, the cost of inner thigh liposuction, the complete operative process, post-operative healing & care, and much more.

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