The answer is yes! Laser hair removal treatment drastically diminishes hair growth. It does not eliminate unwanted hair forever but lessens the growth to make your skin look hairless.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

November 7, 2022 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

The answer is yes! Laser hair removal treatment drastically diminishes hair growth. It does not eliminate unwanted hair forever but lessens the growth to make your skin look hairless.

Some of the most effective types of laser hair removal treatments deliver results to such an extent that you would not witness any hair growth for months and even years. Additionally, the hair that pops up is most often thinner. 

Nowadays, millions of people regularly opt for laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair reduction is a medical technique that uses a concentrated laser ray or light to eliminate unwanted hair. The procedure uses a laser light emission that is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair.

This laser light energy is conveniently converted into heat. This heat damages the tube sacs in the hair follicle responsible for producing hair. The incurred damage delays or inhibits the growth of hair. 

Several laser sittings are required for the initial hair removal process. One might as well require some maintenance treatments. Laser is a successful procedure for most masses and can be performed on all skin types.

Types of Laser Hair Removal Treatments and How They Work

Laser techniques are standard these days as they provide a hassle-free lifestyle. There are various kinds of laser treatments one can opt for. The experience of the laser technician also plays a role in dictating how many sessions an individual might require for hairless skin.

Listed below are the different types of laser hair reduction treatments. 

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

The Alexandrite Laser is one of the most aggressive, sensitive, and highly effective laser treatments. It is used to perform the laser procedure on skin tones varying from Caucasian to olive tones. While speaking of hair texture, the Alexandrite Laser is ideal for working on hair ranging from black to brown and most delicate to coarse hair kinds.

The Alexandrite method is considered popular among different types of laser hair reduction procedures as:

  • There are many women whose skin is light-tone 
  • The pain is relatively less than in other laser methods
  • The reason for the pain being lesser is because
  • The laser’s Wavelength is shorter
  • Penetration shorter
  • Warrants more sessions 
  • Lesser long-lasting

As the Alexandrite Laser is one of the most effective laser hair treatment methods, you can consult your physician and opt for it as your hair removal treatment type. A professional would be an ideal individual to suggest the best treatment procedure for your hair type. 

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The diode laser hair removal procedure protects your skin while gently removing hair. It is a universal treatment well-suited for all types of skin. In several patients, the Diode procedure removes hair in the long term. It can be performed on the patient with nil to minimize discomfort.

The Diode Laser Hair Removal method is:

  • The penetration is deeper
  • longer Wavelength 
  • Ideally suits women with coarse hair 
  • Women with a dark skin tone
  • Warrants fewer sessions relatively

​​If you wish to opt for the Diode laser hair reduction treatment, consult with a learned professional. An experienced individual would best advise you on the line of treatment. 

Ruby Laser Hair Removal

Ruby laser hair removal is the oldest laser hair removal procedure. It is best suited for delicate and light hair types. It is not recommended to be used on individuals with darker and tanned skin types. It covers a comparatively smaller region than other laser procedures. If you are someone with a white or fair skin tone, you can opt for the Ruby laser hair reduction treatment.

The Ruby Laser hair removal method is:

  • Almost the pioneer method
  • It is relatively the slowest
  • Less effective 
  • Suits light skin- toned
  • Suits individuals with more delicate hair 
  • Side effects are a certainty but not long-lasting

Thus, if you are someone with delicate hair, Ruby laser hair reduction treatment is the ideal one for you. Connect with an experienced professional to know more about the same. 

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a medical treatment that is used to remove unwanted hair and reduce the symptoms of aging. It works similarly to laser treatments. IPL gives out multiple wavelengths while lasers give out single wavelengths of energy. Thus, IPL can treat a larger portion of skin as compared to laser. The IPL is not a laser treatment but Intense Pulsed Light, and it: 

  • Has the same effect as a laser on the hair follicles
  • It can be customized to suit the individual
  • Adjustable wavelengths/power levels 
  • Warrants many sessions but depends upon the individual’s skin tone and hair type

The biggest question is, is diode laser hair removal permanent? Well, it is almost permanent. It can last between 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

No matter which laser hair reduction you opt for, you will get hair-free, smooth skin. You can consult a professional to suggest the kind that would suit your requirements and skin type the most. 

Short summary:

Among the types of laser hair removal for dark skin, diode laser hair removal is the most popular. However, only four types are considered the most effective types of laser hair removal.

Which body parts are covered in Laser hair removal Treatment

Let us discuss which body parts are covered in Laser hair removal treatment one by one in detail.

Brazilian vs. Bikini Laser Hair Removal 

Many people confuse a bikini line treatment with a Brazilian because of the similarities. However, women sometimes find it more comfortable to learn about the differences independently rather than ask the professional at hair removal salons. Such knowledge would help the lady avoid embarrassing moments and ensure their exact expectation.

The labia and perineum are also included in the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, making it a more comprehensive procedure than a bikini treatment. Although women who select Brazilian treatments are left entirely hairless, many preserve a small strip of pubic hair. You can modify either choice to meet your specific needs.

The term “bikini line” describes the region of skin that extends below the waistband of a pair of pants. You may feel confident in a bikini or shorts thanks to laser hair reduction that extends up to three inches past your natural bikini line. In addition, underwear is explicitly designed to hide any portion of the Labia or the upper part of the pubic mound.

Although this, many clients request that these regions be treated as well. Bikini waxing is done with the aid of special wax. The wax may be cold or hot, but it does stick to the pubic hairs. The wax pulls the hair along with it when pulled out rapidly, and a cotton strip is used for this purpose. The same holds when shaving the bikini area.

Choose the Bikini Laser hair removal method if you want the following:

  • Razor burns to disappear
  • Ingrown hairs to be minimized
  • Minimize shaving 
  • Enjoy sun-tan
  • Avoid irritations 
  • Sweating in the pubic region
  • Display flawless skin

Opt for the Brazilian laser hair removal method if you desire to 

  • Completely stop shaving 
  • Stop spending time and money on hair removal
  • Ingrown hairs never to rise again 
  • Eliminate razor burns permanently 
  • Stop sweating in the pubic area forever
  • Put an end to irritations 
  • Stop chafing

You will see the visual difference in your full Brazilian laser hair removal before and after photos. Not only that, you would also get soft and supple skin after laser hair reduction without the regular hassles of waxing or threading. 

Underarms Laser Hair Removal

Almost all women and some men use razors to shave the hair which grows on their underarms. Shaving may be the most common way to get rid of hair beneath the arms, but it cannot be considered the most efficient way.

The frequent necessity of underarm hair removal, however, can make the process of doing so tiresome. Instead, you can permanently remove the hair on your underarms with laser hair removal and skin whitening methods. The benefits of underarm laser hair removal are briefly discussed below.

  1. Body odor reduces immediately as underarm hair is the primary source of the odor. 
  2. Reduced sweating due to hair removal in the armpit area. It also stops the odor, but most importantly, it makes the whole body sweat less, and the sweat patches in your dress disappear.  
  3. Permits one to wear fashionable dresses, which include sleeveless ones. You can raise your arms in public in confidence. Laser hair reduction treatment does not even leave stubbles which razor shaving does.
  4. Ingrown hair needs to be factored into this. Shaving is cheaper but leads to new ingrown hair, which results in increased sweating and body odor. You will never see dark underarms after laser hair removal compared to shaving, and at the same time does not present the risk of new Ingrown hair.

Face Laser Hair Removal

Let us understand the benefits of face laser hair removal and laser hair removal work.

Most people who want to remove unattractive facial hair opt for face laser hair removal. It is one of the most hassle-free ways to permanently eliminate unwanted hair, making it a popular choice among busy professionals. For smooth facial skin and to eliminate unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, and side locks, many women turn to laser hair reduction; this is the targeted area.

The advantages of laser hair removal for both men and women the face are:

  • Face laser not only reduces and prevents hair growth in the targeted areas, but the treatment results are also enduring.
  • Men can sport a well-defined beard and mustache.
  • It is a highly safe procedure as there is no damage caused in the surrounding areas of the treatment.
  • Saves time, effort, and money by avoiding frequent visits to the saloon for plucking and waxing.
  • Men also save time by avoiding trimming and shaving every day.

Face and neck laser hair removal costs about Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 in India. However, you can consult a professional to know the exact amount for your required treatment. 

Body Parts Covered In Laser Hair Removal
Body Parts Covered In Laser Hair Removal

Short Summary:

The laser method of removing hair is not only for the hair in and around the pubic and leg area but also extends to the face and armpits. The laser hair removal method is economical in the long run compared to methods like shaving, which is done at home. The time factor has also to be factored in.

Essential Tips about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is standard, but it can become even more convenient if you know specific tips and tricks. Here are some suggestions for Laser Hair Removal Tips For First Time Patients:

  • Shave before the treatment: It’s best to avoid waxing and plucking your hair at home if you plan to undergo laser treatment shortly. Such an act hinders the laser treatment; at best, you can run a razor to remove excess grown hair at home.
  • Take multiple sessions for the best result: It’s important to remember that each hair is unique because it has its own granules. Laser hair removal is more effective on people with dark hair and complexion. Remember that laser hair removal only destroys roughly 80% of hair follicles. You will need more sessions to get the desired effect, especially if your skin is light.
  • Learn about post-treatment irritation: Read on if you are wondering what to do before and after laser hair removal. Before getting laser hair removal, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the procedure and its potential adverse effects. Side effects like swelling and itching may bother you post-treatment. However, all of them are pretty normal and will disappear quickly enough. You can apply a cold or warm compress to the affected area for alleviation. You can also consult a medical professional for advice on how to treat skin irritation and edema.
  • Avoid sun exposure: The hairs on our skin serve a function, however minor it may seem. Our skin is shielded from the sun’s rays to some extent. When the treatment removes hair, it also removes protection from the sun’s UV radiation. Your doctor may recommend that you minimize exposure to sunlight or use sunscreen whenever you go outside post-treatment.

If you pay attention to the tips mentioned and follow the guidelines set out by your doctor, you will end up having the best results. Remember, ignorance can lead to affect your expected results. 

Short Summary

The four pieces of advice above would educate the newbie about laser hair treatments. Removing unwanted hair is essential if you value having soft, smooth skin. Shaving and waxing are temporary solutions, although they can help. Laser hair removal is an option for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair without the discomfort of waxing or shaving and for a more extended period.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

It is the hair follicles that are the only target of the laser light used in the laser process of hair removal. There is heat, but one may not feel it. The feeling experienced during the treatment is similar to the impact of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

The discomfort of a mild nature is bound to exist, and the result would be evident as you observe the redness & irritation. In addition, you can experience some discomfort during the treatment. 

Whether or not laser hair removal hurts depends on the area of the body being treated. For those with already vulnerable skin, the sting will be even worse. Your healthcare professional may apply numbing lotion to your skin before the treatment to reduce discomfort. You might not even require numbing cream if you have a high enough pain threshold for the affected area.

Does laser hair removal hurt the legs?

As the skin is thicker in the leg region, it only hurts moderately compared to other body parts. However, the same cannot be said about the other leg regions, such as the inner thighs, where the skin is more sensitive and would hurt more.

Do arms and underarms hurt after laser hair removal?

One must section “arms” into the underarms and the rest of the arm. The rest of the portion does not experience any hurt, but the underarms go through a lot of pain post-laser hair removal as the skin is thinner.

Does facial laser hair removal hurt? 

The region around the upper lip tends to hurt more, for that is the area in which the skin is delicate. In addition, the cheeks and the forehead experience mild hurt as the skin is thicker.

Does the bikini line hurt after laser hair removal?

Although the fact is that you would reap the benefits of bikini line laser hair removal, in the long run, you have to sustain the pain while the process of laser hair removal is on and after that too. Like the underarm region, the skin is lighter and more delicate along the bikini line.

Does diode laser hair removal hurt?

It is only for a brief few minutes that one would experience pain during the diode laser hair removal process. Therefore, it’s best to use the word discomfort rather than pain, which occurs when the laser “shoots”.

Short Summary

When one discusses hurt or pain experienced by the individual during and after the laser hair treatment, the conclusion has to be ‘ mild’. It does hurt more in certain regions where the skin is less tight, like the underarms, but the sensation does not last for long. As to the question “Does laser hair removal hurt more than waxing, the answer is a simple ‘ no.

Which treatment areas hurt the worst?

Wondering if laser hair removal hurts more than waxing? The region targeted by the laser also determines the pain level you may experience. When undergoing therapy, you may find that some parts are less uncomfortable than others. Thinner-skinned areas are more sensitive, while thicker-skinned regions are less likely to cause discomfort. The following examples of more moderate regions:

  • Legs
  • Stomach
  • Cheeks

It is especially true of the following areas:

  • Your upper lip
  • Your underarms
  • Your bikini line
  • Your Back

The temporary pain may be worth the permanent benefit of never shaving or waxing again.

Short Summary:

While some discomfort is associated with laser hair removal, it is often far less than that associated with other methods, particularly waxing. The sensation of a rubber band cracking across your skin is often compared to laser hair removal. If someone claims that it “doesn’t hurt at all” or “did hurt enormously,” remember that pain is experienced differently by different people.

What does it feel like after your session?

The hair follicle is what lasers target when they remove unwanted hair. Since the heat damages the follicle, hair development is stunted. The laser’s intense heat might cause the treated region to turn red and create discomfort akin to a minor sunburn. Most adverse reactions are temporary and disappear within 24 hours.

Once the hair laser removal procedure is over, the post-care instructions need to be followed, which are as follows: 

  • Trying to avoid direct sunlight as UV rays tend to hurt skin that has undergone laser treatment.
  • Use sunscreens or thicker clothing if you cannot always avoid exposure. 
  • Get rid of Ingrown hairs by exfoliating from the areas where treatment has been carried out. It can help in preventing razor burns and ingrown hairs.

If you are wondering, How long does laser hair removal last after one session? It lasts from one month to 6 weeks. However, each time you do, the follicles grow finer. See how laser hair removal feels after a few weeks and decide for yourself.

Short Summary

Laser hair removal allows you to look and feel attractive at all times. In addition, laser hair removal has several other advantages, including improved self-esteem, elimination of unpleasant waxing procedures, and the prevention of razor burns and ingrown hairs. Another advantage of laser hair removal is that you won’t have to wait for your hair to crop up suddenly between treatments like you would if you were waxing.

Why Do You Need Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the need of the hour when people are rushing all day long. Some people prefer laser hair removal as it is a permanent solution to regular waxing, shaving, and threading sessions. Others require it as they are in the showbiz business.

There are many reasons why you should try laser hair removal. Some of the reasons are listed below. Let us have a closer look.

  1. It is incredibly safe and risk-free: Since lasers are so accurate and focus all of their energy on the target, the hair follicle, they are vastly more effective. As a result, lasers have been used extensively during the past two decades, reassuring many concerned about their safety. 
  2. This Is Not Solely A Salon Remedy: Extreme and detailed research should give you the confidence to stay home and carry out laser hair removal procedures instead of visiting the salon and paying more.
  3. The Time Required Is Minimal: Getting the entire bikini line done takes around 20 minutes, so treatments are much faster than you think.
  4. It saves time: Imagine the time you’ll save not having to shave your legs, underarms, bikini line, etc., every week after you’ve successfully inhibited hair growth. To think about how time is saved this way every year or two is astounding.
  5. The long-term savings are substantial: In addition to saving time, you’ll also economize on grooming expenses. For example, all the money spent on razors to shaving cream is enormous over a lifetime.
  6. Stops Hair from Becoming Ingrown: Laser hair removal won’t result in ingrown hairs, so you can stop worrying about those. However, it is commonly used to treat these conditions.
  7. Shaved heads can be used well: Laser hair removal, in contrast to other procedures, is most effective on freshly shaved hair. This way, you won’t have to deal with re-growth while undergoing therapy. With the multiple reasons and benefits of laser hair removal, it is wise to invest time and money once instead of facing monthly harassment.


The benefits outnumber the disadvantages, if any. The main advantage is saving time and money, as described above. Hence, for a long-term solution, you can always opt for laser treatment.


Almost every woman has some body hair, and some women, even when otherwise healthy, may develop far more hair there than they find attractive. However, most cases of moderate excess hair growth are readily treatable by various hair removal procedures.

When hair growth causes distress and cannot be managed via cosmetic means, it may be considered excessive hair growth. Laser hair removal is risk-free as long as a trained medical professional performs it. You can opt for it if you wish to get rid of unwanted hair. 


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)



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