Are you constantly looking out for different eyebrow products to make them look fuller and more structured? Your search, fortunately, ends here! Microblading is the answer to all your eyebrow answers. Save up cash on those products and contact your technician to know it all.

How To Microblading Procedure for Eyebrows: Treatment, Benefits & Cost

December 21, 2022 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Are you constantly looking out for different eyebrow products to make them look fuller and more structured? Your search, fortunately, ends here! Microblading is the answer to all your eyebrow answers. Save up cash on those products and contact your technician to know it all.

What is Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure also known as permanent makeup. It is generally performed to give the client a perfect brow shape following their face shape. Although, the term is usually described as a ‘tattoo’ the style to achieve it is entirely different from a conventional tattoo.

A microblading process uses less pigmented ink and a different tool altogether. The results last up to 3 years since the poking is only performed on the upper layer of the skin. Tattooed eyebrows or microshading is an easy way to achieve fuller eyebrows without having to use makeup every morning.

What are the different types of Microblading?

The definition of microblading states tattooing hair-like strokes with an applicable tool but the process does not end here. Microblading also includes subtypes which allow making the technique more specific. There are four main types of microblading processes: 

  • Microshading: This type is all about giving the eyebrows a powdery look. The procedure states drawing small dots on the eyebrows until they give a powdered form. Microshading is usually done for people with an oily skin type to avoid any spreading of the pigment due to sebum production. 
  • Nanoblading: It is a technique that requires the use of a nano blade to draw precise hair strokes. For usual microblading, the blades used have a diameter of around 0.20-0.22 mm but for nano blading, the size is 0.18 mm. This process makes the eyebrows look fuller and decreases the risk of the spreading of pigment. 
  • Nano brows: It is a modern way of performing a microblading procedure. It uses a digital machine to draw hair-like strokes to achieve high precision and lower the chances of any following skin irritation. 
  • Pixelblading: This procedure follows a manual approach but with a different blade, the ‘wispy’ blade. The strokes created are less precise with less pigment saturation than other microblading procedures.
Types of Microblading

What is the difference between microshading and microblading?

Every person has distinct features and requires different microblading techniques to achieve perfect brows. Microblading and microshading are different in various aspects such as:


  1. uses a tool named a ‘microblade’
  2. offers natural hair-like strokes
  3. performed on normal to dry skin types
  4. less expensive


  1. uses a tool known as a ‘rotary tool’
  2. offers a powdered finish
  3. performed on sensitive to oily skin types
  4. more expensive

Now that you are aware of the differences pick the techniques as per your requirements and standard features.

Short Summary

Microblading is usually stated as the tattooing of eyebrows. This form uses different ink and tools than the conventional art of tattoo drawing. The ink is less dense and the tool only pokes the upper layer of the skin. Microblading has four different types microshading, nanoblading, nano brows, and pixelblading. People usually get confused between microblading and microshading. The two sound similar but have distinct features when performed.

What are the benefits of Microblading?

Benefits of Microblading
Benefits of Microblading

Did you know that your eyebrows are one of the main features of your face? Without them, your face will look unstructured and weakened. They make you look younger and brighter. Some people are not blessed with the finest eyebrows but do not worry microblading is your thing.

While microblading can look like a complex procedure it is in fact easier and has multiple benefits such as:

  • You will not have to worry about smudges with microblading. you can hit the gymnasium, jog, take a bath, swim, and engage in any other physical exercise.
  • It will save you a significant amount of time since you will not have to spend hours shaping your eyebrows in the morning. 
  • The procedure is safe and the recovery is fast.
  • It lasts up to three years and makes your life hassle-free. 
  • You will additionally save a lot of cash with microblading because you will not need to buy pricey brow fillers each year.

Short Summary

Microblading is a simple and quick procedure that could help you have flawless brows. It helps you save up on money, time, and energy. The semi-permanent tattoo lasts up to three years making your everyday life easier and hassle-free.

What are the risks of Microblading?

Every medical procedure carries a pros and cons list. When it comes to microblading, is a procedure that involves needles and poking of the epidermis. It is important to note that there can be infections and allergic reactions involved. Some of the disadvantages of microblading eyebrows are:

  • There are times when the ink used might contain bacteria or mould, or the needles used are not cleaned these situations can lead to severe infections like herpes, HIV, hepatitis, etc.
  • An allergic reaction
  • Granulomas can show up since your body will try to get away with foreign particles.
  • Keloids can take place if you have a previous history involving them.
  • At times the tattooed area can swell or burn under an MRI scan.

It is important to know the risks involved with any medical procedure you are considering getting done. Microblading long-term side effects can sometimes worsen the already existing morbidities in a client’s body which makes knowing them beforehand mandatory.

Short Summary

Microblading involves risks since the procedure uses inks and needles. It is necessary to focus on the risks as much as it is to focus on the benefits. Infections, keloids, allergy reactions, and granulomas are some of the microblading facial side effects.

What is the Procedure of Microblading for Eyebrows?

It is important to consider all the steps involved in the microblading process to see if you could settle yourself for the procedure. Since it follows a semi-permanent technique people do not take it seriously but as a client, you should know what you are heading towards. The steps involved in microblading include:

  • Consult your technician and discuss your requirements.
  • Taking appropriate measurements for your eyebrows to look structured.
  • Drawing relevant lines on your eyebrows to see if they compliment your face.
  • Mix-matching the pigments to your hair and skin tone.
  • Application of the numbing cream to rule out pain.
  • Microblading
  • Learning about the aftercare steps.

Make sure you follow through these steps with care and do not rule out any to achieve flawless eyebrows that compliment your face. It is important to listen to and respect your technician during the process.

Is microblading painful?

Yes, you could expect a certain level of discomfort if committing to the procedure. The technique involves needles poking the skin in a particular manner thus, some level of pain is expected. The level of discomfort depends on the personal pain tolerance of the individual. A well-experienced technician will either use a good numbing cream or an anaesthetic before commencing.

If you are someone with bad pain tolerance or your technician does not use a numbing gel it is possible to experience tremendous pain. It is good to be aware of the steps involved in the process to avoid any mishap or unnecessary pain. 

How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from one to three years. Since the procedure is like that of tattoo drawing a lot of people hold the misconception that hair strokes last forever. The lasting power depends on various factors like:

  • the person’s skin type, 
  • the pigment used
  • how well does the individual follow the aftercare routine

Individuals with oily or sensitive skin types usually have their results fade away within two years since their skin has regular cell turnover and overproduction of sebum. Normal to dry skin is ideal for microblading since the hair strokes heal without losing any major pigment.

Short Summary

The procedure of microblading includes various steps from consulting to after-care help. Any technician with thorough knowledge of the procedure will not miss using a numbing gel or an anaesthetic before microblading. The procedure can be a little to almost non-painful after the use of anaesthetics. The results last anywhere from one to three years depending upon various factors.

Microblading Treatment Before and After Results

Microblading Before and After Results
Microblading Before & After Results

As we know by now that microblading is a procedure for clients who wish to have fuller and more structured brows. Before the procedure, one should fully educate themselves regarding the process and the risks and benefits it provides.

After the procedure, one can expect flawless brows. Microblading is performed as per the client’s requirement. Someone might want fuller brows but someone may want a little more structure. The before and after results depend on the technician and the type of microblading performed.

What is the aftercare for microblading Eyebrows treatment?

After-care during the healing stage is the crucial part of achieving perfect brows. This stage lasts for fourteen days with strict rules to follow. Here is a quick routine to go through:

  • On the day of the surgery gently dab the area to absorb any lymph fluid to avoid its hardening.
  • From day one to seven wash the affected area twice with a mild soap and follow up with an ointment recommended by your technician.
  • From day eight to fourteen make sure to wash the area twice whereas applying the ointment is not important.

Things to completely avoid during this period:

  • Avoid carrying out significant home cleaning activities. Small dust can irritate the skin and harm it.
  • Pulling, pealing, or rubbing the microblade region since doing so could result in scars or colour loss.
  • Avoid consuming excessive alcohol or spicy food, they can slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid spending a lot of time in the sun.

After fourteen days one can hope to switch back to their usual regimen but do not forget to keep a check on your affected area.

What is the recovery time for microblading eyebrows?

The recovery time for microblading is 25-30 days. To avoid any risks during this period it is important to follow a good after-care routine. The recovery time depends upon certain factors like:

  • The skin type of the client
  • Age of the client
  • The basic health quality of the client

Within the healing days, your brows will undergo immense transformation. With time the tenderness present in your skin will disappear and you will have a relaxed look across your face. Microblading is a process that requires touch-ups every 12-18 months especially if you have oily skin. It is important to follow a microblading touch-up after-care as well.

Short Summary

It is very important to follow a good aftercare routine post-microblading. Any carelessness during this period can increase the risk of infections. The recovery period is usually aimed to be for 25-30 days. During this period focus on taking care of the affected area and following all the precautions mentioned by your technician.

How much microblading cost in India?

Microblading is an expensive procedure since a qualified technician performs it with high-quality tools. The secondary requirements like alcohol pads or wet wipes also add on to the cost list. In India, the procedure costs around 20-24K. Kindly consider the qualifications of the technician before finalising a payable amount. The cost is high but the results are worth spending on.


Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure carried out to provide structure and volume to the brows. It has four major subtypes such as microshading and nano brows. Anyone considering the procedure should know it all from the major steps to the risks. It is a less painful procedure if the recommended guidelines are followed. It can be an expensive procedure but who does not want perfect brows?


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