Calves and Thighs Liposuction in Delhi

Calves And Thighs Liposuction

Cankles away: Expert Calves and Ankles Liposuction is offered at the best prices at our Medical Center situated.

Liposuction is required for women who have thick calves and ankles. Thick pockets of fat accumulate in these areas. As the calves and ankles are present on a leg and are in continuous arrangement, they have to be treated in a single procedure, so that the proportion of the lower side of the leg is maintained. In some cases, surgeons also perform liposuction of thighs and knees to produce a proportionate contour of the entire leg. The distribution of fat along the calves and ankles is a major problem that disturbs the natural curve of the lower legs.

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    The liposuction procedure is the best option for individuals to bring about a slender looking as well as a pleasing appearance of the calves. This part of the body requires leg liposuction as it cannot be taken care of with diet and exercise. A device known as a Cannula is used as a suction tube to remove excess fat through a pinhole incision. The fat is warmed and broken down to be sucked out by the cannula. Patients are completely briefed before the Liposuction procedure, and a complete diagnosis is carried out with a series of examinations and recommendations. The surgeon would mark out portions of the calf or calves to be condensed into a proportionate as well an attractive silhouette.

    The procedure can take about a couple of hours. Local anesthesia is administered for this procedure. An open drainage procedure is used to minimize the swelling of the calves or ankles as it completely drains the residual fluids. Patients are encouraged to walk as this reduces the swelling furthermore. The leg liposuction procedure ensures a good result* with nominal scarring and fast recovery. Contact us to know more about the Calves and Ankles Liposuction procedure you would require. We would brief you on each and every aspect of this procedure that includes the type of procedure, the cost of Calves and Ankles liposuction, the complete operative process, post-operative healing & care, and much more.

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