Anterior Thigh Liposuction in Delhi

Anterior Thighs Liposuction

Thighs Liposuction: Get Expert Anterior Thigh Liposuction in Delhi. Call us for the best advice and for the best package for anterior thigh liposuction.

After the Buttocks, the thighs have been the most requested area for Liposuction as most women and rarely men, are not satisfied with the shape of their thighs. The curve and contours are unique for every woman. Fat can accumulate in the thighs, which can predominantly create a disproportionate figure. The anterior, also called the frontal part of the thighs is quite visible as it has a beautiful feminine contour and thus it needs to be shaped perfectly. The fat on the anterior side is not localized but diffused, and thus the skin tone is poor and shows waviness.

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    Surgery of the anterior part focuses on deeper planes rather than being superficial, a Micro-Cannula is used to create tunnels. Surgeons and patients do not recommend liposuction of the entire thigh in one procedure. Serial surgeries are a better option as they are more periodic rather than continuous. The circumferential thigh liposuction can cause prolonged swelling of the legs, including the feet, and even thrombosis and blood clots in the lung.

    Breaking down circumferential liposuction into two procedures delivers better results to create a smooth contour with an ideal amount of fat reduction*. Contact us to know more about an Anterior Thighs Liposuction procedure you would require. We would brief you on each and every aspect of this procedure that includes the type of procedure, the cost of anterior thigh liposuction, the complete operative process, post-operative healing & care, and much more.

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