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Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Best Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi

Best Thread lift treatment in Delhi, India, a non surgical procedure for younger looking skin. Get a detailed treatment plan from an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre.

Thread Lift gives the ideal face makeover that every woman wants. Care Well Medical Centre offers Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi. It provides high self-assurance and pride to their patients. It makes their survival much happier and more gratifying. Thread Lift is done at our cosmetic center situated in South Delhi, CR Park.



What is Thread Lift?

Thread lift is a unique facial rejuvenation process. In this the sagging brows, cheeks and jowls can be elevated in a gentle manner. The procedure involves the usage of the Promoltalia delicate thread filaments.

The filaments have innovative design to which the surrounding tissues act, in order to hold them in place. This prevents the scars and other facial marks, from being visible. This face lifting method also involves high intensity focused ultrasound. This lifts the facial skin and tightens it. There is no need for surgeries and patients do not have to bear any pain.

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How Thread Lifting Works?

This non-surgical process uses a fine needle special dissolvable threads that are made of Polydioxanone (POD). This needle is inserted into the facial skin and often into the muscles in order to tighten the skin. It threads four to twelve barbed structures into the skin within the deeper and softer tissues. These non-absorbable tissues provide strength and support.

The POD component has a special thread weave, by means of which it lifts and tightens the face. It mixes with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid of the body. The patients need not worry about pains as the operators cater to the comfort of the patients. They apply a special cream, soon after the insertion so that patients can get relief from pain and rashes. It is indeed a comparatively quicker way to get the face and neck area lifted*.

Face: Before Treatment and After:

Before the thread lifting therapy, patients have dull look on their face. Wrinkles, fine lines and other ageing marks on their facial skin are visible. In addition to this, their jaws and cheeks seem to be loose. In some cases, eyes are noted to shrink and seem losing its vitality.

After the thread lifting therapy with the use of HIFU therapy for face, the overall facial skin gets more tightened and bright*. Patients overcome their gloomy look and tend to look younger. Their skin becomes youthful and vibrant. Ageing signs, wrinkles and skin marks are also less visible.

The brows, cheeks, and jaws get lifted at the same time*. Facial skin gets trimmed and excess skin gets reduced. Altogether, the face gets a lift, by means of thread lifting therapy.

Effects of Face Tightening:

  • The PDO threads have double effects. First, it lifts the face. Second, it stimulates the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid of the body. Skin gets tightened as a result. Therefore skin tightening and lifting are the primary effects of the treatment.
  • Excess skin also gets removed and skin gets trimmed, thereby improving the tone of the skin from inside.
  • Face becomes swollen, soon after receiving the treatment. Some patients may develop itching sensation in their skin.
  • The thread marks are visible for some time. With passing of days, they too fade away.

Benefits of Face Tightening:

  • The effects of mental pressure, stress and tensions is also relieved. Skin gets a fine glow and appears brighter than ever.
  • Patients develop firm skin and fine lines are less visible on the tissues. They also escape wrinkles and other ageing spots.
  • Men and women feel good, pleasant and youthful
  • Finally, patients boost their confidence and look presentable. There is a change in the attitude of the person, post face lifting.

How long does the Effect Lasts?

The advantages of thread lifting, lasts up to one and half years. For some patients, it may also last for two years.

Most of the patients undergo one treatment a year and enjoys the benefits for the next two years. But, the tenure of lasting effects also depends on the mode of thread lifting. Maintenance is another thing to talk about.

Patients undergoing this treatment need to maintain their skin from time to time. It is advised that they attend the maintenance sessions where the face lifted skin will be additionally treated for effective results and long-lasting lifted faces.

Time taken for the Therapy:

The time taken for hifu treatment in Delhi varies according to the combination of treatments that patients undergo. By using only high intensity frequency ultrasound, it takes around thirty minutes for full face and beck lifting.

When can the Results be Visible?

Soon after treatment, the results can be visible*. The thread lifting delivers quick results*. But, the ultimate toning and firmness of the skin will be noticed after doing treatment over two to three months*.

The best results can only be felt after a large period of time. The effective results start showing once the old and tired collagen gets renewed and replaced with stringer collagen*.

How many Treatment Sessions are required for Best Results?

The number of treatment sessions depends on the type of thread lifting such as ultrasound, radio or laser. It varies from person to person and the mode of treatment.

On an average, ultrasound treatments give results in comparison to other procedures for full face and neck area.

Maintenance sessions are mandatory and can be attended at flexible intervals. Some other forms of thread lifting might need around two to five sessions, depending on the age, type and tone of the skin.

For whom the Face Therapy is Ideal?

This treatment is ideal for those who have developed ageing looks and marks on their skin. The skin that has loosened, become dull and tired, full of stress marks and tensions must attend the treatment sessions.

Faces with wrinkles can get relief from their problems, by availing the therapy*. Sagging skin and eyelids, lowered brow, dull jaws and cheeks are right candidates for the treatment.

When skin starts getting matured, the thread lifting procedure will impart a new youthful look to the skin. Once men and women cross the 40 banner in their life cycle, they must seek solutions from this therapy.

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