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Carbon Blasting

Carbon Blasting

Best Carbon Blasting in Delhi, India

What is carbon blasting and how does it work?

Carbon blasting also refers to ice blasting technology. It is a process that caters to many skin and life sustaining purposes.

The process to treat skin ailments like melasma, pigmentation and others uses a component called Dry Ice. It is actually a solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Carbon dioxide is a natural atmospheric gas. it is not only crude in its form but is also colorless and tasteless.

Carbon blasting or Dry ice blasting is like soda blasting, sand blasting or bead blasting. In this a media is escalated in a forcible air stream (or various other inert gases) to pressurize and clean a surface.

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How does CO2 Blasting Work?

Carbon blasting principally works because of 3 main elements:

  • Pellet kinetic energy
  • Thermal shock effect
  • Thermal-kinetic effect

Cold Jet well establishes blast performance for every clinical application by combining the following forces and adjusting:

  • Compressed air pressure
  • Blast nozzle type
  • Co2 pellet density and size
  • Pellet mass rate
  • Flux density (particles/unit area/second)

“A blast of CO2 could be well established and an optimal technique at eradicating wrinkles than wrinkle lift face creams.”

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is a kind of laser surgery. It was first implemented in cosmetic surgical procedures 20 years ago. It had proven to be incompetent to be preferred because it was associated with side effects. These adverse effects included skin color and texture change and scarring.

However, the new research implies that side effects subsided within 2 years. This leaves patients with more than 50% lesser fine lines and wrinkles.

What All Are The Applications Of Carbon blasting?

Today, Carbon dioxide/ dry ice blasting is being used in a wide array of applications. These are from erasing wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation to firming or resurfacing skin. Imagine a procedure or equipment that can be used on-line without.

  • Destroying skin cells
  • Tissues
  • Surface of the skin or requiring a “teardown”

Unlike traditional toxic chemicals, abrasive grit blasting, high-pressure particle blasting and CO2 / dry ice blasting uses dry ice molecules in a high velocity air flow to eliminate contaminates from skin surfaces without the inconvenience of severe skin damage

Any person who experiences different skin imperfection like pigmentation, wrinkles or melasma etc. can adopt carbon blasting treatment.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing

CO2 laser resurfacing therapy aims at resurfacing of the skin by correcting blemishes, wrinkles, scars and fine lines.

With the motive of reaping the long-term effects and preventing future complications, Carbon dioxide resurfacing functions by vaporizing the water molecules in and adjacent to the skin cells. The process encourages an increase in collagen production. It prevents heat damage to the surrounding skin cells and also repairs the damage.

In addition to structural modifications in the skin, the therapy is also helpful in lightening the skin color. However, a likely complication of CO2 blasting for skin resurfacing could be either the skin loses its natural pigmentation or becomes over-pigmented

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CO2 Blasting For Wrinkle Reduction

The dry ice or carbon blasting can be performed either on the entire face or eyelids. From a previous study, the medical researchers gave the full face a score using individual scores allotted to each of 5 facial sub sites:

  • The room between both the eyebrows
  • Around the eyes
  • The corners of the lips
  • The upper lip and the fold between the mouths
  • Cheek stretching to the bottom of the nose

Improvement in wrinkle grades was measured by the “proportion of the difference between the pre-procedure and post-procedure grades and the pre-operative grades”. All complications were documented.

General attributes of the individuals who lost pigmentation of the skin were compared with those who did not, on the basis of age and pre-operative wrinkle grade came out to be lesser. This suggests that carbon blasting is effective in wrinkle management.

Burn Treatment

Treat the Dry Ice burns from carbon blasting same as other heat burns. For severe and continually erupting skin blisters or come offs, see a doctor. Otherwise, if only red rashes are appearing, it will settle down in the same way and time as any other burn.

You can also apply a medicated ointment to avoid infection and bandage only if the burnt skin region requires to be protected.

What to expect during the procedure?

Your doctor can also provide you with the pre-operative and post-operative pictures of the patient so that wrinkles could be scored for before and after treatment, using a parameter verified for calculating wrinkles and improvements after the use of injectable CO2 fillers.

The exploration on carbon blasting implies that the results produced from carbon dioxide laser resurfacing are a safe and effective. This CO2/dry ice blasting treatment gives long-term improvement in the appearance of facial wrinkles and firming.

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