There are different parameters of beauty, varying from physical attributes to emotional intelligence. Beauty in physical appearance is diversely categorised. While some consider a zero size more beautiful than a plum physique, some turn to facial features instead. After all the classifications, what majorly makes an impact on a person’s personality is a blemish free radiant skin.

Facial beauty is widely recognized and admired but if your skin is marred with wrinkles, dark patches and other spots, then it can overshadow your good looks. Skin aging affects you skin by making space for fine lines and wrinkles. Due to constant sun exposure the skin loses its charm and starts to age. Even smoking can trigger skin again and inflict blemishes.  In order to get a blemish-free face, people turn to different treatments and preventive measures. One of the best solutions for reducing all the unwanted blemishes from your face, one can go for a facial rejuvenation.

People opting for facial rejuvenation have multiple issues like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Dark patches
  • Spots
  • Fine Lines

In the modern world of diverse technologies, several treatments are available for facial rejuvenation. They vary from surgical methods like facelift and dermabrasion to laser treatments and other invasive methods. The less invasive methods involve no incisions and mostly no use of anaesthesia. The patients opting for these treatments relatively require no down time as compared to other surgical treatments. Types of invasive methods for facial rejuvenation available in the market are:

  • BOTOX or Injectable Botulinum Toxins: BOTOX injections reduce facial wrinkles in almost no time and last for 3-4 months*. They are pocket friendly ranging from INR 350 per unit injected.
  • Chemical Peel: Another technique that removes facial blemishes is the use of chemical peels. In this technique, a chemical solution is applied to a specified area on the skin’s surface. This clears the top layer of the skin and diminishes the harm caused due to exposure to the sun. Problems treated with this method include uneven skin pigmentation, wrinkles, blotches etc.
  • Micro-deramabrasion: This method involves the use of sterile grit blast and vaccum to remove the top layer of the skin. It’s also called the lunchtime treatment as the procedure takes around half an hour to complete. However the effects of the treatment do not last as long as other dermabrasion treatments. It’s a quick method with almost no down time for the patient, who can resume his regular routine within hours of the treatment but the effects wear off as quickly. Per sitting of this treatment costs approximately around INR 10000.

There are several other surgical and sublative procedures available for skin rejuvenation like Thread Lift , Ultherapy and PRP for skin tightening. Hence a patient must research thoroughly before opting for a treatment.

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Facial Rejuvenation help for flawless skin because Facial beauty is widely recognized and admired but if your skin is marred with wrinkles, dark patches and other spots.
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Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, M.S. in the year 2000 and he is an award winning and renowned senior Laparoscopic and cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is Known for his expertise in Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and over the years he has distinguished himself among his peers with his outstanding surgical skills and innovation.

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