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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for Rhinoplasty

Here we are trying to educate the patient regarding the eligibility criteria for Rhinoplasty

Since Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure for correcting or enhancing the nose by removing the nasal flaws; therefore patients need to have sound reasons for opting for the surgery. Apart from patients, doctors also need to determine the suitable conditions within the patients, before starting to operate.

In this procedure, two factors play quite an important role: the medical history of the patient and the psychological health. The patients must clearly explain the nasal problems that are faced by them. They also need to describe their past medication history and any kind of medicine or drug that has been consumed, along with proper prescriptions. Furthermore, they shall also be analyzed on their psychological condition to determine the motive for undergoing the surgery. Often, men tend to overvalue the results of Rhinoplasty and they are denoted by the acronym SIMON (single, immature, male, over-expectant, narcissistic).

Prior to the treatment, patients need to undergo a complete physical test in order to ensure that the candidate is physically stable for undergoing and tolerating the physiologic stresses associated with nose surgery. Through this examination, each and every physical problem of the candidate is well detected and often a consultation is also held with an anesthesiologist, if the patient’s medical data demands so.
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Patients also need to have certain facial and nasal testing whereby their type of the skin, presence of any scar marks and the symmetry and the asymmetry of the aesthetic nasal subunits are properly evaluated. Both internal and external nasal examination is conducted: upper section, middle section and lower section. The structures of all these sections; the accurate nasal angle measure which determines the angle at which nose projects from the face; as well the physical features of the naso-facial bony and soft tissues, are specifically noted during the medical examination.

In the internal examination, the condition of the nasal septum, the internal and external nasal valves, the turbinate as well the nasal lining are highly focused areas. Patients need to pass all the specific tests successfully, before proceeding towards the surgery.

Once the patients clear all the above stages of examinations, they are taken for pre-surgical evaluation where some other specific tests such as the mirror test, vasoconstriction examinations and the Cottle maneuver are done.

Cottle maneuver is the primary technique for detecting an internal nasal-valve disorder. In this process, while the candidates gently inspire, the surgeon laterally pulls their cheeks and simulates the widening of the cross-sectional area of the corresponding internal nasal valve. While doing so, if the maneuver helps the patient’s inspiration, it yields a positive result.

Only after the final phase of medical tests are completed, a patient is declared to be eligible for Rhinoplasty. With the help of medical tests and examinations, surgeons also develop good idea about the specific nasal areas that need to be operated. They also become aware about nasal problems faced by patients and comes up with suitable solutions for providing relief to the patient’s nasal woes and concerns.
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