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Liposuction of flanks

Liposuction of flanks

Liposuction of flanks

Many of us may not be aware about what is flanks plastic surgery. Flanks also known as love handles or sides fat are not so lovable. And when land in, there’s sadly no getting away from them. In fact liposuction flanks and abdomen are Dr Sandeep Bhasin’s most common liposuction area for his both female & male patients. Regardless of gender, the specialist offers effective means of giving fat-free contour to your flanks. He artistically performs lipo on flanks so that your flanks stay slim and shaped for years to come.

Liposuction is a medical treatment that is useful for sculpting and improving the appearance of specific areas of body especially those areas that contain lot of fat. Of all the areas of fat accumulation within the body, the flanks are the most common ones. By means of flexible and versatile liposuction treatment, candidates can witness drastic change in their physique or figure. Liposuction is quite an effective treatment that yields good results and guarantees satisfaction.


What are Male Flanks?

The Male Flanks are situated just above the crest of the hip bone. The male flanks are nothing but an area where excess fat bulges over the belt-line. As a result, it spoils the overall appearance and causes inconvenience while wearing pants with tight belts. These bulging fats appear bigger, when viewed from behind since the largest bulk of the make flank has a propensity to be located towards the back.

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What are Female Flanks?

The female flanks refer to the areas below the strap of the inner and below the blades of shoulders. Such flanks are a sign of being overweight. Liposuction is such areas are most popular amongst the ladies.


How is liposuction performed for treating flanks?

The basic liposuction method has been refined over the years to offer more convenience, comfort and predictable results accompanies by quick recovery. It is also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture or lipectomy. Depending on the condition of the patient and the kind of clinic, there are varieties of liposuction techniques and surgical tools.

Liposuction has the ability to makes the flanks and other isolated bulging areas smooth and small, matching space with rest of the body. There are small incisions that have been exclusively made for inserting cannula, thanks to anesthesia. The thin long and rigid tube, which spans across 1 to 3mm in diameter, is ideal for creating suction, thereby removing fat cells permanently. During this, good care is taken to enhance the shape and reduce the size of the flanks on both sides of body.

As fat gets removed gradually, a smooth line and soothing figure is sure to be achieved by candidates. The remaining tissue in the flanks in finely blended and contoured into the nearby regions. Once sufficient amount of fat is removed, surgeons blend in the smaller flank areas. They do so effortlessly along with adjacent areas of body such as hips, back and sides for a more natural look.


Who is a good candidate for undergoing liposuction in flanks?

An ideal candidate for liposuction is a person who is healthy with firm and elastic skin. The person must have isolated pockets of fatty tissues in specific areas like flanks. However, if the person is prone to poor circulation, diabetes, lung and heart disease, there are higher chances of complications.


What are the risks involved in the procedure?

  • Although the treatment effectively eliminates fat from the flan regions, yet it leads to future weight gain since fat that gets reduced from certain areas gets accumulated in other regions by enlarging existing fat cells.
  • There are post-treatment complications that happen to anyone. Soon after the treatment, patients are more likely to have blood clots. In order to avoid clotting, patients can move around immediately after their surgery, however with the consent from the doctor.
  • At times, there is loss of sensation, which lasts up to a year. It is temporary.
  • Patients must look for signs and symptoms that are indicative of any infection. High fever is the most common symptom. In case there is infection, patients will be provided with antibiotic medication and drainage.
  • Poor healing leaves behind scars, which calls for another operation.
  • If patients witness any kind of unusual symptoms or health disorder, they must report immediately, without waiting for the next appointment. This also helps in reducing stress and slows down healing process.
  • Candidates must not smoke, after undergoing the treatment. It is because smoking increases further complications and cause delay in healing.


What are the qualities and attributes to look for, before selecting a surgeon?

The ultimate result of flank liposuction depends on the technique and the surgeon. Slight changes in size and shape of the flanks can bring about drastic difference in overall physique or figure. Therefore, prior to opting for such treatments, candidates must do good research and then select the most appropriate surgeon for flank liposuction. The main things to look for in a surgeon are as follows:

  • An ideal surgeon is the one who inquires about patient’s goals and objectives behind the treatment. Surgeons, who rush through the consultation or hardly give a patient hearing, are not the ideal ones for this treatment. The plastic surgeon must ask about medical history, health problems (if any), prescriptions of medicines being consumed and current nutritional supplements and food habits.
  • The surgeon should have aesthetic sensibility matching with the patient. Patients must urge to show before-and-after pictures of past patients. Once they see these pictures, they can understand the level of surgeon and the possible results that they can expect.
  • The patient should be quite comfortable with the surgeons and must assure that the surgeon has understood the purpose of treatment.
  • It is best advised to opt for high experienced and professional ones. Since these surgeons have spent long time in the industry, therefore they have a better understanding and overview about performing the treatment and getting safe results. While consulting with surgeons, patients can ask the number of years they have been performing liposuction.
  • Patients can ask any kind of question as desired. They must clearly watch out the reactions within the surgeons, while they answer. If the medical practitioners carefully and calmly listens to woes and concerns and gives a gentle reply, he/she is the right person for the treatment. On the contrary, if the surgeon escapes questions or gives half-hearted answers that is a bad choice.

With this, liposuction is quite beneficial for reducing unwanted body and guarantees good results post-treatment.

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