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CoolSculpting/Cryolipolysis: an efficient way to reduce fat cells in short time

Get best cost of coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis in Delhi at Care Well Medical Centre. Treatment is done under supervision of dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon. 


How the Cool-Sculpting/Cryolipolysis is done (Animation)


Why take our coolsculpting treatment?

  • Procedure is done at major cosmetic center in South Delhi
  • Complete procedure is done under supervision of dermatologist
  • Proper consultation is provided before Coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis procedure with expected results
  • Procedure is done with latest & brand new machine
  • Proper sessions of 45 to 60 mins. is provided to each patient
  • No hidden cost

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Cost of Cool-Sculpting/Cryolipolysis

The cost of Cool-Sculpting or Cryolipolysis starts from Rs. 7,500 to 15,000 depending upon the center & machine the center is using along with the kind of person who is actually doing the procedure.

My Coolsculpting Experience- Worth the $$$?? (Experience shared by the patient)


Introduction to Cryolipolysis/Cool-Sculpting

Cyrolipolysis is a medical treatment that is ideal for destroying fat cells. . It is a non-surgical procedure to liposuction and is also known as “fat freezing” procedure. The treatment relies on controlled cooling to about 4 Celsius for non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours.

The cooling exposure causes the cells of subcutaneous fat tissue to die, without damaging overlying skin. In foreign countries mainly Europe, branded machines are used in aesthetic spas and clinics to offer high quality service and achieve desired results within time. In India however, Cryolipolysis in Delhi at Care Well Medical Centre offers the best quality treatment to reduce fat cells forever.




History of Cryolipolysis

Cryotherapy has always been an integral part in the field of dermatology. It all originates from the concept of cold-based therapies directed at removing fat cells and tissues from body. Of all such techniques, Cryolipolysis along with CoolSculpting treatment have been effective in various dermatological practices.

The CoolSculpting treatment was founded in the year 2005, based on an innovative science: Cryolipolysis. The principles of the discovery were a result of an interesting study conducted by Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School and the Wellman Center for Photo medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

The above study and research was based on the idea that children who consumed lot of growing up popsicles got dimples, owing to the fact that the cold fights off fat cells in the cheeks. This dermatological condition is been referred to as “Popsicle Panicculitis.” The whole situation is like sending a signal of death to the fat cells.

This idea has since then been incorporated in developing Cyrolipolysis treatment. In the course of treatment, fat dies in two to three months and one can get 22-23% reduction in the amount of fat, after each treatment.

These studies confirmed the fact that subcutaneous cells are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues, in a natural way. It also approved that when fat cells are exposed to precisely control cooling for a sustained time period; it undergoes gradual reduction and causes death of fat cells.

This results in non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue that induces breaking down of fat cells, also known as lipolysis, reducing body fat without affecting and damaging surrounding skin, tissues or organs. There were machines and devices that were used to provide the treatment. Over the years, the entire treatment procedure modified and developed, leading to further innovations and trends.

At present, modern machines and applications are available in market, which guarantee good quality results and long-lasting effects. In renowned spas, wellness clinics and aesthetics around the world, branded machines are being used to enhance the quality and standard of service thereby assuring patients. Ever since its inception, the treatment has been of a kind, with diverse field of services.


Treatments before Cryolipolysis

Before the treatment was introduced, there were various ways to reduce and eliminate fat cells from body.

  • Radiofrequency: In this technology, energy is driven to the fat areas by driving controlled heat deep into the fat cells. This subsequently destroys them and is more useful for people having excess fat.
  • Ultrasound: By using high-intensity and focused ultrasonic waves or sound waves, the fat cells face leakage and destruction. The ultrasound energy penetrates deep through the skin layers and works within the targeted fat area, without leaving side-effects on skin and surrounding tissues.
  • Laser: Light energy emitted from laser beams were used to treat fat areas of body where light would travel deep into the skin and reduce fat content from skin. It used to work only on affected areas, without harming surrounding cells and tissues.
  • Popsicle panicculitis: It is a medical condition that exposes the fat areas to low temperatures and can selectively damage subcutaneous fat while living the skin intact.


Benefits of Cool-Sculpting/Cryolipolysis Treatment

  • The treatment does not involve any surgery, cutting or anesthesia like other techniques. Therefore, it is not followed by recovery time and one can get back to normal activities soon after the procedure.
  • It is more affordable than other treatments and does not have risks associated with surgeries and anesthesia that is sub-dermal bleeding and infections.
  • The new body shape acquired after the treatment is somewhat permanent. Moderate weight gain after the treatment shall maintain the new body tone and structure.
  • The treatment is beneficial especially for those having excess fat content that cannot be solely removed by yoga and exercises.


Why Care Well Medical Centre?

Care Well Medical Centre is a holistic wellness and cosmetic surgery clinic committed to offer best quality treatments to men and women. One of its kinds Cool-Sculpting is offered in the wellness centre. With the presence of an eminent practitioner in this field, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin aims to provide personal care and best inch loss treatment program: Cool-Sculpting/Cyrolipolysis. With years of experience in cosmetic surgery, he has attained specialization and expertise in offering services to patients. He is a senior cosmetic surgeon whose credibility is certified by Indian Medical Council.

The premier centre uses best quality machines with Teflon handles. With best quality and branded machines, the centre assures patients of no frost bite chances. In case of inferior machines, quality cannot be guaranteed and patients are prone to suffer from side-effects and other medical problems.

The centre takes pride in its experienced and specialized staff that is well trained in all areas of services. The entire team of employees is capable enough to handle patients undergoing surgeries and managing their queries and doubts regarding treatments. They understand the art of customer service and give their best in managing and tactfully handling patients.

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Best candidates for Cyrolipolysis

coolsculpting before and after


An ideal candidate for the treatment will be someone with unwanted fat in specific areas. It is not a weight-solution program for the obese, having fat all over the body. The suitable candidates have noticeable fats in targeted areas that they need to get rid of.


Expectation from Cryolipolysis

  • Since the treatment has no recovery time, therefore patients resume to normal activities, soon after the completion of the treatment. As it is not a surgery, one is also free from side-effects such as skin infections and bleeding.
  • The entire therapy requires quite a number of treatment sessions, depending on the amount of fat areas in body, overall fat concentration and distribution and other similar factors.
  • Within two to four months, after the Cryolipolysis the visible changes can be noticed by patients. Gradually, with time, fat bulges start decreasing eventually giving a fine shape and tone to body structure.


Cryolipolysis Procedure

In the Cool Sculpting treatment, a vacuum applicator is placed in the skin to bring it in contact with the cooling panels. The fatty tissues are cooled below body temperature but above freezing temperature. It helps in adding to the inflammatory response by drawing up blood to the skin surface layers, thereby leading to localized fat cell death.

During the procedure, patients go through a cold sensation for a few minutes and it produces an aesthetic effect. The fat cell areas are cooled up to an hour. When the body is exposed to severe cold, the usual response of the body is to prohibit circulation, thereby keeping the body core at the correct temperature. After the process, gradually with passing of time, the fatty tissue layers start reducing. It requires few months time to notice the effect of the treatment.


Tenure and Number of Sessions

Generally, the treatment time for application of Cyrolipolysis devices vary between 45 minutes and 60 minutes per session. The length of the treatment varies according to the number of fat areas to be cured. However, some patients have more than one treatment in one particular visit. Modern practices of Cool Sculpting have multiple systems and applications, enabling patients to treat multiple areas at one given time.


Tenure of lasting results

The treatment is known for permanent reducing of fat cells. The results also last long; provided one consumes healthy diet and have stable lifestyle. Good hygiene and healthy lifestyles are major factors determining the tenure of lasting results.



The treatment is truly marvelous and assures patients of considerable reduction of fat cells. As it’s not a surgery, it does not bear the risk of side-effects, skin infections and bleeding. It is a safe and stable way to get rid of fat completely. At the same time, the Cost of Cool Sculpting in Delhi is reasonable, given the array of benefits and features. Owing to the convenience, comfort and affordability, the treatment is credible and authentic.


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