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Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring Surgery in Delhi

Get Best Body Contouring Surgery Centre for Women and Men in Delhi. We offer best procedure and treatment for Body Contouring Surgery by our Body Contouring Surgeons.

Our body can sometimes play a very cruel joke on us and make us feel embarrassed of our appearance and look. There are men who have developed enlarged breasts due to hormonal imbalance, there are women who have small breasts and then there are those people who just can’t seem to lose fat when it comes to certain parts of our body. However at Care Well Medical Centre for Holistic Health and plastic surgery we have the ways and the means to help patient’s correct some bodily abnormality with our precision and aesthetic body contouring plastic surgery procedures.

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This procedure is also known as male breast reduction surgery and there have been many causes which has been attributed to the enhancement of a male breast. From hormonal imbalance to obesity and puberty to hereditary. However there is a solution to this problem and at Care Well Medical Centre Dr. Sandeep Bhasin has performed several breast reduction surgeries to give men, back their chest in good shape.

Since he is also a board certified laparoscopic surgeon the scarring is practically nonexistent and all the fat is sucked out using special cannulas. This is a outpatient procedure and the whole experience is like going to the office in morning and back in the evening. You can see the end result just few weeks after the surgery.


How it is done?

The operation usually lasts no more than 2 hours and depending on the condition of the growth male breast, doctor may perform the surgery under local or general surgery. Once it is done you will have to wear compression garment for 4 to six week or a bit longer as per doctor’s advice to get shape.


Side Effect

  • You would feel tightening of the chest which goes away after few weeks.
  • There could be some infection but it can be taken care of by prescribed medication.
  • There will be some bruising which subsides after few days.
  • Nipple necrosis can happen but it is very rare.

All the above side effects if it happens are temporary and just after few weeks you can have chest which you can be proud of. At Care Well Medical Centre we ensure after the surgery your chest flat and are properly scaled to give you the right shape.


Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck

Fat in our body is predominantly found in our stomach region and particularly women who have given birth find it very difficult to lose all the fat. However with modern stomach scaling or tummy tuck it is possible to have a toned and firm stomach and all this is possible through liposuction which helps in tightening the abdominal wall*.


Belt Lipectomy

This procedure also known as lower body lift literally transforms your abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks to make them firm and tight. This is an extensive cosmetic surgery procedure if all the said body parts are operated at the same time where the excess skin that sags due to massive weight loss or effects of pregnancy is systematically removed.



When we age we lose firmness of our arms and also the shape and arm lift is the perfect procedure to reduce* excess skin which hangs from our upper arms due to weight loss or ageing. Women undergo this surgery to get their excess flab in there arm removed to get firmer and toned arms with shape which allows you to wear sleeveless clothes.

Plastic surgery is a lifestyle choice which can alter a person’s image and personality but it also requires a lot of self discipline on the part of the patient. We at Care Well Medical Centre are only interested in the physical and mental well being of all our patients and that is why we make things clear to our patients and give them all the information to make a informed decision.

It is important to follow the following instruction to get better results for yourself if you have decided to have a major plastic surgery procedure done.

  • Make sure you eat nutritional and healthy food and are exercising regularly
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking few weeks before the surgery
  • If you are taking any prescribed medication let the doctor know
  • Do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin before the surgery it might lead to bleeding
  • Post surgery do not give any stress to your body and let it heal properly
  • Consume lot of water and other healthy liquids like fruit juice and continue to eat healthy food
  • You will have to wear a compression garment for few weeks to help give shape

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