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Laser Hair Removal for Pubic and Private Parts

Laser Hair Removal for Pubic and Private Parts

Laser Hair Removal for Pubic and Private Parts

Gest Best Cost of Pubic Area and Private Parts Laser Hair Removal in Delhi, India. Pubic hair removal by laser specialists Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Delhi


Just like other areas of body, private parts and pubic areas should be well maintained; and with lasers, pubic region and body’s private areas can be kept smooth and hair-free. Private Parts Laser hair removal services for treating pubic hairs and hairs in the private parts makes one feel clean and fresh from top to bottom. Each day becomes more comfortable, and there is lot of convenience by getting rid of unwanted hairs from such sensitive regions. As a result, women can fall in love with their body, and cherish being bare.

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Process for Pubic Regions

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal dates back to 4000 B.C. when removing body hairs including the pubic regions are a custom among women. Today, with changes in lifestyle, bikini patterns, and the love for staying bare without any worries, have brought significant improvements in the laser hair removal procedure.

The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal process starts with exposing the targeted pubic region towards pulses of laser light. The emitting light effectively destroys the hair follicles and therefore prevents re-growth of hairs in that region. The laser heat also causes damage to the blood vessels which feeds the hair follicles. With multiple sessions, as the blood vessels suffer complete damage, hair growth from the follicles stop.

It is an advanced procedure which only works on the targeted area, without affecting surrounding cells and tissues. Neighboring skin is also not affected during the treatment. After doing a laser, women can expect a permanent solution to their pubic hairs. It is convenient, cost-effective and highly productive in the long-run. While doing the procedure, surgeons assure complete privacy and confidentially of the candidates. The treatment is performed in well secured area, using latest laser machines and devices. 


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Private Parts

  • The key benefit of removing hairs from private parts through lasers lies in hair-free and smooth skin. Skin regains suppleness and flawless. 
  • There is no concern over frequent waxing or shaving the private parts, since lasers give permanent solution.   
  • Women also boost their level of confidence and never stop in flaunting. They look great in latest bikini styles and fashion. Also, they can put on sexy lingerie without worrying about exposing their pubic.
  • Personal hygiene, standard lifestyle, and health for sure to improve, after removing pubic hairs with lasers.
  • Laser hair removal in the sensitive areas makes women fresh all the time. They are in good mood, and can enjoy every moment of their life, worriless. 


Good candidate for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

People of all ages, lifestyles, professionals, and marital status are eligible for this treatment. Those who are very conscious about their sensitive parts and don’t wish to compromise in future, are the suitable candidates for this treatment. Not just women, even men who wish to get rid of their pubic hairs and have effective long-term results, can also opt for laser hair removal services. Anyone who wishes to groom themselves with latest techniques and advanced procedures, are equally right for the non-invasive procedure. Teens and those below 18 years should seek consent from their parents and carry an authorization letter/application, as a note of evidence. 



Soon after one treatment, there is noticeable reduction in hair growth, and hairs that do grow back are far less visible. A single treatment only prevents growth of those hairs which are in their active phase. As for hairs in the dormant stage, candidates need to go for multiple treatments, for permanent hair reduction. 


Number of sessions required

Surgeons recommend at least 6 sessions for complete loss of hairs. However, the number of sessions also depends on the patient’s condition and other factors like frequency of hair growth, quality of hairs and patterns. 



It is best to cover the pubic area, soon after treatment, since it remains sensitive. The private part should also be protected from hot showers, sauna and steam bath for at least 48 hours, after laser treatment. Medications, if any, are provided to the patients; should be regularly consumed as per doctor’s advice. In case of any irritation or rashes, candidates must immediately report to their laser experts.


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