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Other Food Habits

Other Food Habits

Drinking Sufficient Water

Water boosts body metabolism by 25%-30% in one to one-and-half hours. Thus, it burns more calories and reduces weight. Drinking 8 glasses of water, on a daily basis is a good practice for losing weight, faster than normal tenure.


Eggs / High Protein for Breakfast

Whole eggs and not grains and cereals can lose weight. Whole eggs make people full and reduce their hunger for the rest part of day. Thus, they lose more fat, which loses more weight. For the vegetarians, a high protein breakfast is the best alternative.


Sugar-free Diet

Cutting down sugary and starchy food consumption leads to significant loss of weight. Chocolates, chips, packaged juices and sweetened products contain high amount of fat, which gradually increases weight. Carbohydrates must be consumed in limited quantities since such foods also lead to substantial weight gain.

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Other Dietary Habits

Where the above tips directly bring down weight, there are some other ways to prevent frequent hunger, which will automatically enable people to consume less food. According to research, spicy foods enhances body metabolism and reduces further appetite. Fiber-rich foods increase satiety, thus effectively bringing down weight, with time.

Studies also confirm that slow chewing of food allows people to intake lesser calories. It also enhances production of weight loss-related hormones. Thus, as people chew slowly, they are sure to bring down weight. Also, brushing and flossing after dinner reduces midnight hunger or further crave for snacks. And of all, a good and peaceful sleep is very essential for keeping weight, under control.



Exercises and fitness regimes are another useful way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Instead of sticking to a common exercise routine, going the smarter way round is bound to give productive results. Choosing an exercise regime, based on body shape and lifestyle is the ideal way to move towards health and fitness.

Some of the exercises are push-ups, wall sit, jumping jacks, step-up onto chair, abdominal crunch, plank; triceps dip on chair, squat, high knees or running in place, push-up and side plank. It’s not mandatory to do all of these, in a single day. Based on the comfort level, people can segregate the exercises into two to three days. Ideally, there should be a gap of 10 seconds between two exercises. Doing this on a continuous basis will help people to get rid of unwanted weight and fat.

The exercises can be performed right at home. It’s not essential to use high-tech gym equipments. People can also go to parks and open areas for exercising. A workout of 40-45 minutes on a regular basis will maximize weight loss.


Organic supplements

Organic supplements are natural ways to lose weight. Calcium, coconut oil, green tea, black coffee and conjugated linoleic acid are the best weight loss supplements. The natural mineral calcium is highly effective for maintaining bones as well as weight loss. Studies confirm that 1500mg of daily calcium intake caused significant loss of weight, compared to lower dosage. Calcium also loses fat, thus bringing further reduction in weight.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids like medium chain triglycerides, which have different characteristics, responsible for losing weight; unlike normal fatty acids. Green tea has various health benefits, one of them being weight loss. Drinking green tea early in the morning is best for weight loss. It also lowers the level of body fat and brings a person into shape. Green tea also improves blood pressure and cholesterol- two main factors for weight gain.

Strong coffee (black coffee) burns fat by 10%-30%. It increases body metabolism and brings subsequent decrease in weight. Making green tea and coffee the only beverages can help a person to soon meet their weight loss target.

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