Baldness or continuous thinning of your hair can cause anxiety, stress, as well as lack of self-esteem by making you feel as if you are ready to do anything to put an end to this issue.

Everything You Should Know About Ultra DHI

October 12, 2020 by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin


Baldness or continuous thinning of your hair can cause anxiety, stress, as well a lack of self-esteem by making you feel as if you are ready to do anything to put an end to this issue. But never ever take a hasty decision in terms of hair loss treatment as it may lead to devastating consequences. Thankfully, hair transplantation has come a long way with novel methods that have left the days of imperfect look long behind. Here comes the latest technique named DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), otherwise called Direct Hair Transplantation, to deliver the ultimate natural look that you expect.

During hair transplantation, the transit time between the follicle extraction and implantation is considered the major determinant of the survival rate. Only the reduction of transit time can only improve the graft survival rate significantly, thereby preventing the chances of infection, trauma, or any desiccation. This is where DHI works as an efficacious treatment modality for hair loss [1].

Our Care Well Medical Centre coined a new term named ‘Ultra DHI’ since the graft growth in this procedure is comparatively quicker with long life. In this article, we explain the procedure and benefits of DHI in detail so that you can understand why DHI stands out in terms of quality and outcomes.

What is DHI?

The DHI is a minimally invasive modified version of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique where the hair follicles/grafts are transferred from the donor portion to the recipient portion without any delay. The donor area can be the scalp, beard, or chest.

The research studies reveal that the lifespan of the graft outside the skin is just less than 4 hours, after which it will start losing its life. Hence, the overall aim of this method is to extend the growth and survival rate of the hair follicles by decreasing their handling as well as the duration that they remain out of the skin.

Who is Eligible to Undergo DHI?

  • Both men and women with partial baldness or a receding hairline
  • People with alopecia condition, the most common type of hair loss
  • The age group should be more than 25

How Do Direct Hair Transplant Work?

  • The cosmetic surgeon sterilizes and numbs the donor area using local anesthesia
  • Shave off the hair from the backside or side part of your head
  • Create small holes (slits) in the scalp precisely according to the graft length using a micro blade. By doing this step at first, it’s possible to save the procedure time. It takes 1 ½ hour – 2 hours to create the slits.
  • Extraction Phase: Remove each follicle from the scalp skin using a tiny punch tool of around 0.6-0.9mm.
  • Separate the graft as per the total number of hairs per graft under magnification.
  • Implantation Phase: Transplant the hair follicles into the created holes using forceps based on the no root-touch method. This step will save graft survival time with 90-95% efficiency.
  • Cover the surgical site with bandages or gauze.

In this procedure, extraction and implantation are performed by two surgeons simultaneously in order to save time.

Moreover, forceps based no root-touch method in DHI is safer and more efficient compared to the Choi implanter method since it reduces the ‘out of body time’ of the graft and improves its survival. The forceps method is very quick where it is possible to implant around 4000-6000 grafts per day within 6-7 hours. But the Choi implanter method is comparatively slow. It’s not possible to implant more than 2000 grafts per day. Hence, it will take 2-3 days to implant around 4000-5000 grafts.

Benefits of DHI

  • DHI is minimally invasive with less bleeding
  • DHI increases the graft survival rate by over 90-95%
  • This procedure is safe and effective by delivering natural-looking hair with the utmost density
  • Painless procedure with no risk of scars or injuries
  • You can return to work or resume activities after 2 days
  • This procedure can be completed in a single session, unlike other hair transplantation procedures
  • There will be total control of the direction, depth, and angle of the implantation of each follicle.
  • The transplanted hair will never fall out permanently
  • Short recovery time
  • You can see the complete results typically in a year.
  • This procedure takes only 6-7 hours duration
  • You can resume swimming around one month after undergoing the procedure
  • The success rate is comparatively high with maximum patient satisfaction
  • You can even start wearing soft hats after a week. But you can wear hard hats only after a month.

Is There Any Complication?

Most people don’t face any complications. Rarely, they may undergo pain, swelling, redness, or infection for a week following the procedure. These symptoms subside slowly within 3 weeks.

How Does DHI Differ from FUE?

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, there are 3 steps such as graft extraction, slit creation, and graft implantation. Hence, the transit time (i.e., the time duration for which the graft remains outside the body) can take 3-5 hours. Since the transit time is more, a storage solution is required to store the hair with slight root handling and less surveillance by surgeons.

When it comes to DHI, the procedure is quick. The first step will be the slit creation, followed by performing graft extraction and implantation simultaneously to minimize the ‘out of body’ time. Hence, the transit time will be up to 30 minutes. Hence, the storage solution is not required with nil root handling and complete surveillance by surgeons.

How Much Does DHI Cost?

The cost of direct hair transplantation varies significantly based on the location of the clinic, the skills, and experience of the surgeon, as well as the total quantity of hair follicles to be transplanted. Usually, medical insurance companies may not cover the cost of DHI.

So, here comes our Care Well Medical Centre, the best clinic for hair transplantation surgery in Delhi, which does not let direct hair transplantation procedures fail in your case. We deliver the best, safe, and quick ultra DHI procedure at an affordable cost. Call us at (+91) 9667977499 and schedule an appointment with our skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons for an immediate consultation. Your safety is our priority. To know more about this procedure and our clinic, watch the video:


Sethi P, Bansal A. Direct hair transplantation: a modified follicular unit extraction technique. J CutanAesthet Surg. 2013;6(2):100-105. doi:10.4103/0974-2077.112672

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