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Hair Weaving in Delhi

Hair Weaving in Delhi

Get the Best Hair Weaving & Bonding Services in Delhi, NCR?

This hair clinic is run by cosmetic surgeon that makes sure you are going to get the best Hair Bonding in Delhi. We offer the best cost for Hair Weaving in Delhi with best product.

Quick Baldness Treatment by Care Well Medical Centre Hair Weaving in Delhi, INDIA

Most of us suffer from hair loss, partial baldness or balding. We spend our whole lives in shying away and isolated from the world. This is due to self-consciousness and wariness. But it is also because of the unawareness. One has about the latest developments in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics sector.

You may not know it. But hair systems industry has transpired at a massive level. It can really make you able to camouflage your bald heads with bold, luscious locks. People you meet would not even be able to recognize if you have had ever faced a hair fall or baldness. You can flaunt your thick tresses. They will forever be yours without undergoing painful, time and money consuming surgeries.

We are here talking about Hair Replacement. It is a cosmetic way of consolidating processed human hair with your own hair. It provides you the most natural full head of hair. And guess what’s the best part about this is – there is nothing that you cannot do with this hair. You can treat and embrace these hairs like you used to do with your own natural hair. You can do:

  • Sports
  • Shampoo wash
  • Swim
  • Color
  • Style

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Best Hair Replacement at our Centre


And involving in any kind of physical activities will be a cakewalk.

You would be surprised to know the number of clients that swear by Hair Replacement cosmetic method of hair restoration. And just like most of your favorite celebrities have undergone surgical FUT or FUE, non-surgical Hair Replacement too has become such common for Page 3.

For your better understanding and utilization of hair replacement methods, let us brief you on its advantages and limitations over other products.

Hair Replacement at our Centre

What is the cost of Hair Weaving in Delhi, India?

We use human hair to create a perfect look for you & at our center hair replacement or starts from Rs. 9999 only.

Advantages of Hair Weaving

  • Major benefit of this method includes the unwatchable density of hair it can provide.
  • Best for indications like Aloepecia Universalis, Aloepecia Totallis. This method is best for those who lost their hair due to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. And, also for those who do not have other treatment options open for restoring hair.
  • Available in a wide range of hair styles, hair lengths, scalp shape, sizes colors and base types for both men and women to suit distinct needs.
  • Processed virgin human hair. Good for those looking for natural looking hair. (however animal, synthetic hair are also used to make toupees/wigs)
  • Quickest way to go from Bald to Bold in just- 2 hours
  • No Surgery, no needle and thus no pain

If money is the deal breaker for you, this might be the procedure for you to get hair back.

Before & After: Hair Weaving/Hair Replacement

Hair Weaving in Delhi Before and After
Hair Weaving in Delhi NCR Before and After
Best Hair Weaving in Delhi Before and After
 Best Hair Weaving Clinic in Delhi Before and After
 Best Hair Weaving Center in Delhi Before and After
 Top Hair Weaving in Delhi Before and After


Limitations of Hair Weaving

Synthetic hair attachment mimics natural hair but still looks artificial. It is prone to get tangled easily. They even require good maintenance and have a short life. Though much cheaper in cost than a human hair but results in expensiveness because of frequent replaces.
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Hair replacement has been given various names like

  • Hair Weaving
  • Hair taping
  • Hair Bonding
  • Hair clipping

These are in-fact the many different ways of hair attachment. You in consultation with your specialist can choose your kind of hair attachment on the basis of your lifestyle and ease.

Types of Hair Replacement

Some of the methods are:

Hair Bonding

Unless your lifestyle are demands another attachment process. Hair Bonding is something to go by. Trademarked Glue and adhesives are used to attach hair toupee to your head. There are primarily 2 types of hair used in bonding; they are single –stranded (bulk) hair and wefts.

Both human and synthetic fiber can be used and comes in different colors and texture. In strand bond weaving, single-stranded hair is used and applied with.

  • Glue gum
  • Wax
  • Tube techniques fusion


PROS of Hair Bonding

  • Natural looking thin hair in less than 2 hours
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic hair piece
  • You can cut, color, shampoo, perm, or style like your own hair.
  • Hair piece is built to suit even the sub-tropical, hot and humid conditions climate.
  • No side effect

CONS of Hair Bonding

Hair bonding glue is consists of high concentrations of soluble latex antigen. It may in some cases lead to allergies.

Hair Weaving

It is one of the traditional methods of Hair Fixing. A track is built on finely braided base using ones remaining hair. This hair system is sewn onto that track for support.

PROS of Hair Weaving

  • Gives a fuller head in a short period of time
  • Any branded hair care products can be used for grooming this hair


CONS of Hair Weaving

  • It can lead to Traction Alopecia
  • Costly procedure
  • May grow bacterial infection through the weaves as they can’t be kept cleaned properly
  • Daily brushing is required to prevent tangling, matting and keep your hair in good condition

Another method of hair replacement is offered for those seeking the comfort of removing the Hair Skin whenever they feel like.

PROS of Hair Clipping

  • Hair units are clipped by specially designed clips, which are invisible.
  • Styling, shampoo, swimming cut and color can all be done


CONS of Hair Clipping

  • Jeopardize on how natural the hair & skin feels

Why Care Well Medical Centre

There are many people who have reached almost the latent stage of baldness. The hair transplantation is no more an appropriate treatment option for them. So hair system stands to be the PERFECT option for them.

Care Well Medical Centre located in Delhi is one of the prestigious and preferred cosmetic clinics for skin and hair procedures.

The center offers:

  • Medications and treatment for Hair Loss
  • Surgical and non-surgical Hair replacement

These offers are in compliance with international standards at affordable cost in India.

The head doctor at Care Well is a fully trained Hair Transplant Surgeon, a member of the recognized International Body with over years of experience and practice.

This premier clinic is known to be visited by people of prominence from entertainment industry. This is due to its supply of best quality custom made hair systems and human hair fixes.

Look for its Edge Over

Why Only Select Care Well Medical Centre?

  • At Care Well Medical Centre, Non-surgical hair attachment systems are built from a special derma base which seamlessly acts and feels just like a second skin.
  • Offers Non-Surgical Customized Hair Systems infused with best quality, sterilized human hair, sourced from around the world.
  • Synthetic hair made from finest quality polymers
  • Uses light and permeable attachment base, thus enabling your scalp to breathe.
  • The hair incorporated into the system provides the natural effect of it growing right out of your head making it undetectable to the world.
  • The Derma bond method of affixing the systems does not limit your lifestyle in any way
  • Customize of hair piece as per your exact scalp shape, and the base type you prefer. Swiss lace systems, human hair welded lace, finest mono plus systems etc. are designed
  • The attachments are made to match with the patient’s natural hair to give it a completely natural look are
  1. The density
  2. Color
  3. Texture
  4. Length
  5. Hairstyle
  • Front lace systems for coverage right from hairline and natural appearance
  • The “fix and place Technique” avoids even micro trauma to the follicles.
  • The human hair is treated in such a way that the tangling of the hair should decrease.
  • Adjustable to the weather and country specific climatic condition
  • Creates light weight systems for a comfortable experience
  • Make fixes in a way that has pores in it. So that the sweat can pass through it which makes it breathable.

Wigs are estimated to be ages old. Even Julius Caesar is rumored to wear one regularly. Now are fulfilling needs For Men and Women. Please do not shy away, just pick up your best fit hair fix.

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