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Pros & Cons of Hair Transplant

Pros & Cons of Hair Transplant

Pros & Cons of Hair Transplant

The inevitability of baldness in certain cases cannot be overruled. With baldness constituting severe threats to your confidence and personality; scientifically oriented process of hair transplantation can help you boost your self esteem while letting your hair down without fear of losing.

Hair transplant pose its benefits in a sense to reduce the appearance of hair loss caused by pattern baldness, severe hair fall, thinning hair, scalp injuries and of course due to natural process of aging or hormonal irregularities. However, this hair transplant surgery is accompanied with its established store of advantages and disadvantages and its results can vary from person to person depending upon density of transplanted hair follicles, hair quality and overall laxity of the scalp.
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Like any surgical procedure, hair transplant surgery can offer a variety of benefits and drawbacks. So, here is a an assembled pointers of potential benefits and limitations of hair transplants and discussing the possible risk factors associated with technically operated hair transplant surgeon;-


Re-growth of natural hair

During a hair replacement surgery, the doctor relocates a patient’s natural hair follicles and implants them into areas of thinning or balding. The implanted hair follicles function in the similar manner as the natural hair follicles, allowing for natural hair re-growth, literally within 3-6 months.

Uniformity of distribution in follicular units

This is another scientific benefit of hair restoration method in sense of its uniformity of distribution of follicular units. The method is managed upon with optimization of follicles in such a way that the overall follicular distribution remains intact.

Increased hair density

Hair transplant technique offers the opportunity to multiply your hair by raising the hair density. There is no requirement of applying chemical treatments or hair-growth stimulating supplements as once the hair restoration surgery is completed and as the healing process gets over the hair will start to grow on its own naturally.

Long-Term Results

One of the most significant advantages associated with hair transplantation surgery is that the procedure yields long-term results. The surgical process itself takes place in multiple sessions, but once the entire procedure is completed, there is often no requirement for repeat treatments, post-operation maintenance and touch-ups. In addition, hair transplantation procedures are more economical when compared to medical management treatments such as Rogain, Propecia or low lever laser therapies that require continual use overtime for optimal results. While hair transplant procedure is one time investment that lasts for life long.

One-time process

Hair replacement is just a one-time process. If you are looking for a quick and comforting hair replacement then hair transplant surgery is certainly for you. You can also take more than 1 sitting if you are interested in multiple hair transplant sessions. The surgery has a long-term benefit that you won’t have to comply with specific hair system for the rest of your life.
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The transplant surgery is very safe in a way you need not be put under complete anesthesia if in case you have phobias or manias about losing consciousness. The procedure can be typically operated by medium of partial anesthesia. While the problems regarding pain in some transplant techniques may be aptly handled by localized sedation, you are not required to panic about total lapse of consciousness.


Skin Bumps and Scarring

While hair transplant surgery is mostly successful, there is always an associated risk that the hair follicles will die out before a significant hair re-growth can take place. When this condition occurs, bumps or lumps can be formed on the sites of transplantation. Hair replacement patients are also at a risk of developing larger areas of scarring commonly known as stretch-back scars. The scars develop in reaction to stress that can arise when part of the scalp is reduced during a hair transplant surgery.

Costly affair

Another and most crucial drawback of hair transplant surgery remains its cost. The surgery is too expensive as it demands upfront fees as per the procedure and has as little as 10% chances of getting failed as due to improper implanting of grafts, injury, surgery and exposure to certain medications, , resulting in the wastage of money, energy and time.

Pregnable hair follicles

Another detrimental effect of hair transplant is that usually the sizable proportion of the dermis has to be removed for the purpose of transplantation and the scalp safeguards the hair follicle from trauma. Hence follicles become more vulnerable in circumstances where a sizable part is removed.

Proneness to infections

Certain complication and side effects are linked with hair transplant procedure that takes place during healing process such as infection, bleeding, itching, swelling, pain, numbness and cysts etc. At the time of the transplant surgery in cases which involves thick packing results to scarring and injuries.

Not guaranteed results

The transplantation techniques might not be yield desirable results in all patients alike. It may not prove to be successful for all, as there is no surety as to how the surgery would response to the patient as reactions are distinct to every patient. Despite of lots of benefits there are few people who don’t get the expected result.


A surgical hair transplant procedure is an elective method in which hair is extracted from one portion of the head and implanted onto the other- bald, semi-bald or thinning portions of the head. The surgical method is recommended for males with natural male pattern baldness and for females with thinning hair or advanced hair loss.

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