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10 Facts to Know About Dementia

10 Facts to Know About Dementia

10 Facts you Must Know About Dementia

  1. Dementia is not a disease The brain functionality disorder is not a disease in itself, and is rather actually caused by various other diseases. The term ‘dementia’ is literally an umbrella word for the indications caused by such diseases like personality disorder, memory loss, chaos and confusion and consciousness of mind. Alzheimer’s disease is often the most common cause of dementia but other dementias includes vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, young onset and dementia with Lewy bodies.
  2. There are some treatments and ways to control the diseases that cause dementia While there is a hype all around that diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s is impossible to be treated or get reversed with medications, some treatments can actually aid people to alleviate their condition and live a little better. This means that the disease will be prevented to get worse over time with appropriate treatments and a good care and support mechanism.
  3. Age factor alone do not predetermine While the fact cannot be denied that the majority of people with dementia are over 60-65 years old, but actually Dementia is not a mandatory part of getting older – It is true that the possibility of developing dementia increases with age, but it has no evidences that an older individual only will develop it. In United Kingdom more than 40,000 people under the age of 65 years have dementia.
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  5. There is much more to Dementia than just memory loss Many people link dementia with memory loss, but the disorder impacts people in a broad spectrum of ways. That may include hallucinations and illusions, puzzled and perplexity, changes in behavioral pattern, problems interacting, and difficulty with analysis of speed, time and distances and even sudden bingeing on foods or specific food craving. Every individual experience dementia differently, there is no set pattern.
  6. Dementia allows leading an active and independent life There are whole lot of people all across the globe that are experiencing dementia front to front and developing support system and course of action to live happily with the condition. That includes anything from making new friends, taking up amusing activities, morning/evening brisk walks, involving in household chores or participating in researches.
  7. Dementia has a greater effect on females With more and more females living decently into their 80s, a more than millions of women all across the world are now living with dementia. The ailment has transpired to be the supreme cause of death in women in some parts. Women are also more likely to offer voluntary caring responsibility for other people with dementia and are more than twice as imaginable as men to offer intensive, round the clock care.
  8. Dementia is a worldwide issue There is a wide spread misconception that dementia is a most common problem in the western world only. The major rise in dementia expected over the next 2 decades is actually in places like India, China and Sub-Saharan Africa. Dementia is truly a universal health issue, affecting about 47 million people globally.
  9. Dementia shows no prejudice It means that dementia is an illness that can affect anyone regardless of status, wealth, background, lifestyle or education.
  10. You can help your loved ones Dementia research eagerly require volunteers to find workable treatments and preventions. A new regime known as ‘Join Dementia Research’ has been established to help people with and without dementia and to submit their interest in participating in research studies in their area.
  11. Low Investment in dementia research In spite of that government concentrate on dementia over the past few years, research into the illness still only obtains about 3% of the government’s funds for medical research blueprint. Combined government and nonprofit welfare investment in dementia research is approximately 7 times lower than the cancer research in many countries globally. Investing considerably in dementia research will help to direct much-needed headway towards a cure.

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