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BHT (Body Hair Transplant) or BHHT (Body Hair to Head Transplant)

A body hair transplant is a challenging thing and should be done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. All the Body hair to head transplant in Delhi at Care Well Medical Centre is done under the supervision of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

In the present day, hair loss is not related to aging. It is mostly related to lifestyle issues. People having hair loss problem always looks for the best hair loss treatment for male & female in Delhi. Today’s, air pollution level in Delhi has made many people hide their heads.

This is also one of the causes of hair fall. The frequent hair fall will make you bald soon. Baldness’s medical term is Alopecia. Here, we have discussed reasons for hair loss and the permanent and natural way cure to baldness. Care Well Medical Center in South Delhi is trusted for body hair transplants in Delhi. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. He does follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures to restore hair on bald patches.

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    Body hair transplantation (BHT) is a medical procedure through which thick and dense hair from various parts of the body is transplanted to areas that lack sufficient hair. Most men tend to have excess hairs in their chest, pubic and other body regions and simultaneously face baldness. In such cases, surgeons transplant unwanted hair from the body (donor site) to the scalp (recipient site). BHT is a cosmetic process based on Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE technique.

    Being a medical treatment, FUE must be performed by experienced surgeons having good expertise in such surgeries. Due to the higher mobility of body skin than the skin on the scalp, surgeons must extract the follicular units of a lower range of transaction. They must also consider the FUE characteristic of an individual and based on such conditions, perform the treatment. Before starting FUE treatment, they must ensure that:

    • A major portion of the follicular unit on the body must possess only one kind of hair
    • Most of the body’s hair follicles are in the telogen or resting phase (hairs that are fully grown). Based on the area of the body, telogen hairs should comprise 40%-70% of total hairs.

    While extracting follicles and transplanting hair from the body to the scalp, surgeons should also use the latest surgical equipment and devices. Safe standards of treatment are also essential for more effective results. FUE transplantation is the most effective way to grow hairs proportionally within the body. It is non-invasive, which means candidates hardly experience any pain or discomfort during the treatment process. It also gives natural-looking results.

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    Reasons for Hair Loss and Becoming Bald Soon


    If baldness is hereditary, you have more chances to become bald after your 30s. Genetic Hair loss of preventive care can extend you from becoming bald soon.

    Hair Styling

    Today, the beauty care salon can shape your hair the way you wish to look. This involves curling, hair straightening, coloring, and hair dying. A lot of chemicals and heat are involved in hair styling. This also causes hair loss.

    Hair Care Accessories

    Apart from hair styling, they do use many self-hairdressing accessories. They make hair breakage and do remove the hair from its roots.

    Hair Care Cosmetics

    Too much use of hair care cosmetics will lead to hair for in the later stage.

    What is Hair Fall?

    Hair fall is common to find since birth. Both sexes may shed up to 50-hair daily. They occur while taking a bath, toweling, hair styling, and by use of hair care accessories. It will be impossible to count your fallen hair daily. When you find your hair density is becoming less, you need to take preventive care treatment for hair fall. If not taken care of it will make you bald soon.

    Why is Anagen Hair Detected for Body Hair Transplantation?

    Hair in its growth stage is known as anagen. Anagen hairs are the most active and their shafts grow quickly in less time. Thus, when the donor sites with anagen hairs are shaved off, the hair follicles are clearly visible. It then becomes easy to extract the follicles from these regions and prepare them for transplantation. Also, since anagen hairs don’t have complete growth at the time of follicle extraction, they can re-grow after a few days of shaving.

    Hairs that are completely grown and are in the resting phase, i.e. telogen hairs can also work for transplantation. However; new hairs won’t sprout in the shaved areas. Extracting telogen hairs can also potentially damage the dermal papillae. Thus, it’s always better to choose anagen hairs over telogen. As a good practice, surgeons must shave the donor site at least 3-4 days before the hair transplantation treatment.

    Why Does Hair Fall Happen?

    It is natural to find hair fall. This can be your dead hair, damaged hair, and aging.

    Why Do Hair Care Treatments?

    During partial alopecia or partial baldness, you may tend to hide them with a wig, scarf, cap, and artificial hair strands. They are not a permanent solution. You may even try some home remedies and alternative medicines. They all take time and the result is uncertain. The permanent and natural way to restore bald patches is through Body Hair Transplant (BHT). Here, we have discussed its latest procedure.

    Cure Baldness With FUE

    Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is an invasive procedure. Here, the cosmetic surgeon extracts healthy hair from any part of your body and restores them to the bald scalp area. A modern clinic with adequate technical and lab staff is the best place to do the BHT. FUE will be done after examining your head, the presence of hair apart from the head, your scalp health, and diabetes or not too.

    • In FUE, healthy hair is extracted from the back of your head or from the chest area. This is called the donor area. The extracted hair is harvested on the bald scalp, which is the recipient area.
    • The harvested hair will fall leaving the hair follicle on the scalp.
    • New hair starts to grow soon within a month or so.
    • Finally, you can see your bald area is filled with dense black hair.

    FUE is a daycare procedure. Local anesthesia is given to the donor and recipient area for hair extraction and fixing. If you are bald, a patch is large and you need more hair more than one sitting is involved in this procedure. After the FUE procedure is over, you have to take care of your hair as advised by the cosmetic surgeon.

    This can be the use of minoxidil solution, multi-vitamin, and mineral tablets too. Better hair care after FUE will show a 100% result. Care Well Medical Centre is the best for body hair transplants in Delhi. We give free consultations for people with alopecia. We charge as per the number of hair needed for transplantation. We discuss this with our patient after a physical examination of the bald scalp.

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