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Labiaplasty Surgery Delhi

Labiaplasty Surgery Delhi

Labiaplasty Surgery Delhi

Get the best Labiaplasty Surgery in Delhi, Protruding Surgery, Elongated Labiaplasty Surgery, Labia Fat Transfer, Female Plastic Surgeon Delhi for Labiaplasty. Consult Ms. Reena Handa now for free consultation.



A Labiaplasty, also referred as Labia reduction, is an aesthetic surgery performed on the female genitalia, which involves reduction of the labia. This procedure is purely cosmetic and is performed when a women’s labia either hangs, or appears to be too long which can be a cause of physical and emotional discomfort for women.


How the doctor would address this problem?

Women who have labiaplasty are looking to reduce the length of the labia because they either have some discomfort wearing tight under garments which can cause pain or are simply unsatisfied the way their labia looks. Also this problem could be due to congenital or may occur after childbirth or as they age.

Candidates who prefer having this procedure usually complain due to

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  • Long or hanging vaginal lips
  • Embarrassment during Sex

Pre operative information 

When you will sit for consultation with Ms. Reena Handa (Consultant), it’s important to listen to all of the pre-op instructions


Pre-Operative preparations

  • No smoking for two weeks prior to surgery
  • Stop taking multivitamins, herbals, and aspirin prior to surgery
  • Have an Physical examination (H&P) and CBC (anemia detection) to clear you for surgery

There are two surgical techniques used in Labiaplasty surgery :

Trim Method

In this form of surgery the doctor reduces the length of the labia and takes excess labial skin away along the length (edge) of the labia minora. This Method is likely to cause fewer complications and produces the best results for patients by removing darker, longer edges of the labia.

Wedge Method

The wedge method removes a wedge-shaped portion of the unwanted labium but only done when it is absolutely necessary .


How long the surgery would take and what type of anesthetic is used

The surgery does not take more than one to two hours and the patient is always under general anesthetic. This is an out-patient procedure and once the doctor feels you are stable you can go home.


What Precaution I would have to take after the surgery?

This is a lifestyle surgery and it is important to follow very strict guidelines given by the doctor for quicker recovery.

  • You must take one week off work to recover
  • First week epson salt soaks
  • No sexual intercourse for three to four weeks
  • No physical activity like exercise and lifting heavy objects for four weeks


Will there be scarring?

Yes but very little and barely visible.


What are the risks and complication?

All cosmetic surgery carries some risk and this procedure is no different and that is why this delicate procedure must be performed by an expert. However due to advancement in plastic surgery the complication have lessened significantly over the years. But some patients rarely get the following complications:

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  • Some infection which can stopped by antibiotic medication
  • There could be bleeding which must be informed to the doctor immediately
  • Other problems like change in sensation and continuous pain

At Care Well Medical Center for Holistic health and plastic surgery we understand why it is sometimes very necessary to get such procedure and that is why we do our best to take care and provide the best care to you.

For more information regarding Labiaplasty surgery in Delhi, contact us we would be more than happy to give you all the information you seek.

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