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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Many people want to look attractive and beautiful. They want their features to be sharp and everything should be perfect in their body. So to enhance the physical beauty people use various surgeries. There are many options available. One such option is of Cosmetic Surgery.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is type of plastic surgery. It is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of a person. It will assist you in enhancing the beauty of your specific body area or body part.

Why Cosmetic Surgery is done?

In today’s competitive world there is a lot of pressure on young people. They not only have to deal with their careers but also how to look good.

Many kids are growing up in desire to modify their body. They want to enhance the appearance of their face through cosmetic surgery. So it is done for improvement of areas that a person may be unhappy with. The areas may be the nose, forehead or lips that may have been a reason of stress or embarrassment. It can affect a person emotionally and also make him/her less confident.

Who can have Cosmetic surgery?

Anyone can have cosmetic surgery. People who are physically and mentally healthy can go for it. They opt for it when they are unhappy with a certain part of their body. And, other procedures have failed to achieve the desired results.

Cosmetic surgeries are mostly done to improve the signs of aging like

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Drooping breasts

Types of Cosmetic Surgeries

Following are some types of cosmetic surgeries that are popular

Brow Lift

Brow lift is also known as forehead lift. It is used to reduce deep frown lines. Its main purpose is to make your forehead wrinkle free. Worry lines is associated with growing age. But in some cases young people also need this surgery. This procedure wiped out lines with other cosmetic procedures to urge a stunning facial look.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty. It is a procedure that can alter the shape or size of breasts. It is performed by involving silicone gel implants, or fat transfer.

Women opt for this cosmetic surgery to restore their breast volume. This may have been lost post pregnancy or due to sudden weight loss. They can have it to get a more rounded shape or to correct asymmetry in breast size.


A facelift surgery will correct loose, drooping, sagging or wrinkled skin of the face. This is caused by weight loss or aging. In this procedure, the facial tissues are initially upraised. And, then the surplus skin is removed and repositioned in new contours. Sometimes, alternative procedures like eyelid surgery and brow lift are performed in conjunction with a facelift.

It is vital to understand that a facelift surgery does not modify the basic look. It cannot stop the aging process.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation or hair restoration involves transplanting hair follicles to thinning or balding areas of the head. It is considered to be the best solution to correct baldness permanently. The transplanted hair can shed in 2 to 4 weeks similar to traditional hair. The roots can start to grow naturally after that..

The hairs that are transplanted in this process are permanent. They do not need any long-term care. The scalp solely must be shielded from daylight and infections for a jiffy post- surgery.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck can improve the shape of your abdomen by removing excess fat and skin tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall. This surgery is an option for people who were obese at one point of time and have excess fat or loose skin around the abdomen space.

Women who have had many pregnancies may also want it for reducing skin and alteration abdominal muscles. But tummy tuck cannot reduce stretch marks.

But, remember that tummy tuck should not be considered as an alternative to weight loss. It ought to be the last resort after having tried everything else.


Rhinoplasty may be a surgery that’s performed on the nose. It is to enhance the shape or improve functionality. It can be done to

  • Increase/reduce the nose size
  • Correct birth defects or issues post associate nursing
  • Improve respiratory
  • Modification the form of the bridge or nostrils or the general appearance

There are various techniques that can be used for reshaping the nose, depending on your need and overall health issue. Avoid any strenuous activity for 5 to 6 weeks post-surgery. But you’ll be able to return to traditional social activities after 3 weeks.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure. It removes excess fat deposits to improve the body shape. The fat is sucked out from varied body elements like the arms, chin, abdomen, tummy, buttocks, etc. But, it is important to remember that this process is not meant for weight loss.

Liposuction also can be administered to get rid of fat tumors or cut back the breast size in men. The fat deposits below the skin are removed employing a vacuum suction process.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation provides fuller-looking, plumper lips. Generally, dermal filler is injected in the lips and around the mouth. This procedure provides shape, structure or volume to the lips and enhances appearance.

Lip augmentation isn’t a permanent procedure; the result lasts for six months. A second procedure is needed to keep up the looks.


Dermabrasion is more of an exfoliation process. It is used to remove the outer layer of the skin, especially on the face. It treats conditions like sun damage, acne scars, fine lines or uneven texture.

As the high layer of the skin is removed, new skin can replace the recent when realm has been well, so raising the looks. If you have burn scars, inflammatory acne or recurrent herpes, then is difficult to undergo dermabrasion. So ensure you consult an experienced doctor before going for it.

These are few forms of cosmetic surgeries that are chiefly practiced. Other than these there are few other procedures. You can consult your doctor and choose the procedure as per your need.

Enhanced appearance not solely causes you to look sensible, but additionally causes you to feel assured. All the above mentioned procedures are completely safe.


Making a great effort towards perfection in every aspect is human nature. And, the same is true for physical appearance. People with birth defects or associate degree injury post trauma needn’t tolerate deformities all their life. They can succeed perfection with the assorted kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures. These procedures are available nowadays.

Whatever be the cause, the final outcome of this is to

  • Improve appearance
  • Boost self-confidence and
  • In some cases to assist lives a higher quality of life

Ensure you visit an experienced professional i.e. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre, Delhi. He will take into consideration your goals and health condition and help you achieve the desired look.

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