These days so many health issues are coming up and the prime reason for it is of course the unhealthy diet plan and the lifestyle which a person is living up these days. No doubt people are looking for some better ways to stay fit with the help of new techniques but it is equally true that natural ways always give lasting results. Today, we will learn about body and the prime role it plays in daily routine. Fat is an important diet part that a person needs especially because it offers energy, nutrients, and necessary minerals that helps to maintain a good body temperature.

Body fat needs to be utilized by the body on daily basis for different reason. You must consume fat so that it can offer better support to make the body functioning smoother. There is no doubt that some types of body fat are better than other. Some actually protects the body in many ways while some entirely disrupts the body functioning and causes heart problems.

The most common type of fat which everyone must be aware is cholesterol which needs to be balanced at the right amount. Failing to take timely actions and controlling it in a right manner can cause the heart disease especially stroke and cardio attack. The healthy diet plan that you follow needs to be well maintained in order to supplement your body with only the required cholesterol. Other than this, Triglycerides is essential fatty acid which gives the body necessary insulation that reaches the vital organs and allows it to work in a smooth manner.

What Role does it Play in the Body?

For smooth functioning of the body, it is important that your body inculcate all types of possible nutrients. Fat is one such thing that is filled with fatty cells and have the adipose tissue and helps in body insulation. It plays an important role in many ways as it gives your body a backup energy source. Your body utilizes the calories that FATS actually reserves from carbohydrates. The fat that gets stored in the fat cells keeps on fueling the body. It also helps in supplying the fatty acids that controls the inflation and ensure that development of the brain goes at a faster pace. It also helps repair your hair and skin. With fats, your body gets necessary vitamins such as A, D, E, and K that passes through the bloodstream.

  • Fat is the best energy reserve of the body
  • It allows your body to store the backup energy which can be used later
  • It helps to store necessary fatty acids
  • It ensures that smooth brain and nerve functioning is performed
  • It transports the fat soluble vitamins to the body
  • It helps making the steroid hormones by which body can be regulated in a healthy manner

When does body fat gets converted to unwanted body fat?

As you must have by far came to know, how the body fat is actually utilized for many functions by the body.
Now we shall talk about the FAT that stays unutilized which means the body fat which sometimes gets converted to unwanted body fat and contributes to excess body weight. Excess fat & excess weight with sedentary lifestyle could lead to increase of LDL (bad cholesterol). LDL had a tendency of getting deposited in arteries and veins increasing the chances of heart attack and stroke.

Negative Impact of excess Fat on Body

Excess body fat could lead to obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, gallstone, and gout to name a few.
Excess weight is a result of excess body fat, which means your heart has to do extra hard work to supply blood to all parts of your body. When heart does it continuously for years, your heart is at risk.

Medical procedure to reduce unwanted body fat

Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, there are some of the best medical procedure that contributes in quick fat loss. Talking of which Cryolipolysis and Liposuction are the popular ones. In Cryolipolysis, freezing of fat cells is involved. After the procedure, fat cells break down the fat content and pass out of the body naturally resulting in loss of unwanted fat.

Liposuction is another popular cosmetic process under which fat is broken and removed from the body manually.

Other treatments

Other than the above mentioned treatments, there are also some popular surgeries like Bariatric surgery. As compared to other treatments, it is quite in demand and is helpful to the extremely fat people with high volumes of fat. It is a single process for weight loss that offers good results but to make sure solution stays for a long time, it is important that you follow a good diet and avoid junk food and alcohol.

Things you need to know about Body Fat & Unwanted Body Fat
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Things you need to know about Body Fat & Unwanted Body Fat
In this article we are going to tell you about some unhealthy things related to unwanted body fat.
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