Skin aging can cause multiple skin deformities over a period of time, which makes it rather problematic to maintain your skin quality and natural lustre after a point of time. Aging of the skin, after a period of time may cause the breakdown of elastic fibres in the dermis and the collagen fibres start to stick together.  A lot of other changes occur which includes the loss of hyaluronic acid that is responsible for providing depth and bulkiness to the skin. With all these changes, the skin becomes rigid and inelastic. Stiff skin thus becomes a product of skin aging and constant movement of the underlying muscles within the skin layer around forehead, eyes and lips, begin to cause wrinkles. This process picks up pace due to direct exposure to the sun.

Skin aging is caused owing to multiple factors like smoking, heredity, sun exposure and skin type. People with light skin are more susceptible to skin aging compared to others. Some of the major outcome of skin aging can be:

  • Wrinkles caused due to the lack of of skin elasticity
  • Blotches, skin discoloration, change in skin texture
  • Sagging caused due to the loss of “fat cushions”

However out of all the problems mentioned above, wrinkles are most common and problematic. Which is why, there are multiple treatments available to fix this problem. One can avail the best out of multiple options for wrinkle removal. Some of the treatments are:

BOTOX Treatment of skin

 Having a chemical base of Botulinum bacteria, BOTOX is an injectable fluid that reduces facial wrinkles in no time. The anti aging treatment is conducted by targeting the underlying muscles that cause skin aging due to constant movement. BOTOX injections are universally used as the safest wrinkle treatment.  The effects of BOTOX usually last for 3-4 months.

Cost: BOTOX treatment is charged based on per unit injection used for the treatment. After consulting your specialist about the units required for your treatment you can successfully estimate the total cost. The current price per unit is approximately INR 300.

Laser resurfacing

 This treatment reduces wrinkles and skin blotches caused by exposure to sun. The method involves subjecting the affected skin area to short concentrated vivacious beams of light.

Ablative laser resurfacing moves skin layer by layer to rejuvenate skin by stimulating the growth of new collagen fibres. It is also very effective in reducing hypopigmentation.

Non- Ablative laser resurfacing promoted the growth of new healthy collagen with minimal down time. Another method includes subjecting the affected area to a grid of laser light and allowing the treated skin to remain with the untreated skin for quick healing.

Cost: This treatment is rather expensive and subject to a variety of factors including the surgeon’s fee, post operative and pre operative medical care provided along with the cost of anaesthesia and other expenses incurred. Ne must thoroughly discuss the treatment with their skin specialist and plan their budget accordingly.

Other treatments include fillers and face-lift along with preventive measures like avoiding direct contact with harmful rays of the sun. Also one can go for Thread Lift,  Ultherapy and PRP for skin tightening which are highly effective methods.

Skin aging to wrinkles, find your solution here!
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Skin aging to wrinkles, find your solution here!
In this article you will find Skin aging to wrinkles related solutions. Which is helpful in preventing wrinkles on your skin.
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