The process of degeneration always moves forward, multicellular organisms use energy from various resources to slow down this process over a period of time. Ageing is termed as a time-based degeneration of critical physiological functions that are completely necessary for the survival of mankind. Human physiological development is followed by behavioral and psychological changes that involve economic and social conditions.

Cell Ageing & more

The function of cells deteriorates as cells age, and finally it dies as a part of the regular functioning of the body. Old cells must die, so that new cells can take their place. The death of a cell is triggered by apoptosis, an automated genetic function that triggers the elimination of a cell. Old cells also disintegrate because they have limited cell division capabilities. Cell division is limited by a cell ingredient called telomere; cells can get damaged, or disintegrate due to harmful elements like radiation, drugs, free radicals, & more.

The effect of cell ageing on body systems

Organ functioning depends on how well cells function in the organ ecosystem. New cells function better than older ones; some cells disintegrate faster than other cells. Each organ function is dependent on the other, and thus, a disorder in one system can affect the function of the other. As we grow old, our body functions remain adequate for basic life continuity, but as we grow old we are not able to handle strenuous activities, extreme temperatures, disorder & stress.

Body systems that undergo age degradation are:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Bones & Muscles
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Skin
  • Mouth
  • Brain & the nervous system
  • Digestive system

Immune system & more

Is ageing a positive reflection?

A positive reflection of ageing recognizes mental conditions that can deliver an impact on various aspects like your ideas, beliefs, attitude, & more. It is more a state of mind that has to be applied in a practical way to improve our possibilities of living a better or a holistic life. Thoughts give rise to emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Ageing positively requires a practical understanding of the positive aspects, rather than the negative ones. As a matter of fact, we do not have any control over life events, but we do have the power of response towards these events; negative thoughts fuel negative outcomes, and this can be detrimental for our body mechanism.

Phase out negatives, bring in positives – Tips on successful ageing

People need to get rid of everything that brings in negatives, and embrace positives; be it thoughts, habits, actions, attitude, etc. Here are some tips people can adopt for successful and healthy ageing:

Staying positive with – Physical activities

A daily exercise routine for at least 30-45 minutes is good for every part of the body. It improves blood flow throughout the body for better functioning of various systems, and keeps your bones and muscles strong

Keep your brain active

Learning new things and mentally challenging your brain on a daily basis can exercise your brain, and bring in more positive thoughts.

Eating right

Fight to eat right! Well, don’t actually fight with others! Fight your mind, to eat the right stuff. More and more people are turning to Veganism or being vegetarian. Fruits and vegetables are exceptional source of nutrients and contain all the necessary vitamins, proteins, & minerals that the body needs.

Quit Smoking and tobacco use

Don’t give into smoking or stop it immediately if you have, this is the single best thing you really need to do to keep your body free from the harmful effects of tobacco whilst saving your heart and lungs for greater longevity.

Create more positivity

Attract positive thoughts and people around you, but do not neglect the ones who are surrounded by grief, aspire to change them into positive individuals as well.

Drink Healthy

Excess alcohol intake can cause serious damage to the body, especially the liver, whilst drinking in moderation can be beneficial.

Phase out saturated fat

Get rid of saturated fat & consume fats like omega-3 fatty acids with healthy fatty fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel that help your cells fight free radicals.

Minimize stress

Don’t let stress get under your skin. Learn to “stress out stress” with powerful meditation & yoga that helps you keep you & your mind fit and healthy.

Get yourself checked

After a certain age, people need to get themselves screened by medical professionals for any illness or symptoms. Preventing disorders before they happen is half the battle won.

Laugh more!

Laughter is good for your health as it relaxes your body, boosts the immune system, makes your heart healthy, burns calories & helps you live longer.


Re-programming vision of your old age with a positive outlook can enhance longevity and it also creates a positive environment for other people around you, creating a positive ripple effect for anyone who wants to stay healthy and fit with a beautiful smile on their face.

Quit Getting Old, Inspire Getting Better!
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Quit Getting Old, Inspire Getting Better!
The process of degeneration always moves forward, multicellular organisms use energy from various resources to slow down this process over a period of time.
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