Hair is one of our most prominent features and when we start to lose hair there is dramatic change in our appearance. Thanks to modern cosmetic surgical advancement these days it is very much possible to get great results if you have found the right hair transplant doctor in your city or many people travel to a different city so that they may get the best results for the money which they are paying.

However it is also equally important to take all precautions once you have surgery because a lot also depends upon you. So if you are planning to get a hair transplant it is important to keep in mind the following tips for best hair transplant results.

Take an extra pillow when you sleep

Always keep your head in an elevated position by adding another pillow because after the surgery there will be some swelling but by keeping the head elevated you can ensure there is no extra swelling on your scalp.

No physical activity

Is it possible to go to office after just one day of rest after you had your hair transplant surgery? Absolutely yes. But it is important not get into any physical activity because if you sweat too much it can lead to infection. This is for only a short period of time but do consult with your doctor before you start any physical activity.

Say no cigarette and alcohol

If you consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes regularly it is important to refrain from these activity at least a week before the hair transplant surgery because it affects the blood supply to your head. Also your hair doctor will advice you not smoke and drink alcohol for few weeks after the surgery, after all it is your future and think of this as detoxifying your body.

Avoid stress

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do because stress is one of the major contributors when it comes to hair loss. Also do not obsess with hair growth because it will take three months for results to show and it varies from patient to patient. So stay positive!   

Get the Best hair transplant results in Delhi

If you plan to get a hair transplant take few days off because this is a life changing decision. So relax in the comfort of your home just for few days after the surgery to have the best hair transplant results.

Important tips for people who just had hair transplant
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Important tips for people who just had hair transplant
In this article we are going to give you some important tips that you can use to get a very good result of your hair transplant.
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Care Well Medical Centre
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Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

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