Home Remedies for Kidney Stones/Treatment for Kidney Stones in Ayurveda

Kidney stones develop when certain minerals or chemicals present in the urine of the human body crystallize. The sizes of the stones vary from one patient to another and even over the time period. Normally there are two kinds of stones that are found in the kidney which are uric acid stones and the calcium stones.

The probability of having the calcium stones is much higher and almost 90% of the patients who have stones in their kidney have a calcium stone only. Ayurveda can help in curing the stones present in the kidney and there are various home remedies using Ayurveda medicines which can cure the further development of such stones in the lifetime of the patient.

Here we are going discuss few of the Ayurvedic Home remedies for the cure of kidney stones:

  • Kidney Beans for the cure of your kidney: You have to take 60 grams of kidney beans and then add 4 litres of water to it. Heat the mixture for 4/5 hours and then strain the fluid by using a cloth made of muslin or some soft material which should not react with the liquid. Cool, the liquid for few hours. Once it is made you can store it for a day but you must not preserve it over 24 hours. You have to drink one glass of the liquid in every two hours in a day. You have to continue doing this every day for one week and then you can witness betterment of your health and the stone will decrease in size and will pass through the urine over time. Kidney beans are always known for the betterment of the kidney and this is the way to use it for treating your kidney stone sitting at home and in most natural way.
  • Pomegranate Seeds and Horse Gram for the cure of the kidney stones: You have to take 1 cup of horse gram and add half litre water to it. Then you need to heat the mixture and reduce the level of water to 1/5th quantity. Collect the liquid by straining it using a soft cloth and then add 2 teaspoon pomegranate seeds to it and crush the seeds well before adding. Mix the crushed seeds well into the liquid and drink the mixture every day.
  • Honey and basil leaves can cure your kidney stones: Collect 10-15 basil leaves which are fresh and make a paste out of it by crushing them well. You need to extract the juice from the paste of the basil leaves paste and then add the honey to it. You need to add 1 teaspoon of honey to the juice and after mixing both the things properly, drink on a daily basis.

Ayurveda has immense power in it and can cure the toughest diseases over time but one need to be patient and particular about the procedure. In the case of kidney stones, besides performing the above-mentioned remedies, the patient needs to have lots of liquid in a day so that the stones after decreasing in size passes through the urinary tract easily. The most important fact about Ayurveda is it doesn’t have any side effects, so you do not need to worry about urinary infection or bleeding and other risk factors.

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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones in Ayurveda
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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones in Ayurveda
Kidney stones develop when certain minerals or chemicals present in the urine of the human body crystallize.
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