What is Hair Weaving Process?

Hair weaving refers to the process of adding hair – human or synthetic – to the scalp of the individual. There are different types of hair weaving processes including netting, bonding, tracking, fusion, lace extensions, and more.

Hair weaving is preferred by people suffering from common baldness, alopecia areata totalis or traction alopecia.In hair weaving the hair is glued on to the scalp or hairs. As these hairs do not have follicles they do not grow. After some time, they also get damaged.

Hair weaving is not a permanent solution to baldness. If you resort to this procedure, you will have to visit hair stylists at least once in six months as the woven hair falls out during this period.

Why Should You Go For a Hair Weave?

A weave is a wonderful way to create a new style as it gives you the opportunity to add length to your natural hair. Even more importantly, weaves give your own hair a healthy window to rest, grow out a relaxer and add fullness and body to your hair.

How Hair Weaves Differs from Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant, on the other hand,d has a more invasive nature since it is a surgical procedure that removes donor hair from the back of the head to the balding areas.

There are two techniques to doing this, the FUT and FUE method.

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation, and it requires the removal of a strip of the scalp which contains the hair grafts.

This is why it is also dubbed as the strip method. FUE or follicular unite extraction is a relatively newer method which is less invasive.

Using a special tool, the hair grafts are individually removed directly from the scalp. It takes more time and it is pricier, but the FUE method reduces the risk for scarring.

Hair extensions are more preferable for the ladies, since they are fond of changing hairstyles. But men can also get weaves if they want to lengthen the hair or add in more volume.

If your purpose is to cover up balding areas, you might need enough hair in which to attach the weaves, and if there isn’t enough present, this may not be advisable.

And lastly one has to consider the long term effects of the two. Having hair weaves on for too long can be damaging to the hair as the traction created eventually strains the hair which can result to hair loss.

That is why it is advisable to take them out for a while and let your hair rest. Hair transplant however, does not have any damaging side effects. It simply covers the bald spots and will last you for many years.



Less Manipulation: This is one of the ultimate pros of wearing a weave. Manipulation of your natural tresses is drastically reduced which can guarantee retaining more length.

Easier Transitioning: Though short hair is extremely beautiful and sexy as hell. For women who do not consider transitioning as an option, the Big Chop can be a scary plunge if one prefers longer lengths or is used to a certain look.

True confidence comes from within, but a weave can provide an easier transitioning period for a woman who may be debating on eliminating straightening chemicals and going through with the Big Chop.

More Time Management: Unlike myself, let’s face it, not everyone is completely satisfied with only manipulating their hair once a week. Many naturals want more variety during the week concerning hairstyles.

Weaves can provide constant manipulation without the stress on your tresses. Weaves also provide a great option for a highly active lifestyle.

Assists in Patience of Growth: Weaves can assist in the patience of growing your natural hair since your focus is taken away because daily contact with your natural hair is now eliminated which can control your urges in grabbing that measuring tape every 5 seconds to progress new growth.

Where Can You Get a Perfect Hair Weaving Procedure Done?

Care Well Medical Centre’s hair transplant clinic is highly committed in providing best in class services at reasonable rates.

The clinic concentrates on offering hair transplantation and hair loss treatment with a devoted team of extremely trained trichologists in Delhi who put all their efforts in providing a wide array of treatments and products that are prepared in adherence to cutting-edge technologies and procedures.

Whether it is hear weaving or a hair transplant, visit Care Well Medical Centre to get the best results at the best prices.

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Hair Weaving
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Hair Weaving
Hair weaving refers to the process of adding hair for human or synthetic to the scalp of the individual. There are different types of hair weaving processes including netting, bonding, tracking, fusion, lace extensions, and more.
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