Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a cool trendy hairstyle, felt good? Now imagine the same hairstyle with a 6inch patch of hair missing, still feeling good?

Well, that’s what will happen to you if you don’t pick the right clinic for your hair transplant surgery.

But, how would you know that a hair transplant clinic is good and worth your trust? Keep reading to find out.

There are different types of treatments that can help with different causes and stages of hair loss.

It is important to find a hair transplant clinic that offers the best treatment for you. You may believe that you need an FUE hair transplant when in actual fact your hair has only just started to recede.

In which case, you could possibly go down the route of hair loss medication or even SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) treatment.

Why Is Research Important?


It is important to do research into your hair transplant clinic to see exactly what treatments the offer, and what options could work for you.

Remember, the clinic must offer both conventional and new methods in transplantation and offer its patients a lot of different alternatives.

In picking a specialist, consider the time that the specialist has been performing hair-related methodology, the number of medical awards and degrees he has, and the type of procedures he knows how to perform efficiently.

You have lots of choices, so do your homework. Research the doctor, make sure his/her advice makes sense and isn’t just what you want to hear, and ask to see the doctor’s actual patient results.

Board certification is also important for signifying a commitment to excellence.

Hire Professional For Hair Transplant


Cheap surgery isn’t a bargain if it leaves unnatural appearing results that could require a lot more money to repair. Do it right the first time and hire a qualified doctor with proven results.

Ask if your clinic can your hair transplant doctor provide you with a minimum of 10 sets of before and after photos taken at the same angle, the same background, and the same lighting?

These picture specifications are important to ensure that there are no possible discrepancies when looking at individual cases.

Be sure that the photos provide a clear view of the hairline, as well as the mid-anterior scalp (the top between the hairline and crown).

Also, ask if the doctor can provide you with photographs of donor scars, which are left behind on the back of the scalp after the strip of hair-bearing tissue is removed for transplantation.

In simple terms, choosing a hair transplant surgeon starts with seeing several doctors and having a consultation. Selecting a doctor for any medical need has many common rules. You should look for a doctor who:

  1. Is caring and compassionate.
  2. Takes an interest in you as an individual.
  3. Takes the time to learn about your problem, listens to you and does not lecture you by imposing his/her views upon you.
  4. Is willing to educate you and bridge the gap between his/her knowledge and yours.
  5. Has excellent credentials in the specialty field you need.
  6. Has built a reputation for excellence in the field based on their results, and are recommended by family, friends, patients, or a physician that you trust.

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How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon?
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How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon?
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