Gemma Collins, Coleen Rooney and Amy Childs are all fans of the fat freezing procedure

In the rapidly changing glamour space, there are no limits or bounds for beauty and fashionable appearance. The latest buzz in tinsel town is 3D Lipo and none less than Gemma Collins has opted for this weight loss treatment. The reality TV star has made public her love for 3D Lipo in no uncertain terms.

The sassy star, who socially networks on instagram and twitter, boastfully says, “Thank you to @3dlipo for helping me, also 16.5 inches lost.” The TOWIE star makes no excuses for being a massive fan of the treatment, and has, of late, started showing off her waist. The ultra modern treatment has apparently knocked off a few inches of her mid riff through the fat freezing procedure.

The 3D Lipo treatment is a localised fat reduction and completely non-invasive procedure. The surgery has also proved very successful in cellulite control, skin tightening and weight reduction. 3D Lipo uses a combination of Ultrasound Cavitation, fat freezing, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction to help celebs, stars, and fashionistas in their fight against obesity and disproportionate body contours.

Shelling out 1000$ pounds or more for Radio Frequency based treatment to control obesity may seem too much for the uninitiated. But for the celebrities, a non-invasive weight control treatment that produces results within a few months is a blessing in disguise. It is no wonder that Amy Childs, Coleen Rooney, Patsy Kensit, and other stars have, literally and figuratively, thrown in their weight behind the 3D Lipo treatment.

A single treatment of 3D Lipo, Fat, and Cellulite treatment takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The most advanced technology eliminates the requirement for any sort of postoperative care. The patient may initially experience some discomfort, followed by redness, numbness, and bruising. But it is a small price to pay as the results are bound to improve the aesthetic appeal in a very short amount of time.

Amy Childs who had problems with breast implants and gym training, decided to go blonde sometime back. After giving birth to her 2 sons, the 29 year old has decided to knock off some waist fat and see if she could drop down a dress size or two. Recently, She had a successful 3D Lipo which took 3 inches off her waist, giving her a fit and healthy look.

Wayne Rooney’s wife is not only a proud mother of three, but also a fashion trendsetter. The beautiful Colleen could not hide her excitement when she found that the modern 3D Lipo treatment can make her skin firmer and her body contours more appealing. The mother of Klay and Kai opted for the treatment and has successfully reduced her baby weight without too much pain or discomfort.

There are many different types of liposuction or fat reduction surgical procedures. There are no easy or straightforward answers as to which is the best method. Technological advances medical research, and patient feedback however lead to improvements such as Smart lipo and laser treatments. The celebrities and stars, who work under limelight and feed on it, usually rely on the most modern techniques that can assure results. The 3D Lipo is highly suited to such popular personalities as the surgical procedure is suited for both clinical and aesthetic markets at affordable prices. In this technology, A combination of radio frequency and 3D-Dermology treatments are judiciously used by the surgeon to tighten the skin on patient’s face and body.

Patsy Kensit who wanted to enhance her celebrity status decided to use the Big Brother show as her platform. She wanted to look good and improve her appearance on the popular show without much physical exercise or gym activities. Patsy sought laser treatment for efficient and effective reduction of excess fat and contour improvement.

However, The 3D Lipo treatment is the most advanced weight loss trick that is currently in vogue. Advanced machines are used to effectively destroy the fat cells using technologies such as Cavitation plus Cryolipolysis.  Danielle Armstrong wanted to visit Marbella and achieve a bikini body that would turn eyes on the resort. As she wanted very fast results without the need for any sort of post operative care, she opted for 3D Lipo treatment that successfully froze her fat cells.

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3D Lipo – 5 Celebrities Who Can't Get Enough Of Latest Weight Loss Treatment
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3D Lipo – 5 Celebrities Who Can't Get Enough Of Latest Weight Loss Treatment
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