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Injectables are just everywhere these days. But nothing can beat the good old darling of the cosmetic treatment world— BOTOX. The one thing that can get the better of Botox for deep forehead wrinkles or any wrinkles is its putting into practice. Sandeep Bhasin, Head at Care Well Medical Center. The Botox Cosmetic treatment clinic in Delhi (South Delhi) offers a whole new wrinkle-smoothing experience with best treatment for forehead winkles with Botox. From treating Moderate to Severe Forehead Lines, Fine Lines between Eyebrows, Crow’s Feet and Glabellar lines, the best cosmetic surgeon get you all covered.

If you are much concerned about presenting yourself young and attractive then this issue is notable. Because forehead lines projects you aged and not so lovely though you aren’t.

Botox are effective in bringing out a drastic change in you that assuredly makes you feel great! Forehead carries a different sort of wrinkles like Frown lines, drooping eyebrows, brown spots etc. It’s never too late to discuss on it and aware ourselves.

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Frown lines on the forehead usually develop while the muscles get contracted when we concentrate, peer or frown. But luckily the experts find this to be one of the easiest treated problems. So chill out if you are one among who carry frown lines in the forehead, as we have got you the best solution.

A little amount of Botox or Disport is injected that actively performs in relaxing the overactive muscles called corrugators. Over time, after the treatment, you will be left dumbstruck on seeing no wrinkles.

Frown lines mainly develop with respect to the lifestyle a person lives in. It’s never limited only to a particular age category. The lines develop even as early as 20s or as late as 60s. For people in 20s, it is perceptible only when you give movement to the underlying muscle, whereas people in 30s,  don’t even need that to show off their wrinkles.

Forehead lines don’t end itself in a single kind. There are many more to go for further classifications.


Horizontal forehead lines

This is caused when the forehead muscles get contracted while we lift our eyebrows. It is practically proved that Botox gives the best result and this horizontal forehead line treatment ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 1,0000.


Scrunch and squint lines at the top of the nose

This is generally formed on the top of the nose when we scrunch up our face. Almost all of us will experience this scrunch lines as we grow older. There is another line that appears at the side of the nose and it is termed as bunny lines.


Drooping eyebrows

This happens due to the weakness of the forehead muscles while ageing. There is only a little muscle below the eyebrow that is responsible for slanting the outer half of the eyebrows. So  a few amount of Botox is fed to relax the muscle and make the outer half to uplift. The effect of Botox injections dwindles after 3 to 6 months.

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